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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I slipped out of the cabana just before dawn.

Ruby left just before me heading back to the house and up into Tiffany's bedroom to slide under the sheets as if she'd been there all night. We both knew better.

Since popping her cherry, we'd spent most of the night fucking, in just about every position imaginable. I couldn't get enough of her, that ripe body of hers. Just thinking about her riding my cock while I held onto her, urging her along made me go hard again. Our sighs had filled the cabana, her murmurs as I thrust inside her over and over and damn, Ruby didn't keep her orgasms to herself.

That last time, she'd been bent over, part of her on the bed while I mounted her from behind and slammed my cock into her, wrapping her hair around my hand and pulling back on it. Not enough to hurt but enough to let her know who was in control. Our bodies slick, colliding harder and harder until she screamed, her voice muffled by the bed. As I pulled out of her wetness, I thought to myself, what a good lover for the summer.

She'd dared me to fuck her that last time. Said she was going to leave to go back into the house until I grabbed her and shoved her down onto the bed. I felt so powerful pinning her there and when I finally told her it was time to leave, she looked damn exhausted, her pussy weeping with our combined juices.

Probably more than a bit sore…but she never complained, took everything I had to give her. I had a lot to give her, because the images in my head of Brock fucking my wife years ago, made me angry and it had to go somewhere. So I used Ruby hard…but she used me back. She cried out when she climaxed and the words that flew out of her mouth, would make a good girl blush.

Ruby wasn't a good girl. She wouldn't be good all summer long.

But morning was almost here and it was time to go back into the house. Darkness hid our exit and when I saw her disappear into the house, I made my own way, closing the cabana door behind me.

I slipped up into the bathroom and showered, cleaning off all traces of what I'd just done before slipping into bed next to Gloria. She whimpered in her sleep moving closer but didn't wake up. I lay there thinking about the months ahead. Sure, I'd be out of town on assignments as often as not, but when I returned, there'd be Ruby. When I told her I intended to see her again, she had just nodded, being totally spent. She'd been ridden so hard, when she hadn't been with a man before…I wondered how sore she'd be and whether anyone would notice.

But I had all kinds of fantasies I wanted to use to make myself feel good. I wasn't getting it at home and I wasn't the only one who had cheated. God, how could she do that with Brock…before our child was born….I remembered there had been this period of months about a year earlier when I'd been working half away around the world on tricky jobs, jobs that lasted months not weeks or days. I was hardly ever home but Gloria had been fixing up the house, working a part-time gig at a doctor's office on the same street where Brock had housed his business. We'd been talking about having kids…when my job settled down.

I'd aways believed she was leading the life of a quiet housewife and all that time she'd been holed up inside some motel room getting it on with Brock. His body rocking against hers, had he made her scream when she came, had she said his name?

I closed my eyes and those were my thoughts before I fell asleep.

Morning came and when I woke up again, Gloria's side of the bed was empty and I heard activity downstairs. She must be making breakfast. I had my script to follow the morning after I'd just fucked some woman who shared the house and I went up to throw on a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt to head out and do a run before breakfast.

I kept it short, just doing a few loops around a nearby park that looked mostly deserted. I felt great but then sex always did that for me. And last night had been incredible…it had sent a rush through me that I hadn't felt in years. Something about Ruby…I was already counting the moments until I would have her again.

When I got back, Ruby was in the kitchen at the table with Tiffany and both were eating waffles with fruit piled on them and syrup. I went to make myself some eggs while Gloria was on the phone with some woman on her social committee.

"Yes I can be there later today," she said, "I'm just going to clean up here and then head out…I'd forgotten the charity tennis tournament was today. Devlin, remember we both need to be there early"

I sighed and went to the refrigerator to pour myself some orange juice. ` Ruby sat talking with Tiffany at the table and didn't look at me.

"So you want to do some more shopping today?"

Ruby nodded.

"Then we'll head out to the mall after we're done here," Tiffany said, "I'd love to go check out the new summer dresses at Grace's Boutique."

Gloria got off the phone finally.

"Tiffany…you'll need a dress for the midsummer gala," she said, "and one for the barbecue on the Fourth."

"I also need some better shoes," Tiffany said, "My dress shoes are so last year."

"What about you Ruby," Gloria asked, "You getting a new wardrobe?"

She looked up.

"I'm set mostly," she said, "I don't know if I'm going to the gala."

All eyes turned on hers but mine. I knew I'd probably be in town when it happened but was already trying to find ways to get out of it. It'd always been a tradition of mine to sweet talk some young thing into a quiet corner and fuck her but if Ruby wasn't going to be there…

"I might if my boyfriend's in town."

Gloria's eyebrows arched.

"Your boyfriend…why that's great Ruby…is he local?"

I spoke up.

"Gloria…that's her own business…"

Ruby looked at me a moment and then smiled.

"Yes he is…when he's around."

Tiffany chuckled.

"Ruby's finally got one…"

Gloria shot her daughter a look.

"Maybe she's just more careful about choosing one," she said, "Sometimes I worry about you Tiffany."

Tiffany sighed.

"I told you it's over between me and Nick," she said, "Besides he's off with his family in the mountains."

That made me feel relieved. Nick was a no-good punk who sponged off his family and was hoping to add my daughter to the list of women he'd fucked. I knew guys like that and at least this one was out of the picture.

"Chad's taking me out tonight," Tiffany said, "He's a bouncer at the club…he's one good looking man."

"You know you have a curfew," I reminded her, "Make sure you tell him."

She rolled her eyes at me.

"Oh yeah…you should be happy I'm going out tonight," she said, "Give you and mom some alone time…"

Silence filled the room for a moment.

"Ruby you have a hot date tonight don't you," Tiffany said, "with that boyfriend of yours."


She looked up from her waffle.

"He's not in town," she said, "Might be coming back tomorrow or the day after."

Tiffany shook her head.

"Must be tough…to be apart so much," she said, "That'd never work for me…"

Ruby glanced up at me then and smiled. I'd be keeping her busy tonight in the cabana. I just had to find a way to hide it from my wife.

Ruby walked into the entertainment room saying she needed to find her purse. It was lying on the sofa. I'd been watching some baseball.

"So you going to go out and buy yourself something nice?"

She smiled at me but the way she walked, I knew last night had hurt her.


"Going to wear it for him?"

She folded her arms.

"Seriously, what is going on with you two, or maybe it's just you."

"We used to work together," I said, "We're just what you'd call professional rivals."

"Sounds more like it's personal to me…"

I shook my head.

"No, but you need to be careful with a guy like that."

She tilted her face, studying me.

"And I don't have to be with someone like you?"

She looked more than a little perturbed.

"You sore?"

"What do you think…yeah but I wanted it…"

"Yes you did…you even at one point begged didn't you?"

She bit her lip.

"What do you want Devlin?"

"I want to see you again tonight…if you can handle it."

"I can handle anything…but Tiffany will be going out."

"All the better," he said, "My wife won't miss me. She'll probably be out working some dinner for the tennis tourney."

She licked her lips.

"I'll think about it."

But I already knew she'd be there and so she would be.

As I headed out to the tennis club with my wife, my mind was on what would happen tonight. When I'd be introducing Ruby to some of my darkest fantasies.


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