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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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God, I thought Devlin was going to flip out when he heard Tiffany getting it on with Chad the club manager and head bouncer outside the window. We were inside doing the nasty before we were interrupted by familiar sounding voices getting closer. At first I thought that they might be heading to the cabana and we were seconds away from being busted. I wasn't prepared for that. I was lying back on the bed with him riding me, his cock deep inside my pussy and I gasped with each hard stroke.

What would I say to Tiffany if she walked right in and saw me doing her father like that? But the noises had stopped short. I heard her joke about me holding onto my "V card", god if only she knew then I heard her fucking Chad. Devlin hated it but I found it strangely arousing to imagine what she must be doing because I couldn't see it. Like the time I'd witnessed with my eyes Devlin fucking the nanny right here. Too young to know why I couldn't look away anymore than I could ignore what was happening so close by.

He started acting crazy and I knew a part of him wanted to go out and throttle the man giving it to his daughter but instead…he turned on me. He had me flip over to my stomach and at first…I thought it wasn't my pussy he was after. I tensed up, wondering what would happen next.

"You like that you don't you…you want to be fucked hard…"

By then he'd thrust his cock inside my pussy from behind and really gave it to me. But then when he asked me if I needed it, I'd begged him to do it.

Harder, faster like I knew he wanted. Anything to erase what he'd just witnessed.

God, I was getting sore from what he did it but I knew I wanted him. He just was so raw, so rough around the edges in everything. While it excited me, it wore me out too and hiding it from Tiffany…wasn't easy. If she ever caught on…but then I knew that Chad would keep her busy at least for a while.

I went to work at the nursery and sorted herbs most of the day. The owners were shipping a lot of them in to the business as they had proven popular.

My phone buzzed later on and I thought it might be Devlin or maybe Tiffany calling because she was bored with summer already.

But it was Brock and I thought about answering it. I clicked my phone.

"Hi there…"

"Hi Ruby…how you doing…?"

I couldn't tell him the truth of course.

"I'm okay and you?"

"I'm about to board my last plane," he said, "I should be back in town this afternoon…want to do dinner?"

I thought about it. I know what he really wanted and I didn't think I wanted to do anything but relax at home tonight. But I did miss him…

"Okay…what do you like?"

"I was thinking we'd just order in some pizza," he said, "and I have a hot tub that I always hit when I get back."

That sounded…nice. Hot water bubbling around my body, my muscles relaxing…I could handle that. But could I handle Brock?

"Okay…I'll bring a suit."

"I'm sure you look better without one…"

Damn, now I knew what he wanted, me in between the sheets with him. That made my body tingle in all kinds of places, I just didn't think it wouldn't be painful. Devlin had been hard in the sack, using my body until it screamed. As if something had been pent up inside of him for a while…

"Brock…I don't know if I'm up to what you want…"

"What I want is some company," he said, "We'll figure out where to take it from there."

I smiled because his tone persuaded and damn, I did want to get my hands on his ruggedly built body. I wanted his hands all over me and that mouth…

"Just go easy…"

I didn't know what else to say without telling him what I'd been doing. I don't know how he'd feel about me fucking someone like Devlin, if there were some unspoken history between them.

"I'll do my best but I've missed you…"

I clicked off the phone and thought about what I would say to him when he wanted to get down and dirty. Guess I'd cross that bridge when I came to it.

The hot tub felt heavenly as I knew it would, when I joined him. I'd let him pick me up at my house and headed to his place which was masculine in its décor as I expected. Yet it included artwork from all around the world.

"I go to art museums when I have time," he said, "Louvre, Prado, MOCA, Getty and those with much smaller collections."

He had shown them to me before we ate the pizza that we'd brought with us. We talked and he told me that he's been in the military, a Navy SEAL at one time and then he did some time doing security for hire.

"You mean you're a mercenary," I said.

"Was…I mostly design security systems now…though I take field assignments."

"So you've been all over the world…in war zones and all that?"

"Quite a few of them," he said, "but I've been in quieter places too."

After eating, we headed to his Jacuzzi and I was more than ready to sink my body into the bubbling water though I put on my blue bikini first. He was already in the water and looked up at me as I stood by the hot tub on his patio.

"You are wearing a suit aren't you?"

He chuckled softly.

"I usually don't…but tonight I broke tradition."

I smiled as I stepped into what turned out to be swirling water that felt incredible. My muscles relaxed and I noticed some other places started feeling less sore.

"You look so beautiful Ruby," he said, "The way that suit fits…your body is amazing."

I shrugged.

"I didn't start to look like a woman until late," she said, "It took a while for guys to notice."

"I'm sure you've made up for lost time," he said, moving closer to me, until his thigh brushed mine.

"I guess…no really I'm kind of new to all this type of living."

He stroked one of my arms with hand after turning to face me.

"Nothing wrong with that Ruby…"

His lips brushed my mouth, catching me by surprise but I enjoyed tasting him. His next kiss came harder and his mouth explored mine. Soon enough we were both out of breath as I tongued the seam between his lips and he parted them. His tongue soon found mine and they caressed each other…leaving me wanting more.

"Straddle me Ruby…"

I just looked at him, seeing urgency in his eyes. A rush tore right through me and I maneuvered myself so that I straddled his thighs. It felt awkward but the water buoyed me. I felt him growing hard though we both wore suits. My pussy ached, feeling the bulge of his erection tease it.

Then he kissed me again, tasting my mouth so thoroughly…sending all kinds of thrilling sensations through me. The steam rose in clouds around us and the bubbles made it feel so titillating to be this close to him. God, he was a strong man, muscled in all the right places and I felt his hands on my back.

Fiddling with my bikini straps.

"I want to see them Ruby…I want to see your tits," he said, "I want to feel them against me."

I sighed as he undid my bikini and somehow slid it off of me, baring my breasts to him. My nipples had hardened, and I ached to feel his mouth on them. But he kissed me again, harder thrusting his tongue inside my mouth, skimming around…damn that felt too good…this all felt too good.

I was spiraling out of control…and he held onto me.

"Move against me…"


"God Ruby…I want to feel you against me…"

So I did, slowly at first, feeling strange but I felt the beginning of pleasurable buildup in between my thighs, it spread to my body…making my breasts tingle. I rocked against his cock, sheathed only by fabric. But I could feel its hardness, its shape and I wanted to feel it inside me. But would it hurt…I'd been used so much by Devlin…and would Brock know?

"Oh you're so hot baby…too hot for in here…"

He stood up helping me up with him.

"We need to finish this elsewhere…in my bed…"

I hesitated.

"Brock…I don't know…"

"Hey…it's going to be great," he said, "I know how to take care of a woman."

"I'm on the pill," I said, "I take care of myself."

He chuckled.

"That's only part of what I meant."

He picked me up then and told me to wrap my legs around his waist which I did tightly. It felt good…exciting as he walked us through his entertainment room. I looked down at the plush rug by the television.

"Can we…"

I didn't know how to say that I didn't feel comfortable going into his bedroom. He lowered me carefully onto the rub and then I looked at him as he removed his swimsuit, showing his fully erect cock. I'd seen it, handled it and even tasted it, sliding my mouth over it when I went down on him on our first date. But damn, how would it feel inside of me? The guy was hung, and I just felt so damn tender right now.

"You nervous…?"

He knelt down on the rug straddling my legss, looking straight at me. I shook my head.

"You look it…Ruby…have you done this before?"

I didn't know how to answer that, because I didn't want to be judged.

"You're a virgin?"

I just looked at him as his hands started pulling my bikini bottoms down my thighs, moving out of the way to get them over my feet.

"I'm just…just take it slowly?"

He cupped my pussy with his palm and I closed my eyes feeling him fondle me.

"Okay…as much as I can…because I want you so badly…god, you're so damn hot."

He covered me with his own body, pushing me into the rug, now we were both naked and nothing separated us. He kissed my mouth hungrily…like he'd been holding back and I braced myself for that kind of raw energy.

"Wrap your legs around me…"

I did that and felt his cock pushing against my pussy.

"You nice and wet…"

I felt his fingers coat themselves in my juices.

"Damn Ruby…I've wanted this…"

I felt his ass buck and he thrust inside of me, stretching me so much…I winced. He saw that and he stopped.

"Am I hurting you?"

I looked at him for asking but I shook my head. Now that he was inside of me, I felt hungry for him.

"Fuck me Brock…I want you so much…I want you bad…"

He pushed his cock harder, deeper until I sucked in my breath. His thickness rubbed inside me in ways that made me cry out. He covered my mouth with his own, kissing me as he settled on top of me.

"I'll go easy."

I nodded though at this point I didn't care and he thrust inside me so deeply and then withdrew, my legs pulling him back as my feet grazed his lower back.

"Oh god…this feels so damn good…"

I cried out, whimpering as he pushed so deep, I felt him. I gripped him harder with my legs, his body relentless even in its gentleness. He rocked against me and I wanted him so much, my body burned as the tension inside of it tightened. He sighed as he fucked me, his cock slick with my juices as he took me over and over. The discomfort had faded and the warmth so pleasurable permeated through me.

"You close baby?"

He moved a hand to rub my clit, while his shaft brushed it again and again.

"Oh yes, god yes…fuck me harder…harder…I'm so close…"

He upped his thrusts and I took them, my body growing wet and the sounds of our bodies colliding filling the room.

Then I felt my climax rip through me, hard and fast and so intense I closed my eyes. Then I felt him arch his back and he came inside as my pussy gripped his cock.

He collapsed on top of me and I felt my heart beat inside my chest. He rolled over and put his arms around me.

"God Ruby, you're really something…"

"So are you…"

His body felt hard against my softness.

"I need you tonight…and next time it'll be in my bed…"

I turned to face him, our faces inches apart.

"But Brock…it just…"

He put a finger on my lips.

"I want you there, naked like you are now so I can kiss that hot body of yours all over, ever single fucking inch of it until I reach your pussy…I love eating pussy…and I want yours…"

I trembled all over at his words and knew he meant it. I knew I wanted to spend the night.


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