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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Charlie looked over at Lois who had tried to hoist up a part of a fence by herself before she had gone over and helped her. She hoisted it up with her body weight while Lois pounded a few nails in it.

"Damn this thing keeps falling down," she said, "and you know Brad isn't good at pounding these kind of nails."

Charlie caught the bemusement in her friend's voice. She knew that since Tim was out of the picture, Lois had her eyes on her father's best hand but she also knew so far, Brad had kept his boss' daughter at arm's length. He knew not to mess with fire and likely had it rammed into him when he'd been hired, that Lois' young nubile body was off limits. She also knew that Brad didn't know Lois very well and how deep her determination to get what she wanted existed inside of her.

"He's good at other things right?"

Lois smiled.

"Well yeah sure…he's good with horses…best rider I've ever seen and the way he ropes and wrestles cattle…mmm…makes me wish he'd try that with me."

Charlie pushed up the fence a bit as Lois went to get a couple more nails.

"You know he's not going to do anything."

Lois snorted.

"Course not…my daddy would take a shotgun to him and he knows it…but I'm still going to get into his pants."

Charlie saw the glint in her eye but wondered how the hell she would pull that off. After all, it's not like Brad had a death wish nor needed to turn to Lois for some action. There were plenty of women in town he could go after to fulfill his needs.

"How are you going to do that?"

Lois smiled, running her hands along the smooth surface of the fence after she finished.

"It's not going to take much," she said, "It's not like he gets out much."

Charlie knew that to be true because Brad didn't go out drinking with the other hands after the sun set instead heading back to his cabin.

"Lois, your father would kick his ass…before he filled it with lead."

Her friend pursed her lips.

"That just makes it better…that my father would kill him if he lay a hand on me."

Charlie just rolled her eyes at Lois.

"Maybe Brad needs this job."

"Maybe…he needs to get laid."

"He's never going to risk losing his job when he can get it in town…plenty of it."

Lois folded her arms.

"But he never goes to town…you notice…maybe it's because I don't either."

Charlie shrugged.

"Maybe he's just into quiet after working outside all day."

Lois shook her head.

"Nah…all guys want it and so does he…"

Maybe, Charlie thought as they went to get back on their horses and head back to the born where standing by the corral fence had been the man in question. She had to admit that he was impressive. Tall, ruggedly muscled and in his mid twenties, with sandy brown hair and a mustache and a silvery scar above an eyebrow…from what she had no idea.

He looked up when he saw them approach.

"You done with the fencing…?"

Lois threw him a grin.

"Why of course Brad…we told you we'd get it done and it's done."

He nodded approvingly then looked over at Charlie.

"You done here for the day?"

She nodded as she got off of her horse and held onto the reins.

"Yeah…got to go start dinner up and finish up some homework."

He looked at her a moment and then started heading to the barn. Lois shot her a smile.


"He doesn't sound that interested," Charlie said, "I think you should just drop the whole thing."

Lois tilted her head.

"Oh so you're saying I can't have any fun?"

"Of course not…."

"Because you have broken this sacred vow you took never to mix it up with Colton?"

Charlie remembered whenever it had come up, that maybe she should get it on with Colton, she had just answered back that they were too close friends to mess it up by pretending otherwise. She'd told Lois what if she and Colton did knock bedposts and then something happened…so that the fallout was that they wouldn't be good friends anymore? She didn't even want to think about that and besides she'd had this good thing going with Jake…or so she thought.

But so quickly everything had changed and her body tingled in anticipation of tonight when she would be meeting Colton again.

He drove his truck into town thinking that if Trina was leaving messages on his voice mail, he must want to get back together with him again. Not going to happen, he'd decided as he drove down the highway on his way to the general store.

Chet had given him a list of items for the barbecue later in the week, the one they would host for most of the ranchers in the area.

Including Charlie's family next door…

He blinked his eyes noting the pastures blurring by on both sides of the truck and the signs which signaled the town's approach ahead. Not very big in people or property and only one main drag down the middle, with most of the town's businesses located there.

After passing the welcome signs, he headed down the strip to where the store sat at the end of it. Plenty of places to park because most of the people were still finishing their work day and in an hour or so, there would be vehicles clogging the street. He parked his truck and went inside the store where Marie looked up from where she read a magazine at the register.

"We got the new half and half in this morning…might as well get some before it sells out again."

He went to go get a couple cartons, most of the hands added it to their morning coffee to steep some of the bitterness. He'd also get some of the steeled rolled oats because they'd been eating cream of wheat for so long.

"Hey what you doing here…?"

He looked up to see Trina standing there with her own basket dressed in a flowery summer dress and wearing her hair up. She didn't spend her days working and riding on a ranch. She did part-time work as a shampoo girl at the beauty parlor when she wasn't in school.

"Picking up some things…"

"I can see that," she said, "You in town for any other reason?"

Trina was certainly attractive to look at both with clothes on and without them. Plump breasts that ached to be fondled and a curvy body always adorned in something feminine. He'd fantasized a long time about doing her before they'd wound up in her bedroom when her parents hadn't been there. But he'd moved on after she broke it off with him and the time he'd spent up in the tree house with Charlie…that made his pants tighten. When she had gone down on him after spreading the luscious strawberry paint on his engorged cock, he had thought he'd bust a wad as soon as her lips tightened around its head.

He'd been blown off before including by Trina but somehow it'd been a new experience when the lips that slid down his shaft, oh so slowly at first after she'd sucked gently at the tip of his cock…he closed his eyes briefly just remembering. Not to mention looking at her, and his erection sliding in and out of her mouth, sliding deeper until…damn he felt his body harden where he didn't want to…at least not right now.

"Oh Colton…"

Trina purred at him and he wondered if she knew..and if so believed it had been about her.

"I really think we should get back together don't you?"

He just stared at her, a splash of cold water couldn't have been more effective at bringing him back.

"I know we disagreed…on a few things but I do think…"

She kept talking but his mind kept slipping away at how it had felt when his cum had shot down the warm snugness of Charlie's mouth and she'd taken in every bit of it as if it were golden. Not like Trina standing her in front of him who had wanted him to pull out and then ejaculate into a towel. Damn, if he'd only known what it could be like Charlie.

And while Trina kept saying something to him, he wondered if her pussy would be that snug. He ached to find out, to slide his cock inside her wetness, while she welcomed him in between her naked thighs. But would she want that too? She'd been eager enough so far when they'd gone to the tree house but would she change her mind about fucking him?

"Colton have you been listening to me?"

He just looked at her standing there with her arms folded.

"Well have you?"

He sighed rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah I have and like I said, I'm not getting back together with you," he said, "You just need to move on."

Her lips curled and he knew his response hadn't pleased her but the thought of getting back with her just left him cold.

"Oh come on Colton…I said that I'm sorry…in the voice mails."

She'd left about a half dozen of them in the past several days but he hadn't returned her phone calls. Hadn't seen the point of doing that.

"No Trina…look it's over."

She shook her head.

"I can't believe you wouldn't get back with me."

"Believe it Trina because it's not going to happen."

She spun on her heel and stomped away with him with her basket. He watched her go, but felt a wave of relief fill him. Now with the two of them moving on, he could focus his attention on Charlie and what they were doing together. His body ached just from thinking about her and as he finished shopping, he looked forward to later on that night when he saw her again. He went to pay for his groceries and Marie just looked at him as she rang them up.

"She left upset…what'd you say to her?"

He watched her bag his items.


He left the car and headed back to his truck. He figured that when he headed back to school, Trina would have moved on to her next boyfriend and wouldn't look back. But Charlie occupied his thoughts like she hadn't before and he wondered what that meant. Sure she was his best friend but she wasn't his girlfriend. They were just having some fun for a little while.

Still, as he drove back down the highway, he started to wonder if that would be enough.


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