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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Charlie had taken the lessons she had learned from Lois' impromptu course on oral action to the tree house where meeting her was Colton dressed in his jeans and chambray shirt. Damn he looked handsome no matter what he wore but she liked him in his working uniform.

She had worn shorts and a tee-shirt because she hadn't felt like dressing up either, not if the clothes were coming off soon enough anyway. Besides she had a surprise for him underneath, which he would find soon enough.

"You ready to get started?"

He sounded like he wanted to get up there and after she nodded; they climbed up to the tree house. Some might think it was kinky to get it off with a guy in a childhood hangout but it had space, was certainly private enough and what they did up there wasn't anyone's concern except them. They walked into the main room and he pulled her into his arms, after turning on the electric lantern. His mouth tickled her own when he first pressed it to her lips. He hadn't shaved and his stubble tantalized, even as it traced along her soft skin during his succulent kissing.

He ran his hands all over her as if he couldn't wait, and she did the same with him, unbuttoning his shirt even as they kissed. His fingers slipped under her tee-shirt and her skin flinched when she felt him caress it. Her breasts hardened beneath her lacy top that sheathed them but ended just below them. Lois had helped her pick it out saying that it would drive a man crazy. It came with a matching thong and though Charlie wasn't partial to that type of lingerie, she knew with most guys the less covering the better.

Finally he broke the kiss and still holding onto her he looked at her in a way that made her melt. She just didn't know he had this passionate side to him or maybe she did, but it had always been shared with other women, never her.

Not his buddy.

She had always stood to the side and watched him with those lucky women he turned his seductive powers on but now things had changed and her body shivered underneath his gaze now.

"So what do you want to do?"

She tilted her face, licking her upper lip as if thinking about it. The truth is she wanted him to do everything and didn't care in what order as long as he had her writhing on the floor when he was done.

"I want to…to taste you."

He stroked the area around her mouth with his thumb.


She just looked at him.

"You know where…I thought you guys went for all that."

He suppressed a smile.

"You mean…"

She nodded the gestured over to the safe.

"Go get some of the strawberry…"

He smiled getting her meaning and walked over there to get some of the tasty paints out of the safe. When he returned with it, he handed it over to her.

"You really up for this?"

Her mouth curved into a smile.

"Yes I am, the question is, are you?"

He chuckled.

"Charlie, you are really something…"

"Yes I am Colton," she said, "took you long enough to figure out. Now how are we going to do this?"

His mouth quirked, as he considered it.

"I don't care," he said, "Just do what feels good."

So she bit her lip for a moment and then she nodded and then she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him hard on the mouth, almost taking him by surprise. His hands stroked her back and moved down to her denim clad ass. But before he could get to into it, she released him and while looking directly into his eyes, her hands moved to the snap on his jeans and she undid it.

The zipper came down next and he closed his eyes in anticipation. That made her feel a bit heady. She pulled down his pants and then his briefs and man, she got a gander of what they covered and she wanted to close her eyes for a moment.

She opened up the container of body paint and gently dabbed it on him. The thick veined shaft that led to his dark public hair and then back up to its rosy hued head that she wanted to take inside of her mouth

He sighed just from her layering the flavor paint on him and his hands clenched into fists, and then she slid downward to the floor so that she could finally taste. Her tongue darted out and lapped gently at the strawberry flavoring around the mushroom shaped head and around the crown, which made him gasp.

Then she continued tormenting him as she savored how the strawberry intertwined with his musk as she stroked his shaft, the entire length after placing her hands on his body. Before reaching his balls, she cupped them in one hand, reveling in their weight while her mouth moved up to the tip and she wrapped her lips around it. He nearly bucked from the sensation, and she started sliding further over him, bit by bit. She took it slowly allowing her mouth to get used to surrounding his cock.

She could feel the tension in Colton as she went down on him. He had to fight to keep from pushing his cock down her throat, in order to release the heat he felt building up inside him. She withdrew slightly then took him inside again, trying to taste a little bit more of him. From her position, she couldn't do too much but based on his fervent movements clearly she did enough.

With each stroke of her mouth, she tasted less of the strawberry and more of the man. But that made the excitement build in her as well. She'd never imagined she could be so turned on by her effect on someone else. Finally, she felt him tense and spasm and then she felt the warmth of his semen in her mouth, as he groaned above her. Salty sweet and she swallowed without thinking.

She released him and he just stood there, breathing more quickly and his eyes…highly charged. Her own heart skipped a beat when she looked at him.

She clenched the mattress as one delightful stroke of his tongue in a very sensitive spot nearly sent her airborne. After she had given him his orgasm, he had wanted to return the favor and so she had slipped her shorts off of her hips with some help with him. His eyes widened when he saw the thong and then he tugged at the band and off with that as well. Her pussy nestled in soft dark curls waited for him, as she lay back on the mattress, hearing the springs creak and then his mouth…oh god, she had wanted to scream even before he even got started.

His mouth suckled gently at her rosy colored lips which he lavished attention on, and her nervousness slipped away. She hadn't really believed that guys were even that into pussies except as receptacles for their cocks. Lois had told her in a clinical way that most women shaved these days or got what were called bikini waxes which sounded dreadfully painful. Charlie wondered why guys couldn't just accept a woman's body as being desirable the way that it was, and no, she wasn't going to change her body to suit anyone else.

But Colton clearly liked doting on her pussy, playfully tugging at her curls, which had dampened just from his touch and when he moved down to lick her, she shivered, as his tongue flirted with her clit by circling around it, until…she arched her back in response right there and lifted her hips to bring herself closer to his mouth. Damn, she wanted to scream when his tongue played with her clit, sending shards of pleasure and urgency through her body. She never knew what it really felt like to have a guy go down on her because the one guy who really even bothered had rushed his way through it to the main event. Colton took his time and she wondered why he didn't seem awkward like others his age.

She had felt that way with him like she hadn't known what to do but he hadn't laughed at her over it. No wonder he attracted a flock of girls with more than just great looks. She wondered what it'd be like…but no she should focus on the here and now…and she felt her pelvis rock beneath his tongue, when it darted inside of her pussy. A few more times doing that and she would…she bit her lip.

"Oh come on Charlie," Colton cajoled, "Just let yourself go."

"I can't…"

"Oh yes you can," he said, and he continued to torture her with that damn tongue.


And then she felt the tension release itself sending waves of something beyond elation, beyond giddiness through her body. She closed her eyes feeling so much emotion that her eyes burned.

When he finished, he stroked her pussy gently with his fingers. She just let him, her breathing coming fast and hard and every muscle in her body relaxing.

After a while, they got dressed because Charlie had to get back to her house in 30 minutes but she still felt the sensations that his mouth had elicited and his taste still lingered.

Just like she tasted herself when she kissed him afterward and the realization turned her on. What did that make her, that she would feel so much for him

"I had a great time tonight," she said, knowing how inadequate that sounded.

Colton buttoned his shirt.

"So did I…so you free tomorrow night?"

She nodded; thinking whatever else she had planned could be rescheduled. There was no way she was walking away from more pleasurable experiences with him. Even if it weren't a relationship they shared, but that had been the terms of their agreement.

Besides what they shared just made her feel hot.

She thought about that as she left him at the bottom of the tree house and headed home.


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