The Man in her Bed

By: Marzy Dotes

Chapter 7,

He handed her the drink in a crystal glass and she looked at it.

"What is it?"

He poured himself what looked to be Scotch into his own glass.

"It'll help you relax," he said, "You felt a bit tense in the elevator."

She sighed, still holding her glass.

"Gunthor, this is all happening a bit fast for me…"

He sipped his drink thoughtfully, studying her with that intensity that both aroused and unnerved her. Like he was undressing her, stripping her bare as if she didn't feel exposed in the lingerie she wore for him now. His mouth hinted at a smile as if he knew her thoughts.

"I can slow it down…but why don't you try your drink?"

She looked at her glass, it looked like red wine but how could she be sure?

"You didn't…"

"Trust me and try it…you'll love the flavor…it's from a top vineyard in Tuscany Valley…I have a chalet there."

Was that where he kept his wife and children, she wondered but then dismissing that part of his life she sipped from the glass. The liquid passed her lips, fruity and pungent and….damn, he'd been right. She didn't know her wines, didn't drink much but she felt her body warm up almost immediately.


She nodded, still sipping from her glass until she'd emptied it and he removed it from her hand. She felt a rush of heat, her skin tingled and perspiration tickled the back of her neck. The lingerie chafed her body, her breasts hardened against her bra and her pussy ached even greater.

"So what should I do…?"

He tilted his face.

"Just stand there in front of me…"

She did that and he drank his scotch watching her. Unease filled her, as she watched him stare at her. His eyes scanning from her heels to her curly hair with everything in between…her skin feeling so damn sensitive just from his gaze…

"You are a beauty…sexy young woman…anyone ever tell you that Marie?"

She smiled feeling suddenly giddy.

"You mean besides you?"

He finished his scotch and put the glass down as she still watched. He was all hard muscle underneath his three-piece and as he casually slipped his jacket off of his shoulders and placed it near the wet bar, he looked formidable. Somehow she didn't think he got in that kind of shape playing recreational sports because there was an edge to him that came from someplace rugged, almost dark. He might be the head of a Fortune 500 company but she knew he had his secrets.

After all, she was one of them.

He stood there still wearing his silk shirt and dark pants then the phone rang. He went to get it, his back turned to her and she contented herself with gazing around the impressive main area of the suite.

"Yes…I know…put another couple million in that account…good…then let's up the ante a bit with another half mil….toy with them for a while and then…be decisive when you end it."

She half listened to him but it sounded like business talk and she'd hoped to leave that behind for the weekend. It was bad enough that Chad was obsessed with his career…spending yet another weekend with that Sandra. But she didn't want to think about that. Certainly not while she was standing in a suite with her boss wearing the skimpiest of lingerie almost as if she were a whore that he'd hired for the night.

Only whores didn't wear white did they?

He clicked off the phone and turned back to her after setting it down on the bar.

"I'm sorry…sometimes business calls and I had a deal I had to close."

She nodded.

"That's okay…I'm used to men who are into their work."

He smiled.

"Chad's into Sandra's panties…but then you must know that already."

She just stared at him and he went to pour her another glass of the wine.


He handed her the glass and this time she drank it more quickly. He gestured for her to join him on the sofa.


"You know why…"

She did and so she sat next to him but she still digested what he had just told her.


"I have a business associate who works for the firm that hired him…they have a corporate suite that he's been using and every night he's worked late…he's been there with her."

She didn't know how to respond to that so she just finished off her wine. It filled her with more headiness and suddenly she didn't care about Chad or the woman he fucked when he said he was working.

"They are there right now…they aren't alone…An associate named Stavros will be joining them."

Her face flushed when she imagined Chad and another man bedding Sandra, doing things that she couldn't even contemplate doing. What kind of woman invited two men into her bed?

"Sandra's getting penetrated in all kinds of ways tonight," Gunthor said, "Chad will fuck her mouth, he's more into oral while Stavros will fuck her from behind…he's more into pussy…though if she wants anal, she'll get that too."

She closed her eyes forcing the vision out of her head. Surely Gunthor must be playing some mind game with her. When she looked at her boyfriend, she didn't see someone into kink. Then she remembered those photos she discovered behind his CD collection and how even as they had stunned her, they had allured her as well.

"That's what some women want Marie," Gunthor continued, "There are men who want that too. To share a woman and use her for pleasure."

"But Chad…"

"He's a man Marie…but not one deserving of a woman like you…not looking for her first."

She chuckled without mirth.

"And you…you're really better?"

He just smiled and looked at her, one hand moving closer to stroke up one of her arms to her neck. Her skin tingled underneath his touch.


She liked the feel of his fingers on her neck, where he fingered the necklace she wore there.

"You should be feeling more relaxed now from the wine…"

She realized that she did feel that as well as more languorous. She smoothed her hands over her arms, then her breasts covered by her bra and opened her thighs a bit enough so that the lacy panties were more visible.

"I do…"

"Why don't you stand up so I can watch?"

"Watch me do what?"

"I'll tell you…now get on up…"

She got up off the sofa and went to stand in front of him while he sat back on the couch.

"Good…now touch yourself."

She blinked her eyes.


"Oh you know how…remember the elevator and what you did…stroking yourself over your panties first…"

"I…I can't…"

He leaned forward.

"Yes you can and you will…or else…"

She arched her brows.

"Or else…what…?"

His eyes darkened.

"You don't want to know…unless you're Sandra."

A chill rushed through her, god did he just say what she thought he said? Fear permeated her at least that's what she told herself it was…but between her legs, she felt the wetness. This shocked her even more than what he had just hinted.

"But you said…"

"I know what I said…I said whatever I needed to get you alone with me in my suite."


"You'll be more than okay…now touch yourself…on top of your panties…"

So she started stroking her pussy sheathed by lace with the fingers of one hand while toying with her garters with the other. He leaned back again and watched her and damn, she felt nervous, self conscious at first. But then the sensations started to uncurl like embers to flames and her fingers rubbed harder, pushing the lace between the lips of her pussy so that she stroked that seam now…closing her eyes as the first sharpness of carnality sliced her.

She gasped and she rubbed her fingers along the seam, brushing her clit which made her breath come more rapidly. Her legs trembled as she slipped a finger underneath the hem of her panties while he watched.

"Open your eyes Marie…I want to see them…and you…"

So she did but that made it seem more sinful, in ways that she knew she couldn't undo. Her pussy felt slick with wetness and her fingers slid easily, sending her spinning. She felt the tension in her belly start to pull…and she couldn't resist it. No she didn't even dare try.

And it was getting harder to stand, her legs turning to rubber as she fondled herself, her hand in her panties.

"Slide a finger inside of you…"

He ordered, she complied and soon her pussy rode that finger as it slid in and out of her while her other fingers rubbed her clit.


He just watched her as she writhed because if she didn't come…she'd go crazy but then if she came in front of Gunthor sitting there on the couch, she might as well be crazy. Her skin flushed, her heart beat rapidly, damn it she was so close….she couldn't stop….

Then Gunthor left the couch and took two strides to reach her. He put his hands on her to stop her. She just looked up at him.

"What's wrong…?"

"Nothing's wrong, watching you…is very sexy Marie…but it's time to take this to the bedroom."

She put her hand on her hip.

"You still got clothes on," she said, "Why is that while I'm practically naked?"

He chuckled.

"Not nearly enough yet…come on now, it's time for you to learn what it means to be a woman."

She furrowed her brow.

"I already know…"

He stepped even closer.

"No you don't…but you will."

He grabbed her by her wrists suddenly holding them tight. She looked at him almost in shock.


His mouth covered hers hungrily…no gentleness to it, no brushing against her mouth to give her a chance to adjust…he just feasted on her lips while he held her wrists tightly. She struggled in his hold, trying to pull away.

His tongue stabbed her lips, and she opened while he slid it inside, invading her mouth. She felt him trace the inside of her mouth with it…while he still held onto her. God…she felt her body charge with excitement, her limbs quiver as his mouth moved to her jaw line, his teeth catching a tiny bit of skin…sending tingles to places far away. Her body writhed against his clothes though she felt his hard body against her own. Then he released her from his kiss and held onto her wrists with one hand while he unsnapped her bra with the other….the cups falling away leaving her breasts exposed.

Her breath came rapidly as her breasts hardened, their nipples rosy pressing against the hand that he cupped around one of them while he held her wrists with the other hand.

He squeezed her breast making her cry out.

"You are lovely Marie…you should never wear clothes," he said, "You belong naked in my bed."


"You will Marie…you're going to be whatever I want you to be," he said, "do whatever I want you to do…there's no one here to say otherwise."


"You wanted to fuck me Marie…well you're going to get fucked right now…as soon as we reach the bed…"

"I never…"

"I know…but in a few moments, that won't be true any longer will it," he said, "and after this weekend, you'll be my mistress."


He grabbed her wrists again and pushed her forcing her to step backwards and she knew where he was taking her.

To the suite where no doubt a king sized bed waited for them.


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