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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I saw her at the nursery the next day, while dropping by to pick up some more fertilizer for the new rose bushes. The kind that Gloria told me they needed to look as pretty as she wanted. But I knew that Ruby would be there working.

She wore her hair in a thick ponytail and a salmon pink shirt beneath her denim overalls. A row of shelves was waiting for her to fill them with a new shipment of vines, morning glories, passions and others that had just arrived. She had a bottle of water next to her as the morning had started out hot. Summer was most definitely here.

I ran into her when she went to the vending machine to fetch a cola advertised as being ice cold. She put in her money to get the drink, snapped the cap off and then took a big sip of it. Her full lips wrapped around the opening of the bottle, clearly enjoying the taste. I could think of other things I'd rather she be sucking than on a cola bottle.

She looked up and saw me a couple yards away and after wiping her mouth with a hand, she smiled.

"Hi Devlin…"

"Hi Ruby…"

She licked her lips after taking another sip.

"What do you need?"

A loaded question if there was one.

"I mean besides me…because you didn't want me."

"Ruby…you're a lovely girl, very sexy…but it's not easy to keep secrets in this town."

She started to nod…she must know already. She would find that to be the case with her and Brock. Caroline might be in London but that didn't mean she didn't have friends here who might tell her what her boyfriend was doing while she was gone.

"I'm also very horny Devlin and I want to take care of that with someone," she said, "and what's the crime in doing that? I'm a grown woman and I want a man's attention."

"I can see that," I said, "after all, I know what that pussy feels like. I know what it tastes like."

She looked away for a moment and I knew what I said had affected her which is what I wanted. I wanted to keep the ante up with her.

"But you don't know what it's like to fuck it do you?"

I felt my body tighten at her words.

"Does Brock?"

She didn't answer. She just sipped her cola again and I watched her lips caress the glass as she tipped her head back to drink.

"None of your business Devlin…"

"He's just wants to get you into his bed."

She snorted.

"At least somebody does…and knows what it means to follow through."

She had a mocking tone when she said that and I wanted to push her against the wall behind her and pin her there with my body as I showed her how hard she made me. I'd kiss her mouth so thoroughly, she'd be left breathless.

I knew I couldn't hold back but I had to, until I had her exactly where I wanted her.

For now, I just walked away from her and went to grab the bags of fertilizer and pay for them in the front of the store.

Tiffany and Ruby were out chatting by the pool again, looking at magazines. Ruby in another bikini, pink this time and high cut in the legs. Her body had tanned since she'd been back and she still wore her hair back in that ponytail.

I wanted her hair loose around her shoulders when I fucked her. I searched on the internet for what I needed to order. Some of them would be by express mail, a few necessities. I used a credit card my wife didn't know about that I'd taken out recently.

Their conversation drifted my way as if they didn't bother to hide it.

"That dress looked awesome on you," Tiffany said, "You should wear it when you go to the club to meet some guys."

Ruby shrugged.

"I already know when I want to wear it," she said, "Brock wants me to go dancing when he comes back from his latest gig."

"He's a hot looking guy," Tiffany said, "So how was last night…you never did tell me about it."

Ruby paused.

"It was…fun…I love spending time with him," she said, "I…well…"

I didn't hear the rest of it but Tiffany reacted.

"Get out of town," she said, "I didn't think you'd ever do that."

"Well I did…and I think he liked it a lot," Ruby said, "The way he acted…if my mother hadn't had one of her friend's crash at the house…he would have stayed the night."

I reacted to that, stopping my research. I knew Brock worked fast with a woman but Ruby had been serious when she'd said she would fuck him.

"I'm seeing him when he gets back," Ruby said, "he wants to go out to dinner first when he returns."

Tiffany smiled.

"Pick some place nice…private," she said, "I'm sure he doesn't want this to get back to what's her name overseas."

"He doesn't seem to worry about her when he's with me."

"That's because he's thinking with his cock," Tiffany reasoned, "not with his brain. He's looking for a diversion to keep him busy while she's away."

"That works for me," Ruby said, "We got school in the fall and we'll be leaving. The perfect time to just have some fun…"

I went into the house and saw that my wife had arrived and was unloading some groceries in the kitchen.

"Just stuff for your dinner…the steaks were on sale."

I went to go get myself another beer.

"So Brock's back in town," Gloria said, "I saw him at the store. He said that Caroline…his girlfriend's due back in September."

I flipped the tab on the beer and drank from it.

"We should have him over for dinner," she continued, "when he gets back to town from his trip."

"He's probably very busy."

"I know that and he's very intense," Gloria said, "but it'll be good…I'm sure he's seeing someone."

My brows went up.

"What makes you say that?"

Gloria paused.

"He always does…when his girlfriend's not around," she said, "I remember when he was married."

I sipped my beer again. What was Gloria getting at here?

"It didn't last long before they split up."

"It was over a woman I bet…"

I looked at her sharply.

"It was work, it's hard for a woman to keep up with a guy like him," I said, "He's always been married to his career."

She smiled.

"And you haven't," she said, "I'm lucky I have my life to keep me busy because you're gone most of the time."

She didn't seem upset about it. She just put the groceries away, each item in its proper place.

"Even when you're here…you seem still gone…"

I bristled at that. I'd paid attention to my wife when I've been home. She just kept a busy calendar and didn't seem to think that my being home was enough to ease up on it. We both had our separate lives after 20 or so years of marriage.

"What does that mean?"

She looked at me a moment and then shook her head.

"Nothing…it's silly…we've both got such busy lives and with the kids nearly grown up, it's just natural to feel a little distant sometimes."

So what was the problem? Why had she brought it up?

"I'll give Brock a call and see if he wants to come to dinner when he returns," she said, "He can bring someone if he wants."

I frowned.

"I don't think that's appropriate with his girlfriend out of town do you?"

Gloria just looked at me.

"It's hardly any of our business," she said, "Besides I've known him almost as long as you have and I enjoy his company."

I didn't want the man who wanted to fuck Ruby inside my house. She'd been seeing him since I had turned her away. The thought of him running his hands over her soft skin as he kissed that saucy little mouth of hers, the image of him in between her legs while he buried his cock inside of her…no that wasn't going to happen. I told myself there were other women, young eager women in town who could ease my ache but what I wanted was her.

Suddenly she was there wearing her bikini and nothing else. Her breasts nestled in her top and the bottom clinging to her pelvis.

"Tiffany wants to know if she can go with me to the club tonight."

Gloria looked at Devlin.

"I don't see why not…she's going to get her stitches out tomorrow."

Ruby smiled.

"I'll make sure she doesn't get too wild…We just both want to kick back and listen to some good music. There's a new band there tonight."

Gloria smiled.

"Sounds like a plan."

Ruby looked at me.

"I'm alone tonight too," she said, "My boyfriend's out of town and I need her to keep me from being naughty."

I wondered how my wife would react to that but she just smiled.

"I know what that's like," she said, "Sure…just make sure Tiffany doesn't overexert herself. It's easy to get caught up in all the activity."

"Tiffany needs to be back by midnight," I said looking at her.

Ruby nodded.

"Sure thing…I don't think I'll stay out late myself," she said, "I know I've only been going out with this guy a couple of times but I miss him, you know what I mean?"

Gloria nodded.

"Ah young love…"

I groaned inwardly, knowing that what was going on between Ruby and Brock had nothing to do with innocent love.

"Thanks for understanding Gloria."

She turned around and left without giving me a glance.

"Ruby's so sweet don't you think," Gloria said, "Tiffany's lucky to have such a thoughtful friend."

I just sipped my beer, my hard on mercifully hidden by my pants. But just the sight of her in that bikini and the thought of peeling it off while she lay, tied up and begging me to forgive her for acting the slut…I just finished my beer and went back outside to finish my orders while my wife started dinner.


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