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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I texted Brock to say I'd meet him at the diner tonight after work. After I had sorted out the last shelf of plants, I took off to head on home to my empty house to get ready for my date with him. My mom had headed off to Vegas with her latest boyfriend so I would be home alone. I cranked up some classic rock CDs in the stereo and then took a shower. I had felt grimy most of the day, but the dirt of the nursery washed away as I thought about what it'd be like to spend an evening with Brock.

My mind still lingered on Devlin who hadn't contacted me since the nursery. But then I had to move on with my summer even if it meant he wouldn't be getting into my panties. Brock clearly had been interested in me when I talked with him so I looked forward to tonight.

Tiffany had called me saying she was bored silly sitting by the pool and not being able to get wet. She wanted me to drive on over and keep her company but I nixed that. I didn't want to spend the evening looking at her father and not being able to touch. I don't know why he'd gone all cold on me so suddenly. I knew he felt guilty about not being there to stop his daughter's accident because he was with me. But accidents happened and Tiffany had more than her share of them. She'd always been a bit reckless that way, daring fate which meant she probably took after him.

I had laid out my clothing on the bed. All casual of course, just a summer dress with small flowers on it, that hugged my body in ways that I knew Brock would like a lot. Some sandals that slipped on and underneath, just a little light blue bra and panties…lace that felt nice against my skin. I fixed my hair so that it curled around my shoulders and then I left the house.

The diner was only five blocks away, one of the town's older buildings that had been restored as part of a grant by its owners. I saw what looked like his car there and headed on inside. He sat in a booth talking with a waitress who laughed at what he said, and flirted with him. When she saw me, she just came on over after a moment and just handed me a menu.

I went to join him and damn if he didn't look hot wearing what he wore at the nursery. He smiled at me as I sat across from him. His cologne smelled nice like the rest of him.

"You look very nice."

I smiled back at him.

"You think so…"

"I said looked nice," he said, "I'll find out how nice you are later."

I sipped my water.

"You sound very sure of yourself."

He stroked his jaw line with a couple of fingers studying me carefully. In that way, he reminded me of Devlin.

"I have to be in my line of work," he said, "So I take it with me in all areas of my life."

Oh…I knew his job was similar to what Devlin did meaning that he left town a lot and couldn't talk about it much when he returned. Both of them worked security but the kind that was needed in other places, faraway places. Had it left Brock as rough around the edges as with Devlin? I tingled inside wanting to find out.

Face it, Devlin had shied away from me for all his talk of taking what would be his and fucking me. Whether it had been because of his wife and daughter I don't know but he had nixed taking anything further with me. But he'd primed me up so that my body needed it. Tiffany had been right in that the summer was a perfect time to just let go and fool around with a man. Three months of no strings attached sex and then head back to school in the autumn with some hot memories.

"So you are seeing anyone?"

I blinked my eyes suddenly. Was I? I shook my head slowly.

"Not at the moment."

That certainly was true. He seemed pleased with my answer.

"Why? You want to see me?"

He smiled.

"Yes I do Ruby…I want to do a lot more than that."

My insides warmed at his words not to mention the timbre of his voice.

"So do I."

He leaned forward.

"Let's start with dinner and see what happens."

I nodded, my throat suddenly feeling dry as all these images of him naked with me flashed in my head. I just looked at him as the waitress returned to take our orders.

We walked after dinner to the car so he could give me a lift home. He had an early meeting that morning in another city.

"It's just overnight but it makes for a quick turnaround to get back here."

I had enjoyed dinner with him. He'd talked about what it'd been like to grow up in this town, his years spent in the military and then getting his college degree before starting his own company in security. He'd been all over the world but he didn't say much about what he did as part of his work. The time went quickly and by the time we were ready to leave, it was past 10.

After he drove me home, we sat in front of my house. It loomed at me, lit up only by the porch light.

"You live alone?"

"No my mom lives here but she's usually gone."

I wondered if he asked because he was interested or just wanted to know if I could invite him inside. I thought about it all the way home.

"I want to see you again."

"Me too…I had fun," Ruby said, "You're…"

I couldn't finish. He smiled at me.

"You're very pretty and I bet very sexy too."

My insides tightened and I felt a hand slide on my thigh. I looked over at him and he leaned over and brushed his mouth against mine. His mustache tickled my mouth before his lips tasted me. I parted my lips slightly as he deepened his kiss. I felt my body heat up and my nipples harden against my dress. As he kissed me, he slid my dress up my thigh until he reached my hip.

"Oh you're something Ruby…"

I sighed as he broke his kiss and looked at me before lowering his lips. His hand caressed one of my inner thighs just below…my panties felt wet.

"How many men have you fucked Ruby?"


Words escaped me.

"Do you…?"

He sighed.

"Oh yes…"

He slipped some fingers in my panties and I nearly jumped. My slickness coated them and I closed my eyes knowing he knew how much I wanted him to do that…and more.

"What about Caroline," I whispered.

That didn't stop his fingers from exploring me.

"She's not coming back until September…"

I knew that but I needed to hear it. I felt one of his fingers probe my opening and then slide right inside of me. I was wet enough to take it easily and I gasped, as he slipped a second one in…damn nothing slow about this man!

He kissed me harder, his lips nudging mine apart before his tongue tempted me to allow it inside my mouth. His fingers thrusting deeper inside of me as my pussy clung to them, but he withdrew them almost all the way…as I arched my back.

"You like that Ruby don't you? Course you do but I bet you're hungry for something much bigger."

I whimpered and fidgeted as his fingers played my pussy so fine.

"Someone might see…"

He broke his kiss, looking at me.

"No one will notice…unless you scream."

That was a possibility because damn my pussy wanted to ride his fingers so badly…I moved my hips to push him deeper inside of me. He chuckled as his lips began to travel down my neck and he pushed me ever lower against the door.

"God…I need…."

I bit my lip each time the knuckle of one of his fingers brushed my clit while he finger fucked me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and started to push him away.

"I can't…god it's too much…"

He pushed me back down and pressed some weight against me.

"Lie still…you're so damn close. I can feel you Ruby…you know it…"

I nodded because I did know I was about to come hard from his fingers and all I wanted him to do was replace his fingers with his cock. To fuck me in the damn car, sealing my mouth from screaming with his lips…

But when I came finally, the waves of pleasure that rode through me made my heart race as he slowed his rhythm down until my body went soft against him. He pulled his fingers out slowly….my pussy still trying to squeeze them with the spasms of my climax. I felt their slickness when he caressed my face afterward.

"You're pretty hot Ruby…"

I knew that I'd gotten mine but what about him? He sighed and sat up, after pulling my dress back down over my thigh.

"I'd better go, got an early day."

My breathing only just began to slow down.

"Yeah me too…I had fun tonight."

He shot me a knowing look.

"I know you did…you're not exactly shy about coming."

My cheeks turned pink.

"What about you," I said, "What do you want?"

He leaned toward me again, squeaking the seat.

"What I want can't be done in a car," he said, "I'll call you tomorrow…from the road."

I just nodded and opened the door to get out of the car, still feeling shaky. I saw a car parked just a short distance away. Was it empty or was someone inside of it? I couldn't tell as it wasn't close to a streetlight. I just walked up the pathway to the house where I grew up, feeling oh so much better.

Brock took off after I had opened my front door and looked back at him. Then my phone buzzed and I looked to read a text from Devlin.

"You still coming to my birthday party?"

I bit my lip but answered yes, after all I had told Tiffany I would be coming.

"Wear that nice summer dress," he said, "the one with the flowers."

The one I was wearing right now. I remembered something about wearing it at a beach party last summer.

"and the red bikini…"

Did this mean that Devlin was changing his mind about wanting me? I found excitement build inside of me, hoping that was true.

Suddenly I had an idea of what message to send back to him as I went into my bedroom.


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