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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I woke up in the morning next to Chad where we'd passed out on his bed after going at it as soon as we returned back from his club. He had to pay off the jazz band that appeared that night before they hit the road and then close up the place. We stopped for some Chinese takeout to take place to add to the beers he had in the frig.

But soon enough after eating, I'd sidled over to him on the floor and ran my hands over his delicious body. The hardness of his chest, the angles of his face and the strength he built in his arms back when he'd set up equipment for bands that he'd toured with before he bought his own club to host them.

Chad's not like the other men I've fucked, he's not as handsome as most of them, he's not as smooth or polished as the last guy I went out with in college. He has an edge to him, a way of looking at the world that's much different than anyone else I know. He's got tats on his arms, including a tribal band and one on his back, like an eagle. He's been so many different places while I've spent so much of my life here in one small town with the same people, the same conversations; it just feels so suffocating most of the time.

When he fucks me, I feel like he owns me, he brands my body with much more than what's physical. He demands me to bend to his will, and yet I don't feel weak for doing so. It goes against everything my father ever taught me. He wanted a daughter who was strong, impenetrable in more ways than one and who would be the female version of him.

But I rejected that. I wanted to be my own person. Besides, I know I'm not the daughter my father wants or have ever wanted because I could never fit in the mold as he wanted.

"Hey Tiff, you still awake?"

I turned to him to smile and reach to kiss him, to brush my mouth against his before sliding my tongue past his lips. I know he likes it when I do that and when I move closer to him, I'll feel how hard he gets, wanting me to straddle him. I love the feel of his thick cock sliding inside of me, so I can squeeze it hard enough to make him gasp.

He gripped my hips and his mouth landed on mine, as he nursed my lips, lifting me up and down, I closed my eyes in anticipation of the next stroke.

"Oh Tiff…that's how I like it, what about you?"

I smiled at him, shaking my hair loose.

"Oh you know I do Chad…"

I felt him pushing me to a faster pace and I reveled in it, and I'd lean over and brush my breasts against him while he tried to catch a nipple in his mouth. It took a couple near misses and then….oh man, once he got hold of one, he sucked it sending all kinds of pleasure through me. This time, I anted up the pace, grinding my pussy against him as I matched what he wanted. My clit got some serious action from rubbing against him and then his fingers…oh my god…I arched my body and then I just cried out as I squeezed him once again, riding his girth before I came hard not long before he did.

We finished the takeout in the early hour of the morning after falling asleep briefly. I'd gone to the frig to get us some iced tea and pouring it into glasses. It still felt quite warm outside as it had been a scorcher of a day. I thought of Ruby up near the beach sharing a bungalow with Brock probably asleep with the cool ocean breeze against her skin. I had been happy to hear she was getting out of town with her new boyfriend.

Now Brock wasn't the guy I would have picked for her, she needs someone much…tamer. She's not like me. She didn't even fuck a guy until after her first year in college…how many women wait that long? I'd never would have made it to 19 without fucking a guy. I didn't even make it through high school. Doing it hadn't started out like much but I just wanted to get it out of the way so I could go off and have some fun. I'd figure it would get better the more I did it and I was right. Chad and I rocked the sheets, I knew that.

"This Thai curry is great," I said, "though I feel hot already in more ways than one."

Chad smiled.

"I didn't think it'd get so hot so soon," he said, "It's not even the fourth yet."

"I mean in the sack," I said, scooping more rice to add to my chicken curry.

He shrugged.

"That too…yeah Tiff it sure was good between us," he said, "You're like a firecracker."

I knew that I'd tried my best to be like one. I'd hit the books to learn how to please the guys I fucked. I didn't worry too much about feeling too much; I always held that part of myself back. In that way, I was like my father with my feelings.

"Sure…I might try the vegetables…"

"So your parents cool with you spending so much time with me?"

I just looked at him not answering.

"I'm an adult Chad," I said, "I do what I want to do and whether or not they like it…"

He took a bite of his food, sitting there in his briefs, his chest bare, muscles and whorls of dark hair I had tugged with my fingers, teasing him not too long ago.

"Your father looks like he wants to kill me."

I shrugged. Chad was probably right. My dad wanted to kill every man he saw me with and I knew it. I also know that unlike most fathers, he could do it and not leave a mark, or a sign that he'd even been there. I don't know how I knew that because I didn't really know him but I knew that.

"He'll get used to you."

Chad paused and I knew I was going to get the speech on how he did relationships all casual and nothing serious. That was cool with me. I wasn't looking for love, I was looking to get laid and to get it good just for the summer.

I was using him.

My mother might be telling my dad to give Chad a chance but I doubted it. She had her own life, caught up in a schedule of busyness, any excuse to stay away from me and my father. But Chad surprised me.

"Maybe…I'd like that," he said, "He seems like a cool guy underneath…"

Oh Chad had no idea about my father. He had no idea that my father had secrets. He had no idea that I knew more of them than my father believed.

I knew he cheated on my mother. I had been in this fish tank of a town long enough to hear the gossip that all these women who had thrown themselves at my father as bait. Some of them had wound up in his bed. I just didn't let on that I suspected to anyone not even my best friend Ruby.

Not to him either.

My mother's not stupid but she's not really aware either. My father could probably fuck some hot thing on the couch in the living room and my mom would just simply walk away silently to finish with the dinner menu in the kitchen.

"What does he do anyway?"

I put my spoon down and moved closer to him, sliding my arms around his waist, looking into his face.

"He works for a living like you do."

"Doing what?"

I shrugged back at him, but the tightened my hold on him, sliding my fingers down to cup his amazing ass.

"I don't know…we don't talk about it much."

That was the truth but I didn't want to talk about it anymore. I wanted Chad to take me to his bed and fuck me. When I was with him, I could forget everything else.

So I kissed him mostly to shut him up and he soon forgot what to say next as I slid a hand in between his legs, cupping his bulge sheathed by his briefs before he led me back to where I wanted to be.

Just to put all the lingering doubts I had about my father in the background for a while…


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