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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I spent the next morning with Brock after a night that left us both pretty exhausted. We ate omelets on the front porch that we cooked up on the stove. Freshly squeezed juice with a hint of vodka and some Canadian bacon that he'd picked up at the market during his five mile run….just to keep his body honed and always ready. For what he didn't say but I assumed it had to do with his work.

He'd left the bungalow when I still slept in his bed. I woke up to tousled sheets and the scent of his cologne on the pillowcase. Not that I missed him, it wasn't like that with us. We were just away to spend the weekend together fucking each other's brains out. We'd gotten off started right and as I lay in bed, I had some memory of him parting my thighs so he could fuck my pussy with his mouth, tonguing the lips apart, trailing it along the seam until I arched my back unable to take it. I loved it when he went oral on me. Devlin didn't seem to like it much though he loved it when I did him, slid his ready hard cock inside my mouth and sucked him off.

Brock was a hard lover to keep up with most of the time but he gave me what I needed even when I didn't know it. I had no idea that a tongue thrust inside me, I could almost catch and hold onto but not quite. He proved too deft and left me wanting until he thrust it back inside of me. Tracing his tongue around my clit…daring me to lay still as he teased it, each time he circled it like prey, I ached for him to get closer…to at least brush it.

But he was a bastard, had me writhing on the bed, clenching the sheets into fists. Feeling wet with sweat, and in other places I'm sure he knew as he then grabbed my pussy lips with his mouth, his lips holding them, tugging them gently and oh, what that did to me. I'd push my hips up, begging for it, my mouth unable to do more than tremble. He knew it, he'd release me from his mouth and then the tongue...thrust deeper.

I'd come so hard against it and his mouth that I thought it had been too much but he just looked up at me from between my thighs and seemed more than triumphant at his skills, he actually got off on it.

After lying in bed for a few minutes, I got up and grabbed my robe before I jumped in the shower, soaping my body which hummed from the night, any kinks in my muscles from some unusual stresses on them washed away with the soap. I felt so relaxed, so thoroughly pleasured in a way that seemed different in unfamiliar surroundings, away from the usual rush of people that knew me.

Then he returned with groceries, looking as if he'd trained hard and relaxed on the way back. He jumped in the shower and I started breakfast.

"It's beautiful here," I said, in between bites of omelet, more than once. But the view of the ocean to the horizon had been breathtaking. Sail boats were heading on out and there were surfers slicing through the water before riding wives in to shore.

"Yeah, perfect place to relax when the world gets uglier."

I knew little of what he did except that it didn't seem much different than Devlin's own career and that they knew each other, they competed on some level and that I fucked them both.

"It's nice to get away from everyone I know."

He finished off his juice.

"You do that anyway in college don't you?"

I nodded but it wasn't the same because Tiffany was there and when we went back this year, I'd be hiding a secret from her.

"You plan on coming back when you're finished?"

I'd given that some thought but no, I hadn't made up my mind.

"Maybe…but I might just find a job in another city and move there."

That scenario seemed appealing a lot of the time and I knew that Brock had his own decisions he'd made. After all, he didn't spend much of his time in town but he still came back after each job.

"I thought that too once."

"But you do that don't you," I said, "You don't really live in one place."

He poured more juice.

"I work in many places," he said, "I live in one…and someday maybe, I'll get together with some chick and have a family."

I widened my eyes at him, not sure whether I was more surprised by the words or the tone behind them.

"You serious…?"

He nodded.

"Does Caroline know this?"

He sighed, digging into his omelet.

"It's not that serious," he said, "She thought she wanted more but she needed to get away for a while so she took this job when it came up."

I shook my head.

"Went all the way to London to get away from you?"

He seemed to bristle a bit at the phrasing but then looked at me, reaching out his fingers to brush some hair off my face and I knew what came next before his lips brushed my mouth in so many different ways before we kissed. Softly at first and then more intense, because Brock couldn't sheathe that part of him for long and I didn't want that. He spread his legs unbuttoning his pants, I watched him closely as he reached inside and pulled out his thick and fully erect cock.

"Straddle me…"

I put my hand on my hip, marveling in how his cock stood up waiting for what he wanted…thick that just looking at it now I remembered how much my pussy loved clinging to it, trying to slow down the intensity of his thrusts…savoring every inch of us that rubbed creating the most incredible sensations of meeting flesh.

"Do as I said Ruby…"

I sighed as I unzipped my own pants, pulling them past my red little panties. As I went to straddle his cock, he tugged my panties aside with one hand while he used the other to guide my body over him. I bit my lip, shuddering briefly as his cock slid inside of my wetness. I'd been waiting for him.

Riding him was like nothing else. I controlled the pace, I squeezed his cock when I wanted, enjoying his moans and I rode his length making it my own personal joy stick.

"Ruby, you're something else."

I murmured as my pussy squeezed him again, milking him as he reached to slide his tongue inside my hot mouth. I made sure I covered every inch of him, pinning myself against his body, as he nipped my neck in a way that rendered me silent. The chair squeaked but we were so busy going at it we didn't care…I pushed, pulled and he drove deeper, then somehow he picked me up while I still was impaled by him and he carried me to the living room floor where we both sunk, while he spread my thighs with the weight of his body and started thrusting hard and fast. Hard enough to feel him so deeply inside of me, I just gasped, until I felt my body rock from it.

I slipped out of his grasp as we walked along the shore. I wasn't sure this was what I wanted after he'd made me come against him But when he promised me we'd go out to dinner that night I humored him. The beach looked quiet, the tide slowly pulling out as we looked out into the ocean.

"So you still are seeing someone?"

"Yes I am…you got a problem?"

He shook his head.

"No…as long as you're fine with what's going on."

I shrugged.

"Can't judge if I'm doing it…but this weekend's been fun."

He smiled.

"I'm glad. You're one hell of a woman…I love fucking you…and I know you like it."

I knew I did too. But I knew I loved fucking period, being involved with two different men, it was so different than what I thought would happen when I gave it up. I wanted them both.

"I love fucking you too," I said, "I'm glad we hooked up."

He looked back into the ocean.

"Been a while since I've had a woman who wanted it so much…"

I raised my brows.

"You mean Caroline's not into it?"

He pursed his lips.

"Oh she likes it…but she's in London."

I reached up to touch his face.

"And you're here with me," I said, "and I want you to be exhausted by the time we head back…"

He chuckled.

"Oh I haven't even gotten started with you yet…"

I felt tremors of anticipation rush through me.

"I hope not…we still got until tomorrow night."

When we'd be heading back to avoid the traffic…back to the lives waiting for us…and soon enough Devlin would want to make up for lost time.


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