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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I saw her sitting with Tiffany by the pool keeping her company the next day. They were sipping glasses of iced tea and eating some nachos that they'd heated up in the microwave. The day had burned hot and Ruby had shown up dressed up in faded denim shorts and a tank top that hugged her breasts. A bare strip of creamy skin was visible beneath her top. Damn, she had to know she could drive a guy crazy dressed like that.

Of course the little minx knew. She'd done it on purpose. After all, she had told me that she had planned to spend her vacation from college fucking a man. When I had pushed her away, I knew she had gone to Brock.

I was sitting underneath the shade of the balcony on the upper floor working on my laptop. Ruby had breezed past me with Tiffany, a smile on her lips and a simple friendly greeting.

Just as if I were her best friend's father and she were being nice. But I knew enough to know there wasn't much that was nice about her. Naughty definitely but nice…and those long tanned legs of hers as she walked by, all I could think about was them wrapped around my own legs squeezing them. If Tiffany weren't here…but my daughter called the house her prison as she recovered from her head injury. But a couple days from now the stitches would come out and she'd be back to being herself.

"So Ruby how was your date last night?"

That caught my attention. I knew she'd gone out with Brock and I knew when she'd returned home. I also knew they spent some time together in his parked car before she'd left him to go back into her house. How I knew…I didn't want to get into that. Let's just say there are certain skills in my job description that come in handy outside of it.

"Did you fuck him?"

My daughter's matter of fact question surprised me but Ruby just smiled, as she sipped her tea.

"No…well not with his cock anyway."

Tiffany's eyes widened and she chuckled.

"Oh my god…he…wow…Somehow when I think of Brock…maybe it's all appearances."

Ruby just shrugged in that coy way of hers.

"I'll be seeing him again," she said, "He's so good with his hands and I'm sure with other parts of him."

"So you'll get rid of your virginity at last?"

Ruby narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not the prude you think I am Tiffany…"

Not by a long shot, I thought sitting with my computer. If my daughter only knew what Ruby and I had been doing when she got hurt…but she could never, ever know the truth. When I fucked Ruby, it would just be between the two of us.

"I didn't say it," Tiffany said, "but come one, you spent your whole first year of college without losing it so I was beginning to wonder…"

"Don't…but I enjoyed going out with him," Ruby said, "Brock's one hot guy."

"Sounds like it…damn I got to find me someone to finger fuck me for starters…"

I sighed listening to Tiffany. No father liked to think about his daughter having sex and I was no exception. I know she was growing up but still…

"We're out of iced tea…."

Ruby got up.

"I'll go up and get some more okay?"

Tiffany nodded and picked up a magazine to read. Ruby had dropped her off a stash from home. She said something about how her mom subscribed to most of the celebrity rags but was never home long enough to read them.

I watched her leave and walk into the house and I counted down from when I'd get up from my chair and join her.

I saw her in the kitchen pouring tea into a pitcher from where it had steeped. She went to get some ice from the refrigerator.

She saw me and smiled, brushing a tendril of hair off of her face.



"What are you doing here?"

"It's my house…I came in to get a beer."

She nodded.

"I guess you are needing to cool off," she said, "It's sure hot out there today."

"It's warm in here," I said, "So how are things going?"

She smiled.

"I'm seeing someone…you might know him. Brock…"

That got a rise out of me but I acted the cool professional. I was good at hiding my emotions to the point where I'd been asked if I had any.

"Yes I do…he's seeking a woman named Caroline. She's quite nice."

"He's not married to her."

She looked at me pointedly when she said that.

"Devlin…you told me you didn't want it…the other night. The problem is, I do want it and I had a good time with him."

"You plan on seeing him again?"

She nodded.

"Yeah tonight…we're going to the movies."

He smiled.

"At my place…"

I didn't like the sound of that and my muscles tightened. But I knew how to work her in ways she'd never see.

"You are coming to my birthday party aren't you?"

She nodded.

"Brock's going to be out of town again…"

"For a couple of days," she said, "Business. You know how that works."

I got myself that beer I needed and popped the tab. She just smiled at me in that way of hers…made a man's cock harden.

"You know Devlin…It doesn't have to be like this," she said, "We could be upstairs in your bed right now and having much more fun than right now."

"We can't…not with Tiffany outside."

"Didn't bother you the other night?"

"That's different."

"I want to fuck you," she said, "but you don't want me. And Brock…he's a sexy guy knows what a woman wants when she wants it."

"You fucked him yet?"

She smiled.

"That's none of your business is it?"

Oh she liked to play the tease but I knew he hadn't gotten into her pants yet, beyond the finger fucking she casually mentioned to Tiffany out by the pool.

"You haven't…or you wouldn't be here."

"I'm here spending time with Tiffany."

I chuckled.

"No…you're here to try to tempt me into changing my mind aren't you?"

She just remained silent. Her lips slightly parted, I imagined my tongue finishing the job, sliding inside of her hot mouth. But once I started kissing her, I'd never stop there. I didn't want my daughter wandering in and seeing her father fucking her best friend against the kitchen counter.

No, better to wait and then take what was mine…

"It's been nice but Tiffany's probably wondering where I am now."

I sipped my beer as she moved past me outside to the pool area.

By the time I got back to the pool area, Ruby was just getting out of the pool in a blue bikini with gold trim. It cut nicely across her figure and she walked, water dripping off of her back to her lounge chair.

"I wish I could swim…"

"Two more days until you get your stitches right…?"

Tiffany nodded.

"The day of my dad's birthday," she said, "I haven't gotten his present yet but what do you get someone like him anyway? I don't know anyone else with a father that has so many secrets because of his work."

"I have to get him something too."

I know what I wanted from Ruby. I wanted her gift wrapped in some silky lingerie trimmed with lace. I'd rip it off of her body just before I'd enjoy my present. I wasn't feeling nearly as patient as I needed to be with her.

My phone buzzed.

"What do you want for your birthday?"

I glanced over at her but she was talking to Tiffany.

"I need to go shopping," Ruby said, "I need something special…for Brock."

Tiffany nodded.

"We can go tomorrow afternoon," she said, "I need something to do and you only work half day right?"

Ruby nodded.

"So let's do it," Tiffany said, "I need something nice for the party. I'm thinking of hooking up with Chad."

"Okay we'll head to some of the boutiques before we hit the big stores."

I knew that Ruby would be shopping for Brock. That what she bought she would wear for him unless I pulled off what I had planned accordingly. The night of my party I had plans for her and I to do some very private celebrating in the cabana…I had her all but convinced that I wasn't going to fuck her. But I knew from the text, she still wanted it.

"So you'll come over early and help us set up the party?"

Ruby nodded.

"Yeah and I'll stay over the night," she said, "We can have a slumber party."

Not if I had anything to do about it. But my mind had been working on exactly what was going to happen that night. After Tiffany and my wife retired for the night leaving just Ruby and me. If Ruby thought she'd still be a virgin…better to let her think that. I reached for my phone.

"You know we can't…as much as I want it."

I didn't look to see her reaction because I pretty much knew what she'd thinking. She'd guess that what I wanted for my birthday was her cherry…but what she didn't know was how I planned to get it.

She left later on to go get ready for her date with Brock. I knew she'd be seeing him again. After all, they'd spent some time together in his car last night. I knew Brock too and I knew he wanted her in his bed. What Caroline didn't know, wouldn't matter. In some ways, he was a lot like me. Only he wasn't getting what I wanted.

No way in hell.

I went into the shower and rinsed the grime off of me as I grabbed my cock and started stroking it hard and thick. It brushed my abs as I pulled on it, closing my eyes. Imaging what it'd be like to have that little minx where I wanted her, her legs opened, her pussy waiting for me to fuck it. I'd rock against her on the bed under the moonlight while the rest of the house slept. Her pussy would squeeze me, so snug and tight as I fucked her. I'd silence her cries so the world couldn't hear us.

Just our secret between the two of us.


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