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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Tiffany and I stopped off for lunch at the café after hitting the stores. I looked at some more dresses but just casually. I was going to meet up with Brock later to do some picnicking. We were going to hike and take some dinner with us.

But for now, Tiffany wanted to get some shoes to wear dancing because she'd broken the heel off of one of them. Fortunately Chad had been there to catch her before she'd gotten banged up. He seemed to care about her in an odd way…he looked like he'd just walked off of one of those old biker gang movies that Tiffany and I used to watch. Tattooed but not excessively and he had a piercing. But he was incredibly strong and he'd used his muscled arms to toss many a drunken and rowdy customer out of the club.

"My dad wants me to dump him."

She meant Chad which hardly surprised me because Devlin complained about the club manager more than once when we'd been…well Tiffany didn't need to know that.

"He says he's a seedy guy that he can't be trusted," Tiffany said, "But he doesn't know him."

Devlin did know that Chad was fucking his daughter which was more than enough reason not to trust him.

"Maybe if you invited him over for dinner," I said, "Talk to your mom about it."

Tiffany sighed, looking through another rack of dresses.

"God, she's so clueless…she's always gone at one of her activities," she said, "She's not going to be back until late tonight."

"Maybe she misses your dad."

Devlin had taken off on another one of those business trips he never discussed.

"I doubt it. She seems to want to spend as much time away from him…from us."

I didn't know how to answer that. We left the boutique without buying anything and headed to the café where we ordered up burger special plates. Tiffany dipped one of her fries in ranch dressing, her crazy thing. But she seemed preoccupied.

"It's just that Chad's so awesome…you know he and…we've been getting it on…"

Oh I knew that. I'd heard that and so had her father. Only we'd been too busy ourselves in the cabana. If Tiffany and Chad had decided to take it to the cabana, hell would have broken loose. I'd flirted so close to discovery with Devlin but he didn't seem to care. When his arms were wrapped around me and he was in between my thighs I didn't care either. By then, I was so lost in what he was doing, how hot he made me feel, nothing else mattered.

"So you think you really like him?"

Tiffany nodded.

"He's so hot…and he's fun to be with but he's busy a lot because he runs his own business."

I dipped a couple fries in the ketchup.

"He is seeing anyone else?"

She gave me an odd look.

"I don't know…I don't really care if he is," she said, "but he seems too busy when he's not with me."

"I think all guys have someone on the side."

Tiffany narrowed her eyes.

"You think that about Brock," she said, "We both know where his girlfriend is right now and for him, it's out of sight out of mind."

True, I thought, I couldn't deny that with Caroline out of the country, it made it easier to pretend she didn't exist. Brock acted like she didn't, he never even mentioned her and when he was in town, we spent a lot of time together.

"So when is he picking you up?"

"About five…it's going to be an early dinner," I said, "Maybe watch the sunset."

Tiffany frowned.

"He doesn't strike me as a romantic," she said, "more like he just wants to get it as much as he can which makes him a typical guy."

Couldn't deny that either because Brock was a pretty demanding lover…yeah he gave back as much to me as he wanted me to give him…but it was intense being with him…though I seemed to have sandwiched myself with aggressive, intense men. Devlin wasn't any different; by the time he was done with me I was exhausted.

"He's got an edge to him for sure," I said, "but I like it."

Tiffany laughed.

"I'll bet…after all this time you are finally getting some and I'm happy for you."

I felt guilt keenly then because she had no idea what I was doing, that Brock wasn't the only man in my bed. But Devlin and I kept covering our tracks when we met and moving it to the motel had eased my mind a bit if not my conscience.

"I just don't know what's going on with my parents."

My eyes shot up to look at her.

"What do you mean," I said, "They seem fine to me."

Tiffany sipped her drink.

"My dad's gone most of the time…and I wonder what he's doing when he's away from home."

My skin tingled on the back of my neck.

"What do you mean?"

She looked at me, looking troubled.

"That when he goes on these trips…he's shacking up with other women."

I relaxed only a little bit. I refilled my tea from the pitcher on the table.

"Well, your parents love each other and they've been devoted to each other."

Tiffany nodded.

"I know they love each other, but that wouldn't stop him from cheating on her while he's gone."

I paused.

"What makes you think that he would do that?"

She shrugged.

"He's a guy and you know men have to get it a lot," she said, "I'm sure he's been tempted."

"That doesn't mean he does anything," I said, "It doesn't mean he's seeing someone else on the side."

Tiffany stared at her glass.

"He just seems distanced at some times," she said, "like he's hiding a secret but then maybe that's from his work."

I nodded.

"Could be…I mean he doesn't talk much about what he does on these trips because he can't."

"It would kill my mother if he was cheating on her."

I wondered if she'd notice. She didn't seem to spend much time with her husband.

"He's probably too busy to do it," I said, "He's on the move quite a bit isn't he?"

"I guess…but these long distance relationships never work out," Tiffany said, "the guy always fools around."

I sipped my tea.

"What about the woman," I said, "what if she's the one that cheats?"

Tiffany harrumphed.

"My mom…you've got to be kidding. She'd never do something like that."

I didn't think so either but she had to suspect that her husband's eye wandered if he'd been doing it for years. After all, I'd been several years younger when I'd witnessed him giving it to that nanny in the cabana.

"I guess you're right."

"I know I'm right," Tiffany said, "I think she's a bit of a prude…meaning into vanilla and all that."

I just stared at my friend.


"Yeah, meaning just plain doing it, in a bed," she said, "None of the kinky stuff."

Oh, like tying up your lover and talking about gagging her? Fucking her with a vibe? Devlin was all about bringing kink into it. Not that it bothered me…I found my nervousness about it ebbing when I learned how much of a rush it was to give him that much control over me.

But if Tiffany suspected about her father, would he and I have to be more careful?

I looked at Brock as he pushed me onto the blanket. We'd finished eating fried chicken and coleslaw in a spot hidden away in the park, a patch of grass surrounded by tall trees. The park had been deserted as we hiked to where we laid out the blanket.

He lay next to me, looking at me as he slid my cotton dress up one of my thighs. His fingers caressing my skin as they passed heating it up and sending delightful tingles through me as I bit my lip. I knew in a few seconds he would find out my secret.

I smiled as he groaned.

"Oh Ruby…what did you do with your panties?"

I sighed as his fingers trailed across my pussy; damn it felt so good when he did that.

"I left them at home…are you mad?"

He chuckled.

"Hardly…are you one sexy woman," he said, "But maybe you'd better ride me."

I waited until he pulled his zipper down and pulled out his cock, erect and thick enough to make my pussy wet in anticipation. I straddled over him, closing my eyes as his cock slid into me, the friction making my heart beat faster. I pushed down on him, wanting him to fill me…then I opened my eyes looking down at him, my curls swirling around my face.

"Ride me Ruby…squeeze that pussy around me…"

I did that…it heightened what I felt so much and I moved up and down, releasing much of him before taking him back again. Leaning forward so my face was inches away from his…close enough to kiss, for him to rub my nipples the way I craved, well it did wondrous things for the pleasure that raced through me.

"You like that…I want to get some more margarita and lick it off of you."

I sighed, still riding him but when he'd done that, it had been almost too much. His mouth on my body, smoking hot with his tongue exploring all of it…that would have to wait until we got back to his place.

"Do you think anyone can see us?"

I gasped the words out because it was hard to do anything but focus on how his cock felt snugly wrapped by my pussy. I arched my back when my clit rubbed against something hard. Oh yes…keep doing that I thought.

But before I came, he rolled me over on my back, nudged my thighs apart and then shoved his cock inside me hard and fast.

"Oh….oh Brock…oh god…"

He rutted against me, his ass flexing and I grabbed hold of it to feel his power. I felt his cock driving into me over and over, the pleasure buildup…I wanted to scream. But I didn't want to risk it so I drew him closer to me and kissed him.

His mouth explored mine even as his cock fucked me. His tongue thrusting inside my mouth not allowing me to grasp it with my lips…like quick silver but it felt so good.

He came right then just after the pleasure grabbed hold of me and I squeezed him. He groaned as he held me fast against the ground.

I felt so damn good in his arms. Different than I'd ever felt with anyone. He kissed my mouth slowly yet so thoroughly I went weak.

He broke and just looked at me.

"I want to finish this at my place…"

I couldn't say no. I could only wonder how I'd last until we got there.


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