The Man in her Bed

By: Marzy Dotes

Chapter 62,


Marie just looked at the two men who studied her so intently. She knew what they wanted and she backed against the wall. The frilly top she had pulled on so quickly hugged her body just enough to outline her breasts as did the jeans that covered her lower half. Scraps of lace covered her pussy, her panties a bit the worse for wear but at least the ones she found were clean.

Zach smiled and he was built rugged like the rest of the men she'd been fucking this past weekend and she knew he wanted a piece of her too. The other man, Dirk chuckled but his eye looked predatory, skimming over her body. Surely if they worked for Gunthor, they wouldn't try anything with her…no if her boss saw her as his property, he wouldn't want the hired help to touch it. No, that would certainly anger him…maybe enough to kill. But the way the men looked at her right now…she bit her lip as they both stepped in deliberation towards her. She couldn't get away from them, a hard wall behind her pressed against her back and two even harder men in front of her blocking her way.

"So you want her first?"

Dirk growled those words and her eye widened. What had he just said…how could that be so? Zach's eye pored over her as well.

"We can't take her here," he said, "There's some abandoned apartments here….we'll take her there."

Dirk nodded.

"Sounds like a plan…we do get her for the night before we turn her over for the bounty."

Shock, icy and wet flooded through Marie at their conversation and their oh so casual words about their plans for her. They approached and she put a hand up.

"No…no you can't be serious," she said, "Look I got nervous…I ran away. I shouldn't have but let me try to make it up to your boss in my own way…I just need a little time."

The two men looked at each other.

"You can think about it during the hours we'll be fucking you tonight," Zach said, "You can worry about how to make it up to Gunthor when your lips are wrapped around my cock and I'm riding that sweet mouth…he doesn't care either way. He's a businessman."

Her mouth went dry.

Dirk nodded.

"He'll take you back when we're done…and get you ready to sell off in his auction."

Marie started to hyperventilate and tried to stop herself. She couldn't panic…she had to come up with a plan to stop Gunthor's plans for her.

Zach turned to Dirk.

"Let's get going…the night's not getting any younger…."

Milan had heard voices and had thought it might be Marie but when he turned into an alley, he saw a couple arguing. They didn't look at him as he walked past them to continue his search.

Damn that bitch, he thought. She should never have run off on him. Right now she was probably back at the hotel being trussed up like the whore they'd made her into and being put up for sale. No wait, if any of Gunthor's elite guard had found her, they'd be exercising the clause in their contracts to shack up with her anywhere that had a bed and use her before turning her over to their boss.

Marie had fucked so many men by now, what were one or two more, he thought as he surveyed every nook and cranny where he walked. The alleys backed up into businesses for several blocks and then apartments. That might be the place to look if she'd been captured. The thought of her being at the mercy of anyone else tensed his body, clenched his fists and he forced unwanted images out of his head. Images of her lying spread-eagled on a bed, while some guy rutted against her separating those rosy lips between her legs and ramming inside of them, his cock disappearing with each stroke.

Just as his own cock had done hours earlier when she'd been tied to the bed unable to move beneath him….damn it'd been so sweet knowing that she couldn't stop him and he knew she didn't want him to do that. Marie was just one of those young girls who'd been raised to feel guilty about fucking a man outside the rules either set by her parents or religion. But she'd been consumed with the need to break the rules…Gunthor had known that when he'd seen her fondling herself inside that stalled elevator.

Milan had seen it many times since, he'd felt it and heard it when she sighed against him. He really shouldn't be thinking about her, really shouldn't be looking for her but he couldn't stop himself.

He'd had his own plans right and he had to follow them through. But he had to find her first.

Marie winced as the first man slid his cock inside of her. Zach had won that right with the coin toss after they brought her to the abandoned apartment. It was a studio really which meant that one man fucked her while the other watched.

He hadn't been gentle either but she hadn't expected it. Beginning with his voice, when he told her what he wanted her to do.

"Take off your clothes…I want to see those tits," he said, "I'm going to fuck them later on but first I'm taking that pussy."

She just looked at him.

"You can't be serious…Gunthor will…"

Zach laughed.

"Gunthor's your damn pimp," he said, "You think he gets a fuck if you're just a little more broken in and experienced…might drive the price up."

She shivered.

"Now take your fucking clothes off…before my friend here helps you."

She sighed, removing her shirt which exposed her breasts and then her jeans leaving her in the barely there panties. The globes of her ass were bare and the black laciness of the panties accentuated her creamy skin.

Zach sucked in his breath.

"Damn, no wonder my boss wants you back so much."

Marie gritted her teeth, standing there nearly naked. She knew that if she wanted to escape, she had to play along.

"But first things first…and that's tonight…"

She sighed; putting a smile on her face…she knew what she had to do. He removed his own clothes baring a chest lined with scars and then his pants until he stood there naked, one hand wrapped around his cock as it hardened in his grip.

"See how hot you make me…"

She nodded, sliding her hands over the smooth tautness of his chest, the whorls of hair feeling softer than his skin and then she waited for him to kiss her mouth.

Instead he pushed her on the bed and fell on top of her, his hands sliding over her skin, her hips, between her legs as his mouth took a fold of skin on her neck and bit it. She felt her skin tingle from there to her breasts which hardened beneath his chest and the chafing of the panties as he pulled them down her thighs just far enough.

With one buck of his hips, his cock pushed inside of her causing her to bite her lip. She slid her own hand on his hips as he started thrusting.

The man stood outside the window and watched the woman inside lying on the bed while a man thrust his cock inside her over and over. His body snug in between her thighs, her body shaking with each movement of his body.

While another man stood nearby and watched while unzipping his own pants. Meaning that he wasn't waiting until the other man had finished with the woman. Even before the man on the bed coaxed the woman to shift position even while still fucking her, the man outside knew what came next.

Even before the woman' s head crowed with her hair tilted back and even before the man standing next to her nudged his own cock against the lips of her mouth.

She opened her mouth readily enough and the man thrust inside of it. The man watched her giving both men what they wanted and his own excitement level increased.

He knew what he needed to do next.

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