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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I heard the scream first as I felt Devlin start to thrust up against me. I'd bit my lip in anticipation of what it'd feel like to have his cock inside of me. He had my wrists tied with my bikini top and me pinned against the bed beneath his hard body.

He got off of me and went to reach for his shorts. He tossed me my bikini bottoms and I fumbled to put them on, still not knowing what happened. But Devlin had a lifetime of experience I didn't know about to know how to react when a woman screamed. He went to the window and looked out.

"Something happened by the pool…"

He ran out of the cabana and I saw him dash over to where the loud ruckus of the pool party had turned into silence after the scream. Then suddenly people started yelling at him to come over.

"Tiffany fell in the pool," one guy said, "She must have hit her head."

I heard that and got dressed quickly, more than a sliver of shame filling me as I thought of what I'd been doing with her father when she'd had an accident. I left the cabana and in the excitement no one was looking. When I got closer, I saw Devlin bent over his daughter who lay still.

"Tiffany…it's okay…Daddy's here…"

It seemed like an eternity passed until she tried to sit up, sputtering water and her hand reaching to her head. It soon became crimson red as droplets of her blood trickled on the pavement. She must have hit her head before falling in the pool? Had she slipped or was she pushed? She had hit some tequila before we even made it to her home and then started drinking here.

Devlin had someone run in the house to get some towels and after Tiffany got on her feet, a bit shaky she started walking towards the house.

"Ruby…help me with her."

I just looked at him for a moment. My body still tingled from what he had done with his mouth, his hands…the feel of him riding the seam just before…but then I nodded. So after someone gave us towels to use to staunch the blood, I got into the car sitting with her while her parents sat in front.

Gloria fretted about whether they'd get to the hospital in time or whether they should have called for an ambulance.

"I can get here there just as fast," Devlin said, "and head wounds always bleed a lot. Lots of small blood vessels."

That did seem to calm Gloria down somewhat and Tiffany remained quiet inside the car. Gloria turned to look at her daughter.

"Tell me you weren't drinking," she said, "I won't be upset with you, I just want to know the truth."

Tiffany just looked at her mother, a bit dazed.

"Mom, my head hurts and I can't think straight now."

Devlin sighed.

"Interrogate her later okay after the doctor checks her out?"

Gloria just sat up there tense for a brief moment but I knew her mind worked. I knew what was coming next.

"Devlin…where were you when this happened?"

Silence filled the car except for the murmurs of pain from Tiffany next to me. He didn't answer the question, not right away. I could only imagine what he thought when she asked. He wasn't that far away really from his daughter when she fell. He was in the cabana with me, wedged between my naked thighs a second away from busting my cherry while I waited, biting my lip in case it hurt.

He'd been kissing me hard, my mouth almost as if he wanted to devour it…his hands stroking my skin. My hands bound and unable to touch him…and right now a selfish part of me wished that Tiffany had fallen just a few moments later after I'd known what it felt like to have a man's cock inside of me. But now…the car turned into the street leading to the drop off for the ER. I and Gloria would help her out of the car while he parked it. We didn't know how long it would take to even see a doctor but when we walked through the double doors, it actually seemed almost empty.

We sat Tiffany down with her towels on her head and Gloria went to fetch a nurse. I sat with her and she remained quiet. I guess it was shock. I knew that's what kept her from asking me where I had been at the time.

A question I couldn't answer any better than her father. Devlin joined us just after Gloria had gone with Tiffany into a curtained off examination area. The harried young doctor muttered something about X-rays and maybe a CAT scan so we knew we'd be there awhile.

Devlin and I sat and waited, not saying anything. Just waiting to get word on her condition.

Tiffany turned out to just need stitches and an overnight stay for observation and I waited with her in the hospital room while her parents talked with the doctor and nurse.

"Sucks to have to stay here and eat crappy food," she said, "not the way I wanted to spend my first night home."

I shrugged sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Could be worse…could have your stomach pumped out like Charlotte did at grad night."

She chuckled at that though because it'd been a hell of a party otherwise.

"Yeah I'll be out in the morning and just can't go swimming for a week with these damn stitches."

"I'll be working soon enough," I said, "but I'll drop by in the afternoon."

"My dad wanted me to get a job but now I've got an excuse," she said, "and I still got time to get him a birthday present for next week."

I remembered.

"Oh yeah…you doing anything special…?"

"Just dinner…he'll be coming back into town after a couple days conference," she said, "and that's all he wanted to do…but it's cool if you come."

My stomach turned butterflies. An image of me laying beneath him in the cabana as his taunted me to beg for it. I had come so close…

"All right…"

Her father came in right then and said that Gloria was getting some flowers for the room and that we'd meet her at the car. We said goodbye to Gloria as he kissed her on the cheek and then walked down the hallway.

We stopped to get some soft drinks out of the machine in a small room off to the side.

"She's going to be okay," I said, as he pulled the tab back on his iced tea.

"I know but for a while there…"

He looked vulnerable in a way I didn't see. I reached to touch his arm and he turned and looked at me.

"When she fell I was with you…and all I could think about was how much I wanted you," he said, "I had to have you…I was going to fuck you."

My throat went dry. Drinking the soda did nothing for it.

"I know…but there's no way you could have stopped it. Accidents happen."

He sighed.

"I know and now…that I know she's alright, I want to pick up where we left off…only I can't…"

I felt my stomach drop, was he calling it off?

"Devlin…I wanted you….I still want you…no one else has to know…"

He ran a hand through his hair.

"My wife is waiting by the car and all I can think about is next time…"

I boldly reached up to stroke his mouth with a finger looking at him.

"They're will be a next time… we both know it. Why fight it?"

I reached for his hand and placed it on my breast, which hardened beneath my top. He started fondling it and I reached for him then and his lips covered mine, soft at first and tentative. But Devlin didn't know tentative so soon enough, his tongue slid between my lips and his bulge in his pants found its way in between my legs.

"I want you…oh god…I can't stop myself…"

My breath came harshly.

"Then don't…"

"Not tonight…"

"Okay we'll find a time…"

He pushed me away and I felt him pulling away again.

"I can't…you're young…"

"You like them young…ever fucked a virgin?"

He didn't answer but he kissed me hard on the mouth again and I felt a hand slide between my legs. I was already wet. But he stopped kissing me and just looked at me.

"We'd better get to the car," he said, "She's expecting us."

I straightened out my clothes and we headed back to drive back to his house.

He dropped me off at my house after helping me get my bags out of Tiffany's car and I went home to an empty house.

Not unusual. My mother had better things to do and places to be than to spend time with me. I hit up the ice tea in the refrigerator and after showering and changing into some old sweats and a tee-shirt, I sat on the couch watching what passed for television.

But all I could think of was how was I going to get what I wanted. Devlin had been aggressive with me and he'd been exciting and I knew I had to have him. I knew he wanted me despite what he said. He'd realize that soon enough, I thought as I slid my hand in my panties and started stroking myself. Sliding my finger along the seam of my pussy mimicking what he'd done earlier, damn it felt so good but not nearly as good.

I rubbed myself, harder and harder until I came but all I could think about was him sharing a bed tonight with his wife.


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