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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I dove into the swimming pool not knowing if he'd follow me. I didn't care at that point, I was furious with him.

But he appeared right next to me as I tread water next to the ladder in the deep end of the pool. The moonlight reflected onto the water in the center, with the pool light illuminating beneath us.

He pushed me against the wall with his weight, the buoyancy of the water helping him trap me there. I couldn't move if I wanted to and I didn't want to…I wanted him to be stronger, to dominate me.

I couldn't think about anything else but I heard his words.

"But tonight it's about what I want…"

I stared at him as he rested his hands on either side of me, kissing my mouth trying to part my lips with his tongue…but to stay afloat was hard enough.

"What do you want…?"

"I want to own you tonight," he said, "and I'm not holding back anymore."

That titillated me; it made me tingle inside with nervousness mixed with excitement. I felt his tongue thrust inside of my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it, sucking it.

"My wife can never know…"

I gasp as he started kissing down my neck.

"I won't tell her…"

His hands slid down to my bikini bottoms.


"Shhh….just relax…you know you want it."

He slipped his hand inside my bikini panties and began caressing the folds of my pussy. I whimpered trying not to sink under the water.

"I can't…not in here…"

"No…not here…but I have to touch you…god…it's been building up for weeks…I need to get the edge off. "

I sighed against him.

"Then why did you push me away?"

"Because I shouldn't be doing this…"

"What are you going to do to me?"

He continued stroking my pussy, the heat of his fingers and the coolness of the pool riled up my senses in ways that I knew I couldn't control.

"Soften you up a bit," he said, "God…it's going to feel so good to get inside of you…but I want you to be wet first…"

"I am wet…we're in a pool."

"That's not what I mean and you know it."

He kissed me again then his fingers fondling me, rubbing my clit which made me bite my lip so hard I thought it might bleed.

"You drove me fucking crazy with those damn pictures…and teasing me like you've been doing," he said, "I jacked off so many times I can't count just imagining what it'd be like to fuck that pussy…I'm so hard right now…"

"I know Devlin…god I need it so bad…please god…I can't stand it…"

He chuckled.

"Easy…we've got all night…and that means hours of fucking and everything else…"

I winced as he slipped a finger inside of me, and my pussy squeezed it.

"Oh god…"

"I know…you're tight…damn…"

"I know…but that doesn't mean I don't want it…"

He slipped another finger inside my wetness, stretching me further.

"Damn…you feel too good…I wish I could fuck you right here…"

I gasped as he pulled his fingers in and out of me.

"Then why don't you?"

He sighed.

"In due time…now I want you to ride my fingers…yes…yes…"

I did as he asked and the delicious friction of his fingers inside of me, unbearable tremors building up inside of me.

"Harder baby harder…you're close…"

"Devlin…god…oh god….I can't…."

"Just imagine what it's going to be like when my cock's inside of you…"

I came then hard against him. He pinned me against the wall and I writhed against him not able to stand the pleasure that rushed through me then.

Then I saw his face and I trembled, both from the rush of my climax and the realization of what I'd done…what I was about to do. Tiffany was supposed to be my friend, she'd always been my best friend and now…I had just been finger fucked by her father in the swimming pool. He and I had crossed lines before this night but…no I had to stop thinking that this was okay.

"Let go of me…"

I pushed against him hard and caught him off guard enough to push him away slightly.

"Ruby what the hell..."

I just stared at him, my pussy still in spasms that shook me from what he just did to me.

"Just get out of my way," I said, pushing him aside and going up the ladder out of the pool. I got out and the warm air brushed against my skin. He followed me up the ladder and before I knew it, I faced him again.

"If Tiffany found out…"

He took one step close to me.

"She'll never know," he said, "No need for her to find out."

I chuckled without mirth.

"She thinks I'm a goody two shoes…"

"We both know better don't we?"

I sighed, knowing that we'd done things already that Tiffany would hate me for if she found out. Damn he had me weak already and I knew in a few moments we'd be inside the cabana.

"I…I…don't think…"

He walked towards me.

"Then don't…"

He slid his arms around my waist and drew me closer to kiss me again. Harder than before as his hands caressed my body, cupping my breasts which pressed hard against the bikini top…wanting to spill over into his hands….the bulge in his swimsuit pressing against the cleft between my legs.

"I need you; it's time to give me my birthday present."

My throat felt dry the way he looked at me then.

"But this is wrong isn't it?"

He shook his head.

"No…my wife…your lover Brock…they aren't here right now…it's just us…"

I nodded and he swooped me off my feet and carried me to the cabana. He set me down while he opened the door and then we went inside, away from everything around us.

"But Brock and I…"

He put a finger on my mouth.

"I don't want to hear what you did with him," he said, "Tonight your pussy is mine and only mine."

He fiddled with the strings on my bikini working them loose and when he drew my bikini over my arms to slide it off, my breasts spilled out. The nipples rosy and hard for him….wanting to be sucked…I breathed faster as he palmed my breasts while he kissed my mouth though I knew his lips would wander...heating up my neck…my collarbone and my breasts. He held my sides while he lavished his tongue on each nipple, toying with it while I whimpered.

"Oh god…I can't…"

I couldn't stand it. Then when I thought my legs would buckle me onto the floor, he stood up again and rested his hands on my hips.

"You like that don't you," he said, "of course you do you little slut…"

"I'm not…"

"Oh yes you are Ruby…you bang Brock to get me to bang you…"

I just stared at him incredulously as he hooked his fingers underneath my bikini bottoms to pull them down.

"You're going to get what you want…"

My bikini bottoms fell to my feet and I stood there, my pussy bare and he fondled it with one of his hands.

"I didn't fuck Brock…"

I gasped the words out as he rubbed my clit, my body wanting to grind against his hand, savoring the sensations he elicited with his touch.

"Bullshit…sit on the bed Ruby…be a good little whore…like you are for him."

I wanted to hit him for that…but my body enjoyed what he did far too much.

"I'm not a whore…"

"Could have fooled me," he said, "the way you tease a man until he can't take it anymore. Did you do that and force his hand?"

Meaning Brock, what was it between the two of them? Must be some past between them I didn't know about…but right now I didn't care. The way his fingers played me…I was about to come again. But he wouldn't let me.

I sat there while buck naked as he pulled down his own bathing suit and his cock, so hard and thick sprung out.

"You need a good fucking…even if you're not a virgin…"

He got closer to me and used his hands to spread my thighs open for him, sliding his hands possessively over my inner thighs. We were face to face as he moved his hands grabbing onto the outside of my knees. He coaxed my legs open even more.

"Come on Ruby…this should be easier for you," he said, "You probably spread your legs open to any guy in town…"

I shook my head.

"No I don't…god no…not even Brock…"

"You can't be with Brock and still be a virgin…"

"But I am…I've never done it with anyone…"

He eased himself between my thighs, his cock nudging my pussy's lips. I rested my hands on the bed behind me, still watching him. Waiting to see what he'd do…

"Oh god…."

He'd thrust his cock inside of me hard, through slick heat but I still tensed. I bit my lip and felt my eyes burn. Damn him. He pulled on my legs to open them up so he could push deeper inside of me. I winced at the discomfort, the friction of his cock rubbing against my untried pussy as he stretched it.

"You like what I'm doing…," he said, pushing me down into the mattress while still inside of me. He pressed me down into the bed with his weight and my knees tried to grab him. But his body had grown slick with exertion, hard for me to hold onto while he braced his hands on either side of me. His cock thrust deeper inside of me, his groin slamming against mine.

"Oh god..Oh…god…oh god…"

I felt his body hard against mine, the way he whispered nasty words in my ear.

He rode me harder, faster and I just lay there, the stinging faded and then the feeling of my pussy grabbing his cock sent shards of heat through me. Then I felt myself wanting to move.

I grabbed onto him as he rutted hard against me, the mattress shaking. I found that if I pushed against him anticipating each thrust, it felt so much better…the pleasure building, building with each stroke.

"You want it harder don't you…course you do…"

He thrust faster, his balls striking me. His body slick against mine, my legs gripping him…and then I felt myself about to come…I needed it so bad…I didn't care that he slammed against me hard…bruising my body.

"Oh Devlin, fuck me harder…damn I need it harder…"

"Ruby squeeze my cock," he said, "I'm so damn close…"

I was closer…I screamed suddenly as waves of pleasure struck me when he quickened the tempo of his movements.

Then a few more thrusts and heat shot through me…and I knew he'd shot me with his cum. He still lay on top of me pinning me to the mattress, his cock buried in my pussy. I winced because now I felt sore.

"So you're a virgin?"

I nodded.

"I was…I told you…I didn't sleep with him."

He rolled off of me pulling me over on top of him, kissing my mouth.

"Damn I thought you were teasing…"

"I wasn't…I don't lie about things like that…Brock and I…well we didn't do it."

"But he wanted to, didn't he?"

I felt irritation fill me.

"What is it between you two," I said, "It's almost like you're in competition for something."

"No…we just used to be friends who worked together," he said, "but now we're business rivals."


He sighed.

"No more questions…all I want to do is fuck you until morning," he said, "You think you can handle that?"

I nodded against him. Once I had a taste of what a man could do to a woman I wanted more and I wanted him. He looked at me putting his hands on my bare ass.

"Next time my little slut; you'll be riding me…"


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