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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Lois had the tequila waiting when Charlie headed over to her house for a sleepover. Her parents were out of town again and it hadn't been hard for her to get into the liquor cabinet.

She rolled her eyes as she handed Charlie her glass.

"Parents put a lock on it that a chimp could undo. I grabbed the tequila because they've been counting the scotch bottles."

Charlie took a sip of the liquor which seared her throat the way she liked it and followed her friend into the living room. A flat screen television and expensive sound system including a stereo system that could shake the building awaited. Lois sunk on the couch and picked up the remote.

"Already put the movie in."

Charlie settled beside her.

"What's in it?"

Lois just looked at her pointedly.

"Some below the belt action," shes said, "You know, giving head and all that."

The film, which looked a bit grainy came on and Charlie watched as a woman who must have been a wig of black hair that tumbled onto her shoulders as she licked her lips up at some hulk of a man standing naked in front of her.

"How'd he get there," Charlie asked, "Did she invite him over?"

Lois just shot her eyes upward and shook her head.

"It's porn, no plot just action," she said, "She's going to suck him off in a moment."

Charlie watched as the woman did just that, she got on her knees on the carpet Charlie guessed and then manuevered herself so that the man's cock penetrated her mouth.

"How does she do that without wanting to throw up?"

Lois smiled over at her.

"I heard they take something that numbs out that part of their throat so they don't feel it."

Sounded a bit extreme to Charlie. She just wanted to know how best to use her mouth to get Colton off. The woman on the film who did all kinds of things with her mouth and hands to the faceless man made it look so much easier. The last guy that Charlie had sucked off had been so damn impatient, and he kept trying to press the back of her head with his hands to get her to take more of him inside her mouth. She'd wanted to show him some teeth after not so long but a few more thrusts and he had shot his wad, leaving his raw flavor inside her mouth.

She had never gone out with him again.

"Here's where he give it to her,"Lois said, sipping her drink, "That must take some getting used to…did you see his cock?"

Charlie watched the action on the screen. Yeah she'd seen it and no guy she had been with had been that hung.

The woman reacted suddenly and Charlie knew that he had climaxed. She deftly swallowed every drop of him and then looked up to his face offscreen. Okay, so if that were the way to get it done, then Charlie figured she didn't have a prayer with Colton. The women in these films, did they ever cramp up their jaw muscles or bruise their knees?

The woman didn't even have a hair out of place and her body, well Charlie didn't think she'd ever look like that.

"Want to watch another?"

Charlie shook her head.

"I think I can handle it," she said, "as long as I can pace myself."

"Some guys will let you," Lois said, "Some guys will want to call the shots. I've seen both."

Of course she had, Charlie thought. She knew that her friend had more experience with guys than she did. But she wondered what Colton would be like. That night with the body paints, she wanted to move the trail of her kisses and licking his skin further down past his navel. She had wanted to stroke his erect cock with her tongue, circling the tip then down its thick shaft. The woman in the film had done things with her tongue that Charlie hadn't thought possible but she'd like to try them…as long s Colton didn't tease her about it.

"So when you going out with him again?"

Charlie shrugged.

"It's not like that," she said, "We just meet up. Neither of us is going with anyone right now."

Lois nodded approvingly then reached for the bottle to fill up her glass again.

"That's just the way to do it," she said, "After all, next year everything will be all different."

Yeah, they'd be in college and Charlie had applied to schools far away from here. She knew that Colton had his own plans. His daddy had wanted him to go to business school to learn all he could absorb before returning to learn how to run the family business.

The two of them wouldn't see much of each other for quite a while except perhaps on school breaks. That thought sobered her because she'd grown up used to him always being there.

"After all no sense getting to attached to him…"

Charlie looked over at Lois who slugged another glass of her tequila down her throat.

"I don't plan on it," Charlie said, "We'll always be tight but right now, he's just too damn sexy."

"I'll bet," Lois said, "I take it that when the two of you knock the bedboards you'll be using."

Charlie flashed her an irritated look.

"Hell yeah," she said, "I'm not looking on getting knocked up."

Lois shrugged.

"Wouldn't be the first time it happened, "she said, "Look at Delia."

Charlie reached for the tequila bottle.

"I'm not her, look I know how to take care of myself," she said, "I'm just looking to have a good time that's all

"Whatever…anyway I'm hungry," Lois said, "Let's go cook up something. How about Nachos?"

That sounded good to Charlie and she followed her friend into the kitchen.

Colton had hit the shower before going out to go to a tailgate party near the lake. The weather had cooled down a lot and the air might be nippy but there would be plenty of beer around a warm fire.

He and the others who lived on the ranches around would hang out and swap stories, over some food and drink. Not much to do in this part of the valley on the weekend nights but hang out.

A couple of the guys had played football with him and they had told stories about their final season which had ended some weeks earlier, much more so than they had wanted.

Colton liked hanging with the guys but his mind wandered back to Charlie, and how much he wished he were up in the treehouse with her now. She had begged off choosing to spend the night with her friend to discuss some girl issues. So he'd gone off to do some guy things but as he watched the flames crackle and spit into the night air, he imagined how her face would glow softly from the light. She'd be sitting on the floor by a fireplace with him, looking at him with those sexy eyes of hers while unsnapping her lacy bra.

In the front where all clasps should be. Her breasts, pale white would spill over and into her hands while she displayed them for him. Then she'd move closer to him using her hands and kiss him on the mouth, tantalizing him slowly with those lips and sliding her tongue across his own mouth.

The same tongue that had slid over his skin, lapping up every trace of body paint from his chest. He had wanted her to take that mouth of hers and move even lower. Aching to feel her slide her lips over his cock, ever so slowly, maddeningly as he wanted to push it past them. He new her mouth would be tight and it'd be firm, her teeth sheathed while she nursed his erection.

He tried to refocus on the conversation going around him, but his body tingled and he knew he'd be feeling his jeans tighten in a second if he weren't careful. The way she'd look up at him through her eyelashes as he felt his cock disappear inside of her mouth.

And his balls would tuck under tightly the more she worked him, because he knew that's what she'd do if she ever got her mouth between his thighs.

"Hey Colton, you going to the bonfire next weekend?"

He looked up and saw Carl looking over at him, from where he had seated himself next to the icechest.

"I don't know," he said, "It's the day before a dispersal sale so I might have to pass."

Carl shook his head.

"Natalie's supposed to be there," he said, "and her sister Paulette, they're supposed to be hot."

Colton shrugged, he'd heard that before whenever newcomers showed up in town.

"Like I said, I got work to do."

Carl turned to another guy wearing a letter jacket named Tyler.

"See, I told you he's got a piece on the side already."

Tyler and a couple of other guys laughed at that but not Colton. He didn't consider his whatever he'd call it that he had going with Charlie fodder for some joke.

"Yeah I heard Lorie's looking to get back with you," Tyler added, "She's told everyone that anyhow."

Colton reached for his beer and sipped it slowly.

"It's over between us," he said.

Tyler and Carl looked at each other again.

"Oh so you've got someone else lined up."

Colton took another sip of his beer, not willing to answer either way. He didn't want his best friend to be caught up in some gossip mill. He just couldn't wait to spend more time with her.

Around him, the party continued but inside his mind lingered to the treehouse where a certain woman would be waiting.

Charlie and Lois sprawled out on the floor eating Nachos with melted cheese and salsa. The tequilla hadn't settled too well in Charlie's stomach so she hoped that eating some food would make up for it.

Lois had begun to giggle from the alcohol so it was too late for the Nachos to soak up the booze before it made her silly.

"So what's it like when he goes down on you?"

Okay, they had discussed blow jobs and now had moved on to the other side of the coin.

"No, we're still mostly above the waist, but I hope he goes for it," Charlie said, "Some guys don't."

Lois shrugged.

"They will if you bribe them to do it," she said, "When I was with Nathan, it was two blows for every muff diving."

Charlie frowned.

"That hardly seems fair."

"Maybe not, but Nathan wasn't bad with his mouth," she said, "Though his breath wasn't always great. Down there that doesn't matter."

Charlie sighed as she wondered what it'd feel like to have Colton's mouth on her pussy. It made her wet just thinking about it, oh man if he'd tongue her clit, it'd drive her crazy. None of the guys she'd been with had been nearly as keen to put their heads between her thighs as they had their cocks. Hopefully Colton would break that mold.

She thought about what it'd be like when she'd meet with him tomorrow night. She had a couple of surprises for him and no doubt he'd have some for her.

Maybe something else from inside that safe.


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