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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I turned a year older but I felt the same. I got up at dawn and then went out for an 8 mile run including hitting the trail at the base of one of the mountains not far away from the house. The switchbacks were relentless one after the other but I knew I was more than fit enough to handle them.

At the top of the trail, I did the exercises I remembered from basic training. My muscles felt tight that morning but had loosened up on the run.

The view from the ridge encompassed the whole town. The sun peeked up above the horizon promising another scorcher of a day.

It would be a hot night too. I had plans for what would happen at my birthday, the celebration that would happen after my family had gone to bed for the night.

What would happen out in the cabana once I got Ruby to join me…the little tease had texted me this morning with a photo of her pussy with a red bow covering it. Oh she was just asking to be fucked tonight and if she thought it wasn't going to happen, she would learn otherwise. But if she sent the text…it looked like she at least wanted to get a rise out of me. She obviously thought I was into playing her little game…of teasing me until telling me no thanks. But no woman had ever teased me and gotten away with it.

I could only be pushed so far. I had limits and Ruby had already pushed me nearly to the edge of them. I finished my exercises, took a long sip out of my water bottle and headed on down the trail. I'd go home and soak in the spa until I had to run the errands that I did when I was home in between assignments.

Then I'd get ready for my birthday party.

She showed up at the barbecue wearing a summer dress, the one I liked so much on her. Low cut on top to flatter her breasts and swirling around her long legs. She wore her hair clipped up and she had brought her swimsuit for later.

Tiffany and she went upstairs to drop her overnight bag off and then spent time up there while I took the steaks out to put on the barbecue. Gloria wanted to make the salad and had the dessert in the refrigerator.

One of Gloria's old friends, Betsy had dropped on over to help with the dessert and Gloria talked her into staying over for dinner. They both hit the wine, pouring it into glasses and sitting in the entertainment room, talking.

I cooked the steaks while Tiffany and Ruby and a few other neighbors sat eating chips and salsa and drinking iced tea by the pool. They talked and laughed about their plans for the summer and whether or not they had to go to summer school.

The food proved to be delicious…the steaks perfect and the younger set ate on the patio while I ate with Gloria, Betsy and other adults in the entertainment room. I had Rhythm and Blues on the stereo and after dinner, we served up some chilled cream pie as desert, ala mode.

Gloria and Betsy already pretty sauced up chatted as they got the plates and served up the dessert.

"Go bring in the used dishes;" Gloria asked me, "We can set them in the water for a bit before washing them."

I went and brought some inside and she plopped them in the sink, while still pouring the wine and talking with Betsy. Tiffany and the others were planning to hit the pool to go swimming, before the sun went down.

Soon they were splashing into the pool and swimming. I headed back into the kitchen to get another beer.

My wife and her friend were still talking.

"Yeah he's never in town long is he," Betsy said, "I did see him the other day."

"Brock's as much into his career as Devlin…even when they worked together..."

Betsy sighed, pouring some more wine.

"He's a hot guy…but I think I'm too old for him now."

I watched Gloria sip her wine…obviously thinking.

"Yes he does like him young I've heard," she said, "He's been seeing Caroline, I used to babysit her."

"Is it serious?"

Gloria shook her head.

"I doubt it…since his divorce, he's been just into the sex," she said, "Though you could do much worse."

Betsy put a hand over her mouth.

"You…oh my god Gloria…it must be the wine…"

Gloria sighed.

"It wasn't that long…Devlin and I had been married and it was just before I got pregnant. He was away so much and so I got lonely."

My body froze as I listened to her.

"Oh my god, did Devlin ever find out?"

"No…he never did and it was only a few times," she said, "It was intense and god, I never got orgasms like that with anyone else…not even…"

I clenched my hands into fists but I just stood there as I listened to my wife confide in her friend about some years ago when she fucked Brock.

Had she fucked him in our house? In our bed when I'd been out of town?

"He's a great lover…not long-term…I mean I'm married but he was what I needed…and I didn't bring him here…we met up at the Lone Star Motel the few times."

"The things you learn…I never had you pegged," Betsy said, "I mean I thought about cheating on Chet when we were married…but he left me first."

"Brock was having problems with his marriage already," Gloria said, "and Devlin was just never home…but right now…everything's going so well…"

Betsy smiled.

"That's good…"

I seethed inside when I listened to Gloria talk about when she had bedded Brock. He and I had been working some assignments together then. I didn't have much memory of his wife but then no one really did…she hadn't been in the picture long. But the images that flashed through my head were of my wife bucked naked, with her legs wrapped around him, moaning as he…I couldn't finish. I also knew I couldn't confront my wife.

After all, I hadn't been an angel during our marriage. I'd nailed every girl that had worked in our household and I hadn't felt guilty about it most of the time. After all, I had needs my wife couldn't begin to meet.

I needed to fuck a woman tonight…and she was outside by the pool in her bikini swimming with the others.

Night fell and the guests began to leave. Betsy finally left though my wife walked her partway. Then she came back and said she didn't feel too well and might retire early. Tiffany had been splashing in the pool for the first time since her accident but had gone into the entertainment room to watch movies with Ruby.

I drank a couple of glasses of Scotch, still going over what I heard my wife confess in my head. I picked up my phone from where I sat in the patio and texted Ruby. I knew she had her phone with her. I asked her to join me outside.

She showed up dressed in her bikini top and a wraparound skirt, over her bikini bottoms.

"Hi…what you want?"

I patted the chair next to me.

"You want a drink?"

She sat down.



She nodded and I poured her a glass and handed it to her. She sipped it slowly.

"Where's Tiffany?"

"She's heading up to bed soon," Ruby said, "She's tired. Me on the other hand…I feel restless."

"You plan on doing anything about it?"

She looked at me, sipping again from her glass.

"Maybe swim some laps…to unwind before I go upstairs."

I imagined her doing that, cutting through the clear water with her body, and swimming across the pool and back again.

"Mind if I watch?"

She shrugged.

"That's all you want to right?"

"Did you fuck him?"

She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Who…you mean Brock…?"

"You know I mean him."

She shook her head.

"That's my business not yours…I've been seeing him….what's it to you anyway? You made it clear nothing's going to happen with you."

My muscles tensed to keep from doing what I wanted to do. She looked at me.

"What's with you anyway," she said, "you look upset."

"I'm not…I'm asking you a question…"

She stood up.

"I'm not answering it…I wanted you Devlin and you pushed me away after giving me a taste of what it could be like…I know you want me…I know where to put my hand right now to make a liar out of you."


"What about the other night when you had me pinned on the rug inside and your wife nearly caught us doing it right there?"

"Fuck my wife… all I can think about is what I want to do to you…"

She looked at me, paying attention.


"No you little tease…you've been giving it to Brock I know you have," I said, "but not tonight…if you're going to open those legs of yours it's going to be for me."

She looked angry at me.

"Screw you Devlin…I've offered, I practically begged you to fuck me," she said, "but you rejected me and I've got another man and now you want me…well fuck you Devlin…I'm going to swim some laps…maybe you'd better go to your wife."

With that, she got up and undid her wraparound, bearing her red bikini bottoms that matched her top. God, she looked gorgeous, even angry as she walked over to the pool and dove right into it…skimming underneath like a fish until she broke up for air. I watched her tread water, her hair slicked back off of her face. She swam a couple laps, her stroke smooth and sure.

Then she broke and headed to a corner in the deep end near the ladder. I made my decision and took off my shirt, and I dove into the pool. The briskness of the water invigorated me as I swam towards her.

She just tread water there waiting.

"You came…"

I looked at her, at her face, the eyes that watched mine and those lips I wanted to taste.

"Oh no…not yet but I will…"

With that, I moved closer to her. She backed away.


I moved closer, backing her into the wall. I knew what I wanted and how I was going to get it. There would be no escape for her and she didn't look like she wanted one.

My hands pinned her there, my body pressed against hers as I lowered my lips to kiss her mouth. Tasting her while the water lapped against us.

"God I want you…you little bitch…"

"Then get me," she said, "I'm here for you…to do whatever you want…"

I pressed against her harder, the bulge in my suit lining up with her pussy wrapped in her bikini.

"If only you knew…you'd swim away fast."

She didn't budge.

"Try me…I'll decide what I want…when I want it."

"So you think…," I said, "But tonight it's about what I want…"

She trembled as I slid my tongue past her lips inside her mouth.


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