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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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She loved the way it felt when he slid his callused hands up her dress, easing the fabric up slowly inch by inch baring her skin. The afternoon breeze licked the back of her legs, a hint of the monsoon that would hit the valley once the temperature reached the breaking point.

"Oh damn you feel hot…."

They were in the barn, his barn and had just returned from a party that had been held at the auditorium in town. He'd taken here there and they'd done some dancing on the floor. Not much of it slowly in each other's arms, not at first. But when the lights finally dimmed and the music softened, he'd taken her right into the middle of it and held her close enough to himself where she could feel his heart beat inside his chest.

But it hadn't been enough for either one of them. She'd wanted him to do what he was doing to her right now, which was sliding his hands over her thighs and reaching for her panties. She knew how wet she'd felt since even before they reached the barn…he'd know in a matter of inches and seconds.

"God…I can't…"

His voice sounded amused.

"Can't what Charlie?"

She bit her lip not sure she could get the words out now that she felt his fingers brush the lace that hugged her pussy.


His capable fingers slid underneath her panties, feeling her slickness, feeling how much she wanted him right now. She moved her own hands towards his pants to unsnap them but they shook with her eagerness.

"I want you Charlie…"

He broke his own words by kissing her on the mouth, stroking her lips with his own and then adding a bit of tongue…just the tip of it teasing her mouth, trying to get her to open it. His hands now moving from her pussy to the smooth globes of her ass, squeezing them.

"I want you too…"

She felt so breathless right now…thinking was too damn hard so she just concentrated on feeling his hands, his mouth and what hardened beneath her fingers beneath his zipper.

"On the hay bale Charlie…"

His voice sounded forced.


"Just do it…"

So she backed up, so ready for this and ready for him. The anticipation raced through her body as she felt the prickly hay pinch her skin. He helped her lifting her body to set her ass on it and slid his hands on her thighs, nudging them open for him.

She was all for that and sighed as he reached to tug her panties down. Then both of them heard the creak of the barn door open and they froze, listening to see if someone had joined them in the barn. But they didn't hear anything.

"Damn last thing I want is an audience…."

She straightened out her dress and slid off the bale. She didn't want anyone watching them either…especially not anyone who might blab back to her uncle and aunt about her being with Colton.

"Maybe I'd better leave," she said, "My uncle and aunt should be back now and wondering why I'm not home."

He nodded, stroking her hair back off of her face before kissing her softly on the mouth.

"Okay…I'll see you tomorrow….we got some more fencing to do….is Lois going to be there?"

She sighed, brushing some strands of hay on her shoulder.

"Yeah…hopefully in a better mood than tonight."

He frowned.

"She seemed happy enough at the dance with Luke."

Charlie nodded, having seen her dance with the football player most of the night but knew what that had really been about…and it had to do with Brad.

"Yeah…but she'd been upset earlier…"

The two of them left the barn and saw Brad standing there with Duke. Charlie ran her hand to smooth out her hair looking at them.

"What are you doing here?"

Brad smiled.

"We dropped by your spread…your aunt's looking for you and she didn't seem too happy. You'd better get back home before she sends out a posse."

Damn, Charlie thought, she'd hoped she wouldn't be missed.

"I…we were just seeing to the horses," she said, "Clover picked up a stone."

She didn't much like lying but she couldn't talk about what they'd really be doing, no she had no desire to become the talk of the ranching community. But Brad just nodded and she didn't know if he believed her.

"Better head on back then," he said, "Colton…see you tomorrow…"

She watched him narrow his eyes at the older hand.

"You coming out with us?"

"Yeah…some of those fences border the other ranch…we got to do our part."

Charlie sighed, glancing over at Colton and knew she had to head on back home before her aunt and uncle put out an APB on her.

Lois groaned as they got ready to take their horses out. They'd be meeting up with Colton and the other hands soon enough.

"Sorry I overslept…god I feel hung over," she said, "Shouldn't have hit the cognac…totally not my drink."

Charlie looked at her, knowing that she must have hit the booze after returning from the dance. After all, her spending time out on the dance floor had been for show.

"He didn't even look my way," Lois said "not once."

I knew she meant Brad but he'd been there with some older girl named Lucy. Not that he'd stayed very long.

"Maybe that's why he left early," Lois said, "because he couldn't handle watching me with someone else."

That couldn't be true but Charlie didn't feel like ruining Lois' day by telling her that. Then she'd spend it sulking instead of working and it'd take longer to get the fencing done. Besides Brad just hadn't seem that interested.

"Maybe he just knows he'd be playing with fire…screwing the boss' daughter."

Lois chuckled liking the image of that.

"That makes it so damn hot…besides his body," she said, "I know he'd like me if he just took some chances."

Charlie snorted.

"And risk getting his balls cut off or shot off…I don't think so Lois…I think you should move on."

Lois frowned, as she opened the stall door to get her horse.

"I don't want to…he's just too damn tempting and I know he can do me good…"

Charlie sighed, no talking her out of something which looked pretty damn futile. What Lois wanted, she thought she would get.

"Okay but I'd think if he were interested, he'd tell you."

"I think he just needs some convincing, that's all and I have just the way to do it."

Charlie shook her head as she watched Lois saddle up her horse as if she were in a rush to get started with whatever plan she'd worked out inside of her head.

Brad might not know what hit him but then again, Charlie figured he was more than an equal to her friend.


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