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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Tiffany and I headed to the hardware store because I had to repair one of the light fixtures on the back patio. Gloria had complained that it hadn't been working that the light had burned out. I hadn't paid much attention to the added darkness because it cloaked Ruby and I when we met at the cabana. I figured there might be a short in the fixture and decided to go to the home improvement store. Tiffany tagged along because she needed to go buy some shoes next door to wear to the midsummer gala.

Gloria had given her a credit card, telling me that this was the biggest social event of the summer. I went to the electric equipment section and started looking through the merchandise. I had been doing more home improvement projects because it made it easier for me and Ruby to hook up even for a quickie when no one was looking.

One afternoon when she'd been out sunning with Tiffany, my daughter had gone into the house to help her mother with a chore. I had been fixing one of the deck steps but Ruby just looked at me with that flirtatious glance of hers and I found myself following her to the cabana. We didn't make it inside, I pulled down her bikini bottoms, unbuttoned my shorts and fucked her against the far side wall. All the while telling her that she had to be quiet….while my cock slid in and out of her. We both came hard and fast, we were getting good at it. She'd return and go find an excuse to freshen up in the bathroom while I zipped up my shorts and went back to fixing the step. We pushed the envelope each time, more and more until we came so close to getting caught.

But fucking her was so damn intoxicating to me, almost like a drug. Still, there were times when we came too close which is when I came up with the idea to meet at a motel. The one where Brock had taken my wife years ago…

"Hey Devlin…"

I looked up and saw Angela pushing a shopping cart.


"Fancy seeing you here," she said, "Your wife got you busy working on a project?"

Angela had gone to school with Gloria and their friendship was heavily laced with competition back to the day they'd been in grade school.

"I'm fixing a light in the patio."

I sorted through some outlets on the rack waiting for Angela to move on.

"You are going to the barbecue on the Fourth?"

I sighed.

"Yeah…and you?"

She smiled.

"You know I'm on the organizational committee with Gloria," she said, "So how's summer treating you? You're back in town anyway."

"Not for long," I said, "I'm leaving in a couple of days."

"A shame, I was going to invite you and Gloria over for drinks."

"We're pretty busy right now."

She gave me a pointed look.

"You know we haven't seen you in a while," she said, "You shouldn't be making yourself scarce."

I knew what she wanted underneath her well manicured appearance. One night I had slipped earlier in my marriage and I had kissed her at a party. Nothing more than that because her husband had walked in on us, just missing it…I had a lot of respect for Rodney because he held a lot of power in this town…and people knew not to mess with him.

Or his wife, which made Angela a rather lonely woman with an itch to scratch but since no man wanted to get their balls cut off, they steered clear.

"I've been very busy with work."

"Yes I imagine," she said, "What you do must be so important."

"It pays the bills," I said, "and I find it rewarding."

She pursed her lips and sidled closer.

"Oh Devlin…I imagine there's plenty of temptations when you're away from Gloria."

I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck.

"I'm away to work not to play Angela."

She chuckled.

"Oh Devlin, I'm so on to you…I just don't know why you…and I can't do lunch sometime."

I knew what she meant by lunch. It was a euphemism in her crowd for a nooner in that motel. The hotel manager had probably seen enough to write a book by now but he was discrete, most of us had paid him extra to stay quiet. But Angela was like picking up a live wire and I wasn't the only guy who knew it.

"I don't do lunch."

A brow arched up.

"Oh? I'm sure a virile man like you has had plenty of opportunities and Gloria, well sweet thing but she's not exactly the most observant woman in the world."

I hadn't been the most observant husband either because my wife had an affair under my nose.

"I have a new business card so if you change your mind about…lunch, just give me a ring," she said, "I show houses in the afternoons and many of them are empty…"

I took her card but had no intention of doing anything about it.


I looked up and saw Tiffany walking towards me with Ruby. My eyes widened. She was dressed in one of her sassy denim skirts and a blousy top.

"Look what I found?"

I looked into Ruby's face.

"Hi Ruby…you shopping…?"

She looked at Angela and then at me.

"Yeah…I was looking for some dresses on sale because I've got a new boyfriend."

Angela smiled over at Ruby.

"Oh you're seeing someone," she said, "You always seemed the quiet serious type in high school."

Ruby smiled back.

"Well I met this guy and we're seeing each other."

My stomach lurched but she focused on Angela.

"Anyone I know?"

Ruby shrugged.

"Maybe…maybe not…"

I sighed.

"Tiffany, you heading on home now?"

She shook her head.

"Nah…Ruby and I might head to a movie," she said, "We'll be home later."

Angela smiled.

"I was just talking to your father…"

Tiffany smiled.

"Yeah…I know…Dad…mom gave you that grocery list…don't forget."

I nodded. Angela just frowned for a moment and then smiled again.

"Well I must be going," she said, "See you later…"

I watched her go with Tiffany and Ruby and my daughter just shook her head.

"She's such a skank," she said, "I saw her coming onto some young guy when I was out with Chad."

I frowned, but how could I talk to my daughter about her new boyfriend? Ruby just looked at me then and I knew bringing it up would just lead down a dangerous path so I kept my mouth shut.

But I secretly wanted to strangle the guy that fucked my daughter the other night.

Ruby rolled over on the bed, inside the dim room. I had pulled the shades down after we'd come inside her one at a time. The car we took down here was parked two blocks away. The motel clerk hadn't even looked up when I came in to book a room while Ruby waited I the parking lot. She and Tiffany had parted ways after the movie and I had told Gloria I needed to run errands because I had forgot a few things.

That didn't leave us much time. But as soon as we were alone in the motel room, I picked her up and she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as I carried her to the bed. I dropped her down and stripped her slowly…the skirt first unzipping it on the side, then her blouse…she surprised me with the barely there g-string and no bra. I stripped my own clothes off freeing my erection which had pushed against my slacks for the past hour it seemed…since I had decided to pick her up and bring her here.

She straddled me and I pulled the g-string down her legs baring her pussy. She straddled me, sinking down on my cock, sighing as its thickness filled her. She leaned forward so her breasts brushed my chest, her nipples teasing me and she kissed me on the mouth. Then she pushed harder against me until I was buried so deep my balls slapped her. Then she rode my body up and down, driving my cock crazy with her slippery sheath. I lifted my hips up to meet her movements and she sighed.

"Oh god…Devlin…oh fuck me, god just fuck me…"

"Oh yes Ruby…god yes…."

She sped up her movements, her thrusts sliding on my cock and clasping my hips with her thighs. I felt the sensations as her pussy gripped my cock so hard…pushing through it sent waves of elation through me. She kissed my mouth hard and I knew she was close to coming…wrapped around me…her pussy tensing…oh god…oh god…I came so hard, spraying her and she arched her back as she climaxed.

Afterward, she lay next to me as I came back down and looked at me.

"You ever fucked her?"

I knit my brow, too caught up in my sensations to get her question.

"Fucked who?"



She stroked my abs with her fingers, in a way that made my cock harden.

"She was all over you like a bitch in heat…," Ruby said, "I thought…"

"Rodney would kill anyone who looked at his wife too long," I said, "He holds a lot of power."

"So you thought about it?"

"Not more than that," I said, "Ruby…I've been with a lot of women and I've been married to one…but not with Angela. She comes on to me every once in a while but it's just that."

She shrugged and she lowered her hand to wrap her fingers around my cock. I jumped slightly.

"You like that?"

I just looked at her.

"Be careful what you do Ruby…"

She began to move her hand up and down, as my cock hardened.


Oh the fucking little tease…damn her.

"Suck my cock…"

I knew that she hadn't done it before but her energy would more than make up for her lack of expertise.


And she lowered her mouth over the head and suckled on it gently at first as the sensations began to stir inside of me all over again…then she sucked harder, popping the head inside of her mouth and then she moved her mouth on down my shaft."

I clenched the sheets with my hands as she drove me crazy with that sassy mouth of hers.


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