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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Brock showed up on time to my house bringing takeout from the fried chicken place. He wore some fatigues and a button up shirt as if he'd been out training. Only he looked like he had shaved.

I told him I had cold beers in the frig. He put the food on the counter and I stood before him in my faded jeans and tee-shirt, from a Rolling Stones concert.

"I just got back," I said, "didn't feel like dressing up tonight."

He of course looked impressive with his muscular build sheathed by clothing.

"I had to do some obstacle course time," he said, "to keep myself sharp."

I didn't ask for what. Like Devlin, there were parts of his life he'd never share or talk about and that was fine with me.

"Was it hard?"

I meant the course but the way he looked at me then. I felt my skin flush as he smiled slowly.

"Yes…a part of it," he said, "but it keeps me honest."

We sorted through the food and put it on plates I pulled out of the cabinets before we went out onto the patio to eat enjoying the fading sunlight. He ate like he enjoyed his food and I enjoyed it too, finding it much better than nachos.

"I had to see you again."

I smiled at him, chewing a bite of some delicious baked chicken.


"You're a very pretty girl Ruby," he said, "and I want to get to know you much better."

I sipped my beer.

"I gathered that after you did to me in the car," I said, "God…the way I felt…you sure know how to treat a woman."

He smiled.

"You're really something to watch," he said, "The way you're not shy about coming from what I did."

"Any reason why I should be…?"

He looked at me clearly amused.

"No…I like it a lot," he said, "I look forward to giving you more reasons to show me."

Damn he knew the right things to say didn't he? I grabbed some potato wedges and dipped them in the sauce.

"But what about you," I asked, "What do you like? What do you want?"

He leaned back in his chair.

"I want a lot Ruby…I'm a pretty demanding guy," he said, "but I promise, you'll enjoy it too."

That sent tremors through me, it made me nervous but excited me too and I found the combination of the two intoxicating.

"I want to have fun Brock," I said, "I've been good for too long…don't know why. But I want to change that this summer."

His smile widened.

"I can definitely help you there Ruby," he said, "I'm not always going to be in town. Work keeps me quite busy but when I'm here…we can find ways to get what we both want."

It seemed strange talking to him like this…much different than dealing with Devlin who didn't seem as interested in what I had to say. He had pushed me away after all even though I knew he wanted me.

We watched some action movie in the den on the couch but it was only a little while before our attention focused on each other. I couldn't help myself, a man looking as fine as he did right in my house.

He kissed me on the mouth already exploring me with his tongue as I slid my arms around him, pulling him closer to me. His tongue coaxed my lips apart and I tasted him. I tried to work my hands beneath his shirt but he reached mine first.

"I want to see what you got for me."

Then his hands were stroking my bare skin, and it charged through me. I started to take off my shirt but he stopped me.

"Let me do it…"

He slid it off soon enough over my head leaving me in my camisole, my breasts already aching for his hands. He rested them on them and pressed gently while he kissed me harder. Then he started to peel it off.

"Your shirt…"

I started unbuttoning it but I wasn't nearly as good as it. God I wanted to touch every inch of him with my hands, and my mouth. My pussy ached as I slipped my hands beneath his shirt and felt his shirt. He sighed as my hands explored the muscles of his chest and toyed with some springs of hair I felt. Silky soft and yet his body felt hard.

Then suddenly he pulled me up to my feet as he stood. I just looked at him as he caressed my hair back and kissed me again, tasting of mint and spice from the chicken. I wanted him to strip me naked then and ease my ache but he put a finger on my mouth.

"I want you to unzip my pants…"

I looked at him, so aroused yet puzzled.


"That mouth of yours is so sweet…god but I want those lips of yours around my cock."

I widened my eyes knowing exactly what he wanted. He wanted me to go down on him, to suck him off. I licked my lips wondering where to start.

"Just unsnap my pants and pull the zipper down," he said, "Don't tell me you've never sucked a man's cock before."

There were still things I'd never done with a man though the list had grown shorter. But I didn't want to advertise that I didn't know everything.

"Course I have."

He looked at me with some skepticism but I knew he didn't care. I reached for the front of his pants and undid them. After I did that, I tugged them down and he had to help me with that. The pants moved down his muscular thighs and dropped to his feet. He stood there with his bulge sheathed by some black briefs.

"Touch me there…"

I reached out with my fingers to cup his bulge and he groaned, it felt large as I palmed it and then I pulled his briefs down. My eyes widened, damn he was hung not that I was any expert but his cock had hardened and its girth so thick. It stood out from a cloud of dark hair and I could see where his dusky colored balls hung. I knew what to do with my hands so I grabbed it with one of them on the shaft, wrapping my fingers around it.

"You like it?"

I nodded, as I explored him with both of my hands. Damn he felt thicker than I knew what to do with, his cock hardened against my hand and I had the urge to taste its head with my tongue. I knew I'd like it. I stroked him, his shaft like I knew how to do and the way he sounded; how his body stiffened I knew he liked it.

"God Ruby you got nice hands…"

I looked at him feeling a little naughty.

"Nothing nice about them," I said, "I want to make you come."

"Then down on your knees," he said, "Suck me off…my cock needs some good loving."

I knelt using him for balance, until his cock was where I wanted it, where my mouth could explore him further. I took hold of it again in one hand and moved my mouth to lick the tip of him with my tongue.


He growled at that and I then used my tongue to trace around the purplish head of his cock, finding it salty including what I knew was pre-cum. I did that and he groaned in response, his hands dropping down to my head to hold me but he didn't need to do that. I wanted to suck him cock with my mouth.

I slid my mouth further down, holding the head of his cock snugly between my lips and then sucked gently. His hands clenched my hair, tugging on it. I sucked harder, the head of his cock sliding completely in my mouth.

He sighed louder then and I knew I was getting him off. I slid my mouth further down almost as if I was fucking him with my mouth. It felt strangely different, more personal than anything I'd done with a man before…even more than if his cock had been inside my pussy?

"I need it…harder Ruby…oh….your sweet mouth…"

I rode his cock with that mouth, my lips keeping my teeth from biting. My free hand reaching to fondle his balls because I had read in a magazine that men liked that. I toyed with them, playing while my mouth slid up and down his erection. Having to stretch wider than was comfortable but the fullness of him inside my mouth made me heady. I moved slow and leisurely at first…almost teasing him to see how he'd react…how much he wanted it and me.

"Harder…god harder…"

So I picked up the tempo and I knew he was getting aroused…his balls started hugging his cock tighter.

"You want to taste me?"

I responded by sliding him out of my mouth to his head and suckling on it, tasting the saltiness and then sliding my mouth back down. Soon after, I felt the movement of his cock inside my mouth and warm liquid spewed down my throat almost faster than I could taste it.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth and left to get me a towel from the bathroom to wipe it with, where I felt it dripping. I wanted to lick him off of my skin.

"Some women don't like that but you do…"

I nodded as he helped me on my feet and we sank back on the couch.

"So how do you feel?"

I asked him that as I heard him breathing quickly.

"You've got a sexy mouth Ruby," he said, "but now it's your turn…"

He maneuvered me against him.

"It might take us a few minutes," he said, "I came pretty hard inside that sweet mouth."

I wanted him to fuck me suddenly…a primal feeling almost to describe it filled me and my body tingled with it…my pussy felt slick on my panties. I stroked his face with my fingers.

"I want that cock inside of me."

He smiled.

"That's my plan…I'm not leaving without knowing what that's like."

Then my phone vibrated and I thought, what if it were Devlin texting me again? I moved against him.

"I'd better check that."

But when I was able to grab my phone and my eyes widened. It was my mother telling me that one of her friends had flown in and would be spending the night at the house. Would I be a good daughter and let her in when she arrived? Damn her and her interruptions into my life.

I sighed.

"You have to go Brock," I said, "She'll be here soon."

He got up and adjusted his clothes, much sooner than I wanted. I put my hands on his chest kissing him.

"I'm sorry Brock…my mother she does this sometimes…"

He shrugged.

"It's all right…we'll have plenty of time to hit the sheets. Next time, you can come to my place and stay the night."

I nodded. God I wanted him so much now I ached to the point that nothing would satisfy it except him. But after he left, I waited for my mother's friend to arrive knowing that I'd see him again.


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