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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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My wife tried to pick a fight with me before she headed off to one of her planning committee meetings. I'd been home for a couple of hours since getting off of a flight from Lima. I'd hit the couch with a Scotch to relax in front of the TV and she'd been upset that I didn't want to meet her and her friends at a restaurant later on with the rest of the husbands.

But all I wanted to do was eat something that wasn't made in a restaurant and then hit the Jacuzzi for a while, so I could get some sleep tonight. She left in a huff after telling me there were some leftovers from a day or so ago in the freezer and all I had to do was heat them up.

I thought about texting Ruby but I knew she was studying for exams and had shut herself off from the rest of the world. She needed to do well to keep her scholarship and I respected her for that. She didn't grow up with much, but she proved to be damn smart enough to get good grades and graduate with honors. She'd been offered scholarships and had picked the one she wanted. I wish Tiffany had half her drive…until I remembered that with Ruby, I wasn't just interested in how much she put into her studies.

I wanted to know what it'd be like to have all that drive, energy and raw passion aimed at me. Call me selfish but I knew she had what she needed to be one hell of a piece of ass. Not that I should be thinking that way but can't help it. I want her and I'm going to have her…I knew she didn't come back for spring break to keep me at arm's length.

That's not going to work with me. I get what I want and if it's a woman I want to fuck then that's what I'll do.

Only a couple more weeks and she'd be heading back. Tiffany said she'd be working her nursery job and take the summer off otherwise from school. My daughter wanted to spend her time partying, spending my money and lying by the pool all summer. But if I have my way, she'll be working.

TV didn't give me what I needed so I got up to pour myself another Scotch to take out to the back deck, to sit by the swimming pool. The heat of the summer had just began to arrive but the nights still cooled off enough to not have to turn on the air conditioning, just leave the windows open and the breeze would take care of it.

I had received a post card from Chantal…one of Tiffany's nannies from when she'd been a little girl. She'd been a college student from France who wanted to know how Americans lived, were they really all power hungry, greedy families feuding with each other over money?

No, I told her when she asked me about it on a warm evening just like this one, when we sat together on the chaise while Gloria took the kids to McDonalds and a movie. Chantal had worn her hair clipped on the side accentuating her slender neck and a terrycloth robe over the swim suit she had worn in the pool earlier with the kids.

I wore shorts, a shirt and a hard on…because I'd wanted her too since she'd arrived. Tonight underneath the moonlight shimmering off the pool I would have her.

"It's so beautiful isn't it," she said after I handed her a glass of white wine.

I sat on the chaise next to her.

"Yes it is…but you are beautiful too."

She blushed as I knew she would because the two weeks she'd spent here had told me she had gone to a prep school for girls back in a small town in France and had spent much of her time studying for her classes. She'd just finished high school and was due to start studying at a design institute in Paris in September. But before that, she wanted to spend the summer in America and earn some money while having fun.

"You have a boyfriend?"

She looked at me and smiled.

"No…not for the summer…why do you ask?"

I reached for her wine glass which was empty and put it down on the table leaning forward.

"I can't believe a woman like yourself doesn't have a boyfriend…"

She smiled more broadly.

"Why does it interest you so much?"

I leaned closer to her, my face inches from hers.

"Because I want to do something about it…"

I brushed my mouth against hers gently at first and she didn't pull away. I knew she wouldn't do that, at least not at first. Then my lips caressed her mouth, intensifying their pressure as she murmured beneath them. The chaise creaked as I pushed her down against it, sliding my body over hers. She looked at me, her body tensing.


"Devlin…and you're Chantal…"

I slid my hand to undo the clip in her hair so it could spill all around her head like a halo, but I knew she was no angel. No, I'd be making a liar out of her in no time. She sighed as I caressed her neck and then lowered my lips on her mouth again. Her lips were full and ripe and I parted them with my own and explored them. She fidgeted beneath me; as I reached down to spread her legs apart to welcome me in between them.

She didn't resist and I slid my body up against so I felt her softness beneath me. She just kept sighing as I undid her terry cloth to open up to gaze down at her turquoise bikini. Her breasts barely fit in her bikini so it was no work to lower her bikini enough so I could lower my mouth down her neck in a trail of kisses to the hollow between them.

"Oh….oh no….we can't…"

"We are…aren't we?"

I licked the hollow, the beads of perspiration that I found there. Her body tensed but when I turned my attention to some of the rosiest nipples I ever saw, her hands found my back to clutch it. She now pulled me closer to her as I nursed her breasts, taking my time with them, tonguing a trail around each succulent nipple before inhaling it inside of my mouth. The heat, the wetness, the pressure just made her nails dig deeper into my skin.

"You like that…I know you do…You've been waiting haven't you to have me suck your nipples…enough to make you come."

"I…I…no…I'm here to take care of your children."

I chuckled at the bewilderment mixed with desire in her voice.

"Tonight you're here to take care of me and I need a woman to fuck…and you're damn beautiful but I'm betting that pussy of yours hasn't been taken care of in a while…"

She blushed and turned her head away as I returned to sucking her nipples. I knew she wanted me, I knew that even before I slid my hand over her belly and straight into her bikini bottoms. She flinched at first but then she melted again. Wetness met my fingers, silky droplets slippery and wet….I slid my finger along the seam of her pussy and she bit her lip.

"Oh you're a little tease aren't you…you've been wanting me to fuck you haven't you…since you got here….I saw that you're on the pill…"

She shook her head.

"No…No…I don't tease…and I take them for other…other reasons."

"No Chantal…not tonight…tonight you fuck…and later on, you'll be sucking my cock. My wife won't be back until later."

I saw her swallow noisily. But her lips parted when I slid a finger inside of her tightness, sopped with how much she wanted this…she wanted to be fucked…and tonight she would be.

"You like that…your pussy's dying for my cock…"

"I…I…oh god yes…."

So I bucked my hips and thrust my cock into that pussy, which pushed back but only briefly…I pushed it inside her finally sliding through the wetness, deep. She had tears in her eyes but she gripped me harder.

"What do you want Chantal?"

She writhed a bit as I started thrusting her against the chaise. My body wedged between her thighs and feeling her nipples against my chest.

"I want…I want you to fuck me…make me come…oh god…I…."

I shut her up with my mouth because I just wanted to keep going until; her delicious friction pushed me up to the edge until I'd release the tension in a pleasurable way. I already thought about all the different ways I could use her until she returned to Paris in the autumn.

"I'll make you come….," I told her, "many times…."

She cried out then as I thrust full tilt inside of her and my balls rocked against her. I felt her inner thighs squeeze my legs a bit as her pussy gripped my cock oh god…she had a snug one. I spilled my warm seed inside of her and collapsed on the chaise on top of her. Our bodies drenched with sweat, our hearts beating quickly.

I went to pour myself a drink from the wet bar as my wife prattled on about the movie after the kids had gone to bed. The nanny had slipped away to bed earlier but not until we'd fucked with her riding on top of me, her pussy sliding up and down my pole and I'd felt those full ripe lips wrapped around it as she knelt before me and took me in her mouth.

She'd be seeing a lot more of my cock before summer's end.

"Didn't you hear anything I said Devlin?"

My wife sounded irritated and I just sipped my drink.

"I heard that your dinner was not cooked enough and that Tiffany spilled her drink on the floor at the movies."

She sighed nearby and then walked to the bar to pour her own drink. I went back to imagining what it'd been like to look down at Chantel as she sucked my cock. She'd gotten into it once I grabbed her hair and gave her some direction. I wondered what she'd look like with her wrists tied up behind her next time.

I'd need to use her so much this summer. By the time she went home, her pussy would be worn out but it's what a woman like her needed. Women were put on the earth for men to fuck, to give them children. I had all the kids I needed but I still need pussy to fuck. She'd be my sweet young thing for the summer until she packed her bags and her memories away and went home.

Leaving me to search for the next one.


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