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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I lie in my bed and I wonder who he's fucking right now.

The dormitory has cleared out for spring break and I'm staying behind for the week to do some temping at a lawyer's office in town. It's a practice run by a group of women who met up in law school and there are more female hormones in there and it's enough to drive me crazy.

But I can use the money and I'm not ready to go home yet.

Tiffany traveled home to her family but I stayed behind because I knew if I went back with her, I'd come back to school having fucked her father. I wanted him so much but yet…I didn't feel it was time to act on it. That time we'd spent in the cabana when he fucked me with the vibe, I'd seen something on his face that aroused me but at the same time…a part of me felt like backing away slowly as if he were some predatory animal.

So I spent the week working at the law firm by day and sticking pretty close to the dorm at night. There were a few of us break orphans and we'd watch movies together in the lounge and eat together in the cafeteria.

I spent a lot of time reading. Books, but also texts….from the man who I had avoided…and I almost thought about heading back…

But I stayed away. He sent me a photo of himself jacking off and I could taste it, I wanted to taste him. I wanted to replace his hands with my mouth and ride his cock up and down, as deeply as I could take it his balls resting in my hand.

"You want it…you come back home…and it'll be waiting to fill you up in all different ways…"

I could only imagine lying on my dorm room but when I saw that photo he sent where he'd gone rock hard, his head glistening with what I wanted to taste so much. I'd handled his cock before but I'd never gone down on it.

Then again, I'd never gone down period.

But what I wanted most was to fuck him and for him to fuck me. I wanted it so much, I ached at times, my skin felt like it were on fire. But for now…I had to content myself with playing with the same vibe he had fucked me with on New Year's Eve.

I'd gotten it wrapped up in a Fed Ex package with a note and some scarlet crotchless panties I was to wear. I wore them right now as I turned on the vibe and slid it along the seam of my pussy, parting the lips just enough to make it feel good…even without touching my clit. I imagined what it'd been like when he'd played with me like that before he thrust it inside of me.

I didn't want a vibe inside my pussy, I wanted his cock and so I mostly just buzzed it on the outside teasing my clit until it throbbed to the point where I had to finish with my fingers…as it grew too intense.

Tiffany called me up one evening while she sat out by the pool. It had been unseasonably hot and she and some other friends had kicked back and hung out by the pool. I could hear some laughing and splashing water in the background.

"We miss you…it's been so crazy assed boring this week."

Just another reason not to head on home…not that it'd be boring if her father was also in town. I knew that he was in his office because he'd texted me asking me if I'd ever wanted to be tied up. But he'd be heading on out to some European country the next day, his last known destination before he boarded another plane to go someplace off the beaten path.

I looked at the vibe he'd sent me which lay on my bed while I talked to her. She had been out shopping for some new spring dresses for some silly party that was being held at the tennis club.

"Nathan's back from school…"

He'd been one of her boyfriends in high school and he'd dumped her right after she'd sucked his cock when they were supposed to be at gym class. She told me all about it and didn't seem too depressed. She'd been happier that she hadn't gagged on him once than sad that he'd dumped her. The way Tiffany saw it, the more men she encountered the more to practice her new skill on…I think Devlin would flip if he knew more about his own daughter.

"You are seeing him?"

"Nah been there done that…besides my dad's doesn't like him much…thinks he's slacking."

I didn't know how to respond to that.

"He's leaving for work tomorrow thank god," Tiffany said, "My mom's been out of the house most of the time he's been home…working some charity gig."

I knew that too because Devlin had texted me that she'd taken off and he had been cooking pasta for himself in the kitchen. He rarely showed those details of his life with me.

"So how's life in the dorm, having lots of parties?"

"No…been doing reading mostly…"

Tiffany laughed at the other end.

"God Ruby…you've got to get out of the dorm sometime…you should be at the house partying with us."

Oh god now…because all I'd be thinking about was how much I wanted to be in the cabana with her father kissing every inch of my body while I writhed beneath his mouth. Just before he spread my legs and sunk his cock inside of me.

Too damn dangerous to think like that…no better to be miles away from her house…because my friend didn't need to know what I wanted right now.

"Well got to go…they're breaking out the shot glasses," Tiffany said, "I'll see you in a few…"

I clicked off my phone, almost wishing I was back there with her and the rest of her gang but…no what would happen. I knew what I wanted was there but it seemed safer to think about it from a distance.

I fell asleep not long after that but my dreams were filled with him. He had lured me out to the cabana and slid his hands over me, my clothes falling to the floor forgotten. I pushed his shirt up his over his chest and over his head after he lifted his arms. After he tossed it aside, he kissed my mouth like he owned it and me. His tongue stroking inside my mouth stealing any words of protest before I could even think of any….

He picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist, his lips still working mine. Then after we fell onto the bed, he started unbuttoning my pants…working them down past my thighs, baring my panties for him.

Then the images changed to where he had me straddling him while I planted my hands on his chest, riding up and down on his cock as it slid in and out of me. His hands gripped my legs and he urged me to quicken my tempo. The sensations felt so real, the deliciousness of his shaft rubbing against the snug hold of my pussy…building, building and I moaned as I undulated myself on top of him.

"Oh god…oh god…oh…god. Yess…"

I cried that out and then when I woke up, I still had his name on my lips. I looked around and saw an empty dorm room, sunlight streaming through the window. Damn I must have been exhausted to have slept for so long. I got up to go take a shower, and passed my phone which had texts on it. A couple from Tiffany about the party and a couple from her father….both included photos. His just were more explicit.

Damn….I thought heading off to the shower to get ready for work. His latest text said he was at the airport getting ready to get on a plane to leave on a job again for a month or so. But he said that he'd be back by summer and looked forward to my return home.

I stopped to think a moment before responding.

"I'm thinking of staying here over the summer…"

"you do that…I'll find a way to get up there and fuck you…I'm done playing games…one way or another…"

"I'm not playing games…"

"We both are…but this summer…we've got something better to do…and I'm thinking you'll be here."

Damn he had me getting all aroused with nothing to take off the edge because I had to shower and get ready for work. And to act like I was some little tease playing with him…he was the one who kept warning me to be careful what I asked for…well I knew what I wanted and I was grown up now to get it.


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