The Man in her Bed

By: Marzy Dotes

Chapter 67,

Marie had gotten dressed with what they'd given her to wear. She hated it, the worn jeans and cotton long sleeved shirt. The two men joked that it was hardly a fit wardrobe for a whore on her way to be auctioned off.

"They'll fix you up nice and pretty at the hotel," Dirk said, "Gunthor makes sure his whores look the best on the block."

She grimaced at that, the mere thought of standing on the pedestal wearing only enough fabric to flaunt her assets for the unseen bidders who'd plunk down cash to own her. She'd never even know who they were, until the winner stepped forward to claim his new prize.

His new personal toy or an asset to be stuck in a brothel somewhere making him a load of money. She combed her hair with her hands in front of a cracked mirror. What a dive the men had brought her to, in order to do what all the men had done this weekend which was use her for their own pleasure or to acquire more businesses for their empire.

Gunthor had used her to further his legitimate empire as an importer and now he was going to sell her off in his more illicit one.

"You ready yet bitch?"

She glanced over at the two men who had gotten dressed themselves and were to take her back to Gunthor.

"In a second…I have to fix my hair. I'm not going out looking like…"

Dirk smirked.

"You've fucked a bunch of guys this past weekend? Marie, you're a whore, that's what whores do. You can't hide it."

She gritted her teeth. She wasn't a whore when this all started. She'd been an intern for Gunthor in his office doing clerical work, most of which was tedious in nature. There'd been that time she'd slipped in her professionalism in the elevator…but he'd used that against her. She realized that now days later. Sweet talked her about how it turned him on to use it to seduce her into joining him this weekend.

Marie finished her hair and headed towards the other men. They grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her towards the door.

The alley was quiet outside the building and they walked her towards a car parked nearby.

"Get inside…"

When they released her, she just looked around her. There was no place really to head towards if she tried to run. Then she looked up and saw Milan standing there. God, what was he doing here? Was he going to dole out more punishment to her? She still didn't get him and she was pretty sure that she didn't want to understand his interest in her. He'd told her he'd had his own plans, well what were they?


She spat out his name. His brows arched.

"You seem to be cheerful this morning," he said, "You know if you don't act like this is what you really want, impress the buyers then Gunthor might just kill you."

She shook her head.

"I'll make sure he doesn't Milan…besides what concern is it to you?"

He smiled.

"I'd hate to see such prime woman like you wind up that way," he said, "buried in a shallow grave outside the city or dumped in the ocean to be eaten up by the sharks."

She shivered.

"That's not going to happen. Gunthor will be real pleased. I want to live after all."

Milan pursed his lips.

"I would have thought not…but if that's your choice, then you'd better get in that car."

A part of her wanted to challenge him to make her but she knew that wouldn't get her anywhere good.

She still didn't know what she wanted to do yet to escape. Once she got inside the hotel…it'd be tricky like before because though she knew the layout better, she wouldn't have a man helping her.


She smiled at Milan, stomaching her nausea before it could rise into her mouth.

"I wish you could be there bidding on me."

He chuckled.

"Somehow I doubt that. Marie…you'd better not try that game on Gunthor. You might make him angry."

She smiled wider.

"I'm not interested in what he thinks. I'm interested in you."

He stepped closer.

"Why Marie? You've cursed me every time I've touched you…every time I've been in between your legs…or in other places."

She felt the heat in her cheeks at all those times.

"I remember those times and they were…"

He frowned suddenly, his eyes cold.

"Save it for Gunthor," he said, "or the men bidding on your pussy."

He walked away from her and got into another car. She knew he'd be heading to the hotel but would she see him again?

Dirk prodded her towards the car while Zach went on the driver's side.

Milan just looked at Marie getting in the car with Gunthor's men and he'd walked to his own car. He intended to go to the hotel though Gunthor and Stavros told him that they had everything under control and wouldn't need him.

He knew they more than suspected that he'd been playing them but hadn't moved against him at least not yet. But then Rodrigo one of the prospective bidders on Marie had offered him work and he was considering it…given that the trafficker had offered him a full partnership right off the bat…well after a short trial period. Rodrigo was more overtly cruel including to his girls but what you saw was what you got with a man like him.

Plus he had his own agenda after all and if Rodrigo won Marie…then all the better. Well not for her because she wouldn't last very long owned by a man like Rodrigo who had high turnover among his whores. The man had reached a powerful place in the trade…so much of it within the past several years. If Gunthor had spread his empire to include humans, Rodrigo had beaten him on that already.

He knew the man wanted Marie in the worst way to add to his collection and that would allow Milan to be closer to her if he worked for Rodrigo.

His hand with the key reached for the ignition and then he frowned noticing something odd. More of a feeling really…then he saw a light blinking from underneath the steering wheel.

He opened the door, forced himself out of the car just before it blew itself sky high.



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