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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Marie lay on the bed while Stavros prepared a bath for her. She heard the water splashing into the tub and imagined what it would be like to sink into its warmth. She stung after what he'd just done to her and she felt embarrassed by it. But he'd put a sheet over her while she lay there, until the tub was full.

"I put lavender salts in it," he said, "and some jasmine…"

She sighed.

"God…I feel so…"

He smiled.

"You'll feel better after the bath."

She tried to raise her upper body but she felt so exhausted from this weekend and now…three men were going to fuck her, where would she find the strength? Damn, what had she gotten herself into when she agreed to Gunthor's invitation? She had believed she would be spending a romantic weekend with her boss. Little did she know…what would actually transpire instead. But she couldn't deny that she wanted it, she'd wanted to fuck the men she did…and she'd been a tramp to bed both Stavros and Milan the minute Gunthor wasn't around. She'd cried out and begged them to take her, even two of them at once so she had no excuses. She just hadn't known that Gunthor had known what she was doing, that he had been filming her.

That he had engineered the whole weekend. Oh god, he'd used her as his personal whore to add companies he had wanted to his growing corporate empire. Why did that appall her and excite her at the same time? Just the thought of what he'd done made her want to kill and fuck him at the same time. Damn, what had she turned into, and what would come next?

"I don't know if I can do this Stavros."

He sat on the bed gloriously naked except for a silken black robe and stroked the hair off of her forehead.

"You are a very beautiful and sexy woman Marie…and you've got three men who want you tonight."

She sighed.

"I don't know if I can handle that."

"You were very hot the other night with Milan and me," he said, "didn't you find that pleasurable?"

She frowned.

"I…it was so overwhelming…I didn't know what was happening…"

"I heard you scream Marie…you heard yourself on the screen," he said, "You were begging us to take you hard over and over in that suite."

"I was crazy with pleasure I admit," she said, "But this is not what good women do…I'm not a whore…I'm not like Sandra."

He smiled.

"No you're definitely not her," he said, "I fucked her because I had a job to do…it's not like with you."

She frowned.

"A job…?"

"Well an assignment," he said, "I had fucked her in the past but it wasn't serious. She called me to join her…one man's never been enough for Sandra."

"She seduced Chad didn't she?"

He paused.

"Yes but it wasn't that hard," he said, "Chad wanted a woman who could meet his needs…men are driven by lust to distraction. You didn't give him that."

She sighed.

"I just wanted him to go slowly until I knew him better. Anything wrong with that…?"

"No Marie of course not," he said, "Except you made a liar out of yourself didn't you?"

She bit her lip unable to deny that.

"But…I don't know if I can please three men at once."

He chuckled.

"You underestimate yourself greatly Marie. What you've got between your thighs, they could bottle it up and sell it. Gunthor's a lucky man and he knows it."

She felt her face flush.

"Your bath's ready…"

She got up out of bed, reaching for her robe and then after slipping it on, she headed to the bathroom. Milan stood there waiting dressed in what looked like silken pajamas.

"Ah Marie…you look ravishing…you're making me so hard just looking at you."

She swallowed, her throat feeling dry.

"I'm here for a bath…"

Stavros shot Milan a look.

"Only a bath…she lost her last vestige of virginity and is a bit sore."

Milan shrugged.

"I'll be waiting for her in the bedroom."

Marie looked at Stavros but he just gestured to the tub, sunken in the floor and filled with bubbling water that smelled heavenly. She slipped off her robe and got into it, sitting on the bench.

"Oh this feels so lovely…," she said with a sigh.

Her muscles relaxed and she closed her eyes. Stavros took off his robe and got into the tub with her. She opened her eyes looking at him.

"Relax…I'm just here to help you bathe…"

He grabbed a soft sponge and after putting some gel on it, he wiped it over her body, dipping under the bubbling water to hit some spots. She closed her eyes biting her lip when he caressed her breasts with the sponge and then moved lower past her belly to her pussy, coaxing her legs apart just enough to rub it over, damn it felt so good she thought.

"You like that Marie?"

She nodded, feeling heady suddenly. The bath made her feel more relaxed and stirred feelings inside of her.

"I can see that," he said, still stroking her pussy with the sponge. She just wanted to close her eyes and fall asleep right there.

But she knew in the bedroom, a man waited for her.

Marie nibbled from the platter of fruit that Stavros had given her after she'd gotten out of the luxurious tub and had dried off. A softer robe now embraced her body and the fruit was so succulent, with Stavros picking up the choicest berries and cubes of melon and pineapple and slipping them inside of her mouth.

"Mmm…these are delicious…"

"You need your energy Marie," he said, "Milan's very demanding."

"I noticed…so is it going to be just him?"

"For now…"

She sighed, relishing the melon that he'd slipped in between her lips. She'd sucked the tip of his finger too to get the juice.

"Marie…you're going to enjoy this," Stavros said, "It'll be your reward too for what you've done."

She looked up at him.

"If I survive it…"

He stroked her face, his finger toying with her mouth. She wondered who would fuck that part of her first.

"You'll love it Marie…you'll want it more than you think…you'll have three men who want you and that gives you power."

She wished she believed him but she got up and headed towards the bedroom where Milan waited.

He waited for her behind the door and came up behind her. He grabbed her wrists behind her and pushed her against a wall, so that her face brushed against it. She felt his body hard against her back, the hard bulge sheathed by his robe against her ass.

"You're not going to…"

She didn't think she could stand it. Stavros had tried to be gentle but damn…but he turned her around and looked at her, grabbing her wrists in front of her again. She saw something long and silken out of the corner of her eye and she realized he'd removed the sash from his robe. That allowed her to look at his gloriously hot body…but before she knew it he'd began wrapping the sash around her wrists, binding them.

Binding them tightly…

"Milan what are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you, what do you think?"

She felt him push her against the wall, his body moving hard and fast against hers, his cock riding the seam in between her pussy lips, moving his hips as he kissed her on the mouth. She found excitement overwhelm the fear that had erupted when he had tied her up.

"Oh you're so sweet…so helpless now aren't you?"

He reached down and squeezed one of her breasts, playing with the nipple, squeezing it hard.

"I'd love to put a nice clamp there, squeeze it just so tight…but you're still a virgin in some ways…"

She almost recoiled. Clamps, she'd heard about them. She'd picked up a magazine in the bedroom on Chad's nightstand and had flipped through it. The photos had shocked her to the core. Women suspended on ropes, their nipples clamped in ways that she thought had to hurt. One woman even wore a gag. What was running through the part of Chad she clearly didn't know?

She wondered if Sandra had worn clamps when he fucked her.

"So I'll settle for some softer toys…"

She sighed as she felt him ride her pussy lips, without thrusting inside her. She bucked back, and god, she wanted to put her hands on him but he'd made that impossible.

"I want…I want to touch you."

He just looked at her, grabbing her hair with his hand pulling it sending tingles down to her scalp.

"You're here for me to fuck so don't open your mouth again until I give you something to fill it."


He whispered in her ear.

"Do you want me to gag you," he said, "I promised Gunthor I wouldn't but you need to shut up."

She did, taken aback by his attitude. Like he bossed her around, and she had to obey him. She struggled against him.

"You can't do that…"

"Not now…but that might change."

"What do you mean?"

He just kissed her again pushing insistently against her and she felt her legs buckle.

"I need…"

"I know exactly what you need…"

He grabbed her wrists and walked her to the bed while she tried to keep from stumbling. She felt it hit the back of her legs and she fell backward onto the mattress. She watched Milan shrug his robe off his shoulders and then looked down at her.

"I'm going to try not to hurt you Marie…"


He came onto the bed and straddled her, grabbing her wrists, squeezing them together tight. He leaned over to talk to her. He placed his hand over her mouth, which sent apprehension through her.

"I don't want to hear anything from this mouth…except how much you love being fucked…"

She just looked at him as he bucked his hips and thrust his cock inside of her hard. She blinked her eyes and damn, he filled her up. She'd forgotten how much his cock intimidated her because of its size. But also because he was rough in how he used it….oh god…he thrust against her harder, deeper and she bit her lip.


She didn't want him to hurt her there.

"Shut up Marie…I'm going to do this to you…ride you hard…Stavros might sweet talk you but I'm not him. I just take what I want."

He pushed against her, each time he pulled back; he slammed back harder as he rode her like one might ride a bronco. Her pussy squeezed his cock and he pushed harder, the friction pleasurable even as it stung.

She tried not to talk, to say anything as he bucked against her, his body hard against hers. His cock slicing through her…wet but still the friction, oh god…she felt the heat fill her up. She whimpered.

He slapped her face lightly.

"Shut up Marie…god if you were mine, I'd teach you some discipline…teach you how to behave when a man's cock is inside of you…"

She just looked at him, his slap hadn't hurt. It had just shocked her but at the same time…her pussy squeezed him harder almost as if…no she didn't like it, she couldn't like it…

"I'd make you wear my collar and walk you around on a leash," he said, "but Gunthor said no…"

He fucked her harder, faster and she heard the sound of it. She bit her lip to stop from crying out because…oh god…pleasure ripped through her tinged with pain and it was so different…new that she felt like writhing her body. What was she feeling? Milan acted like a brute and yet…she came hard and then he came, and she felt his cock spurting inside of her.

"Why…Milan…why do you want that?"

He sighed as he began to withdraw, still on top of her. Her hands still bound tightly.

"Because it's who I am Marie…"

She watched as he moved away and reached for his robe. His glorious backside on display…he might be someone she didn't understand but she couldn't deny she had wanted it, even as she knew she should have pushed him away.

"And who knows, you might see more of me…I've taken a liking to you…"

She wondered what Gunthor would have to say about that but where was he?


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