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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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When I'd heard the scream, I knew it had been my daughter's and I had to get to her fast.

But once I knew she'd be okay with some stitches and a few days' rest, I thought back to what I had told Ruby about not fucking her. I'd seen the disappointment on her face as she walked back into her darkened house.

I guess she thought I was serious. It's a game I play with all the young pretty women I fuck when my wife's not watching. Something I picked up from years as an operative sometimes depending on my ability to keep the other person off center. Never let them get too comfortable, only as a means to improve my own position. Ruby's so fucking hot when she's underneath me, or shoved against a wall with her thighs splayed for me.

It's a long summer and most of it I'll be gone to work but when I'm home, I need much more than what my wife can give me. With Gloria, it's been about something much different than the other women. Sometimes with what I've seen and done in my career, I need to find ways to keep everyone in my life on less than solid footing.

So it would be with Ruby. I knew that from the way she'd acted that she'd be trying to get me to change my mind and I would let her do that, until she believed that she had to beg me to get in her panties. Then she'd find out soon enough who was in control.

Next week it would be my birthday and I know what I wanted. I wanted Ruby buck naked and writhing on the bed right up to the moment that I would thrust my cock inside of her. I wanted her to push me through the point of no return so I could take her over and over. Her hair spilled out around her face and her legs open. Her cries echoing through the cabana, as I rode her. She'd be mine this summer whether she knew it now or not.

After jacking off in the shower as images of what that would be like flashed, I toweled off and got dressed into some old sweats and a shirt to grab some Scotch before heading off to join my wife who had already fallen asleep.

She didn't text me on my phone and I knew better than to contact her right now. I knew Tiffany would invite her to the dinner for my birthday and a sleepover.

Only she wouldn't be sleeping. She'd be with me in the cabana.

Sometimes I wonder how much Gloria knew or even suspected about what I did with other women. Much younger women than my wife…I knew none of the women I seduced spilled about it to her or she'd have confronted me by now. Even one of Tiffany's other friends had remained silent. She'd been two years over and had been in Tiffany's cotillion several years ago.

By then I had fucked her during an outing to the beach bungalow. It had been my daughter's 16th birthday party and her friend Serena had just turned 18 not long before…and when she did her days were numbered.

She must have known it because when I asked her to go into one of the guest bedrooms to go look for some sunglasses, she believed me.

I closed the door behind us with a click and she didn't seem to mind. Then I moved behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. She'd been a virgin too, but she sure didn't act like one. She nuzzled against me, her ass against my erection as I started kissing the back of her neck after moving her hair aside.

"Oh…what are you doing?"

My hands slid under her top to grab her breasts. The way they spilled over from my hands and the hard pebbles beneath my fingertips. When I toyed with them, she arched her back slightly.

"You know damn well what I'm doing," I said, "What I'm going to do to you before you leave."


But I had her already where I wanted to, separated from the rest of them. I reached down to unsnap her shorts pushing her to the bed, and then slid my hand into her panties stroking the part of her that would make her forget any reason to leave.

"Oh…oh god…"

"Feel good? It's about to get better."

I turned her around to face me and kissed her mouth while she slowly, hesitantly slid her arms around me. I knew I had picked right. While exploring her mouth, I pushed her shorts down her legs and then the panties followed.

I pushed her on the bed and she just lay there and watched as I pushed my own shorts down and showed her my erection. She just gazed at it, not saying anything as I joined her on the bed, pushed her thighs apart so I could slide right in between them. Her knees were under my armpits and that left her pussy ready for me. I had a condom because I knew this was going to happen and I tore the wrapping off and rolled it over my cock. She fidgeted a bit.

"I…I never…you know…"

Oh I knew and I knew what to say next.

"It's going to be fine," I soothed, "It'll feel good soon."

I thrust inside of her and she cried out at the point it hurt but she bit her lip when I pushed in deeper, and I started thrusting slowly at first. The tightness, the friction, god it felt so good and she seemed to like it mewing softly with each thrust, my cock disappearing inside of her.

Then she cried out.

"Oh god…oh god…"

I had found her clit with a couple of fingers and stroked her off so she'd forget about any pain. She started bucking against me which told me that Serena the girl who had been an honor student and a member of the band when she'd been in high school was just a little tramp.

Like so many young women…some of them teasing men like me with their ripe bodies, wearing tight outfits. Daring men to give them what they needed and wanted.

Serena had been a regular in the cabana a couple times after that before leaving to go teach at a summer camp.

But this summer would be Ruby in my bed…and I had the night picked out even if she didn't know it. I knew when and where it would happen between us…just like with the rest of them. Ruby would find out soon enough what it would mean to have me as her lover until she headed back to college with Tiffany.

Still, I knew how to play women like her. How to lure them in between the sheets while they believed it was their idea…

I sat on the porch not even tasting the scotch in my glass. All I could think of was tasting her nipples, hard and succulent inside of my mouth, while she begged me to fuck her. My tongue stroking her pussy before thrusting inside…all the things I wanted to do to her and her body.

Ruby seemed eager to do whatever I wanted. Even when I'd tied up her wrists, even when I used a vibe on her, she'd been wanton, inviting me to do much more. My wife never liked those kinds of games; she didn't want to be tied up while I fucked her from behind like I owned her. She didn't even seem to enjoy sex anymore, so tied up in her social activities.

I had needs and she didn't take care of them.

I felt my phone buzz and looked at it. I had a text from her.

"Don't you dare tell me no…"

I sighed.

"I'm a married man and you're young enough to be my daughter."

"I'm old enough to be fucked by a real man…which means I'll have to go find me one."

That gave me a start. What was the little minx up to now?

"What did you just say?"

"Oh you heard me, since you won't fuck me like I need; I'll find someone who will."

I felt something like anger stir inside of me. The little bitch, what kind of game did she think she was playing?

"Like who?"

"Brock…maybe…he's got an incredible body…and he's younger…"

Damn her. I knew Brock. He was in the same line of work that I'm in. He might give her what she wanted too.

"I think I'll slip my panties to him the next time I see him…"

I clenched my hands into fists and my body tightened up as I imagined her doing just that and of Brock fucking her in response. How to respond, I had to put myself back in charge.

"He can't give it to you like I can…"

A short pause followed.

"Oh? I guess I'll have to take your word since I'll be fucking him."

Like hell she would.

"I can't wait to feel his cock inside of me; I bet he can make me scream."

She really was a bitch…a bitch in heat and she needed it bad. But she wouldn't be getting it from Brock or anyone else.

"Oh you will, you little tease… just be careful what you want…"

"Says who?"

I could almost hear the taunting behind her words.

"The one who's going to fuck you first."

I clicked my phone off wanting to give her plenty to think about before she'd keep teasing me. If Brock was going to fuck her, he'd have to wait until I was finished with her first. But then again, there were a few things she didn't know about Brock that I did…

Oh things were about to get interesting real fast and what she was about to get would make her head spin. It made my cock hard just to think about it.

I wanted one thing for my birthday and I was going to get it.


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