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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Tiffany sighed as they walked into the boutique together. The new dresses had come in off the truck that morning and she went to pick up Ruby at the nursery so they could check them out.

Ruby needed a nice dress and she fancied the blue cocktail dress right away. Pulling it off the rack, she draped it over herself to see how it'd look in front of the mirror.

"So fucking hot girl," Tiffany said, "You've got the right figure for it…I on the other hand…"

Ruby thought her friend looked just fine but Ned her current boyfriend was being such a prick by comparing her to other women around her. That left Tiffany feeling self-conscious and Ruby wanting her to kick him to the curb.

"Where you wearing the dress…?"

Ruby shrugged.

"Maybe out to dinner if I ever get a date."

Tiffany chuckled as she checked out a red number on one of the circular racks.

"You're too damn picky girl," she said, "You just need to get over that and find someone."

Ruby sighed as she went to look at the lingerie section for some to match her dress. It wasn't like that at all. She just couldn't tell Tiffany the truth. If she did, then her friend would disown her, after calling her a laundry list of names like slut, tramp, bitch, harlot and home wrecker.

Ruby did have a lover and it just happened to be Tiffany's father, Devlin. It'd been two week since he'd deflowered her in the cabana by the pool at their house after she offered herself up as his birthday present.

Complete with a photo of herself bucked naked except for a red silky bow over her pussy. The part of her that had gotten his attention...and kept it…. After that first night, she'd left the cabana first and slipped through the night back up to the bedroom she shared with Tiffany on the sleepover. She'd changed out of her swimsuit, cleaning up and then sliding under the covers while her friend slept…her body throbbing from what she'd done.

She hadn't seen Devlin again right away. She'd been a bit sore after all that vigorous activity in the cabana and he'd been busy.

They'd texted though, naughty stuff about what they wanted to do to each other, and this morning she'd sent a photo of herself in her sheer nightie without panties. Setting up the camera had been easy.

"I think I'll take the red dress do you like it?"

Ruby nodded.

"Yeah and if Ned doesn't like it, find a guy who does."

Tiffany laughed and went to go try it on. Ruby grabbed some blue panties and a sheer bra that didn't hide much. That suited her fine.

"Hey baby…I miss you…I'm thinking of you right now at my desk."

"I'm buying a new dress and lingerie for you…you free tonight so I can do a private show?"

A brief pause followed.

"Yes…a motel…we'll get a room…I've got until night…"

"I'm shopping. Almost done….give me details…I'll meet you…"

He sent her an email with the motel, and instructions. She'd park a block away and then walk where he'd have a room waiting. Her body trembled with excitement as she read the email as Tiffany came out of the dressing room.

She couldn't wait to see him, she thought as she paid for her items.

She'd walked into the motel room and saw him standing there by the queen sized bed. The room was simply furnished with a dresser and desk and chair. He walked over to the entertainment center and turned on some soft jazz.

The shades were drawn she noticed. Better that way…the small town they lived, there were walls that talked. And if anyone found out…it'd be all over town in a flash. Damn that she couldn't let that stop her but she wanted him so badly. She wanted Devlin in between her legs making her climax…like he had the night in the cabana.

Right now he stared at her as if he couldn't believe she'd shown up.

"I'm here Devlin…"

He sighed as he watched her approach him not saying anything.

"I shouldn't be…god I mean Tiffany's been a great friend but I couldn't stop myself…I had to see you…I want you so much…I hurt."

Devlin smiled.

"You're very pretty in that dress."

She looked down at what she wore for him. Silky blue fabric that clung to her and fell to above her knee…in a naughty way. But just for being here…no she wouldn't think about that…just how good he made her feel and how much she wanted him.

"I just picked it up…for you…"

He chuckled.

"It'll just be coming off," he said, "I can't wait to see what's underneath it…and touch you."

"You've seen it Devlin…your hands have been over every inch of me…and your cock…"

She saw his eyes react to what she said but during that night in the cabana…he'd fucked her in different ways, and she'd knelt on the shag carpet and slipped her mouth around his cock and sucked him…until she'd tasted him. Then he'd fucked all over again on the carpet.

Somewhere that night, as she lay down, he'd tongued her pussy until she begged for release. She cried out as she climaxed…just the memory shook her now. What she'd done without Tiffany being any the wiser…her screams went unheard by the sleeping world.

"I want to do it all over again Ruby," he said, "and I'm going to do it."

She sighed giving him a hard time.

"Promises, promises Devlin," she said, "Men like you always make promises like that to women to get lucky…"

He approached her.

"How would you know," he said, "I'm the only one in your bed."

She shook her head.

"You're just the first."

He laughed at her then and then moved close enough to grab her shoulders and kiss her on the mouth as if he owned her. His lips caressed her gently at first and then, when she slipped her arms around him, he kissed her more aggressively. She felt him kiss around her lips, flirting with them before he returned to trying to part them with his own and damn, she felt her resolve weakening. She moaned as his mouth broke away.

"Oh Ruby, don't tease me like that or I'll…"

She just looked at him innocently.

"Or what…?"

He kissed her, tracing her mouth with his tongue…when he did that it made her weaken, her legs become rubbery. She pulled him closer to the bed but he put his hands on her head to kiss her more thoroughly, until she started breathing more quickly.

"I'll punish you…"

She kissed him this time, her tongue probing at his lips to separate them. His lips parted and she skimmed his teeth with her tongue.

"And how are you going to do that?"

He slipped his hand on her thighs to ease her dress up them slowly. She didn't stop him but kept kissing him.

"I'm going to push you on that bed and fuck that pussy so hard…so fast…"

His words intoxicated her, excited her as he coaxed her dress up to her ass. Then he looked at her startled as he grabbed her ass.

"Where your panties…?"

She shrugged.

"Oh I'm not wearing any…"

His hands scorched her bare ass as he drew her closer to him. She sighed as she worked on his own buttons, frantically tugging at each one…until she could open up his shirt to expose his chest. He slipped a hand in between her thighs where she knew he'd find wetness.

"My little slut...you really want it bad."

She arched her brow.

"I'm not your anything," she said, "I'm here just to fuck you Devlin…and you'd better show me what you got or…I might have to pull down those pants and suck your cock to get you started."

He growled…because he'd been driven to distraction by her mouth and she knew she wouldn't be leaving the motel without going down on him. But for now…she backed into the bed and got on it to wait for him.

Watching her he pulled off his own pants followed by his briefs over his powerful thighs…showing off his very hard cock.

She tilted her face as she watched him.

"Ruby…you're making me horny…like that."

"I want to ride you," she said, "I want your cock deep inside of me while I ride you hard and wet."

He groaned at her description and lay back on the bed while she straddled him. She lowered herself on his erection allowing it to fill her…her pussy hugged it as she slid more of it in her body.

"Put your hands on my shoulders…"

She did that and damn, he placed his hands on her thighs to guide her thrusts, up and down, her ass flexing as she rode his shaft. It felt too much…too much sensation at once…she gasped as she pushed down on him…then pulled up with him guiding her.

Looking down at his face, she saw the lust in his eyes…and she thought god what am I doing with him, in a motel hidden away…? Like it's some dirty secret…the fact that she fucked a man who was the father of her best friend…and no one knew.

"Oh god Devlin…I…I…"

"You feel so damn good Ruby," he said, "just keep going…I want it hard baby…hard as you got…"

She rutted against him, rode his shaft as he held onto her thighs.

"How badly you want it?"

She had been so close to the edge but she got off of him and started to move away. He was on her in a flash, pinning her to the bed, grabbing her wrists. She gasped as he bucked his hips and thrust his cock inside of her pussy.

"Badly Ruby…now I'm not letting you go…until I'm done."

He bucked against her pressing her into the bed, as he fucked her, his cock slamming into her pussy with each movement. She sucked in her breath until his next thrust pushed her back against the bed. He grunted as his body pressed against hers, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Harder… I need it harder…give it to me," she said, "I…need…I need you to…"

She couldn't say the word but he seemed to understand because he slapped one of his hands over her mouth sealing it.

"You're a slut Ruby…and you're getting what you have coming…"

Her pussy clenched his cock as he thrust it in harder, stretching her as his cock slid back in her.

"No…I'm good….I'm very good…"

Her words were muffled because of his hand and he looked into her eyes.

"Shut the fuck up…or I'll punish you…"

He picked up the tempo and she squeezed him harder with his legs…excitement filling her as he slammed into her.

"No…don't….I…I…behave…I won't tease you…."

He sighed as he pressed her body into the mattress. She felt the friction of his cock rubbing her increase…the warmth spreading through her body. Her legs tightly around him as he drove his cock inside her.

"You're going to get yourself fucked if you do it again…you wear another skimpy outfit like that dress."

She wiggled beneath him, but he still sealed her mouth and his body on hers…he moved to hold her fast beneath him.

"You look damn sexy when you spread your legs," he said, "Made me so hard and horny…that pussy waiting for my cock."

She felt her body quake as the pleasure tore through her as he bucked his hips, and she tried to grab him.

"Oh my….oh I…..ahhhh…."

She felt him climax and they rode it out together, and he grabbed hold of her.

"Damn you're so fucking hot," he said, "but you've got to stop with worrying about what other people think."

She sighed trying to get her breathing back to normal.

"I can't…I mean what if Tiffany found out…what about your wife?"

"They won't…I'll make sure of that," Devlin said, "but we've got a great thing going here…I'm not giving it up…"


"My wife and I…we don't sleep together much…she's so damn busy…I'm busy and I'm going stir crazy…"

She listened to the frustration in his voice.

"I need this…and you're so damn beautiful and willing."

She stroked his arm as they lay together.

"I know…but Tiffany, god if she found out…"

Devlin looked at her, before he rolled over on her, placing himself between her splayed thighs. He kissed her and knew in a few minutes, his cock would harden against her. But she wanted it, she couldn't walk away from him.

As long as they were in the motel, they could forget about everyone else….except each other.


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