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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Charlie woke up the next morning tangled up in her bed sheets wondering if last night had been just another dream. She had returned home really late after having spent hours with Colton up in his childhood tree house.

He had turned the confined quarters nestled up in the huge tree into his own passion palace or at least one hell of a bachelor pad. She had lain there as he had licked the passion paint off of where he had spread it on her breasts. Remembering the sensations that he had elicited through that tongue action made them tingle. She sighed trying to remember how many times she had climaxed up in that tree house until he allowed her to reciprocate. The strawberry flavor accentuated his earthier flavor of his skin, including around his nipples which she paid careful attention to after she cleansed the paint off the rest of his chest. His breathing hitched when she carefully traced circles around his aureoles, and then traced the dribble of the paint towards where his chest hair tapered to his navel.

She had wanted so badly to unfasten his pants and pull out his cock and rub some of the paints oh so carefully up and down his shaft and more liberally on his purplish head. Then she would take that tongue of hers and lick the flavor right off of his erection, before taking him inside of her mouth to finish the job. God she'd love to taste the salty flavor of him mixed with the tang of strawberries.

But Colton had stopped her before she could move further down and had pulled her on top of him into his capable arms instead. She could feel his erection against her, even with his clothes on and she longed to feel its heat against her bare skin. It might be wrong to want her best friend so badly…but the guy was seriously hotter than she ever would have guessed.

Now she knew and she'd gotten just a little taste of what he could deliver. Enough to make her leave with panties drenched with want for him, because she had hoped for some oral action from him too. She sighed now the next morning, knowing that it would just have to wait.

She had to get up and go feed the horses on the ranch, because school was off for a teachers' conference. That meant working from sunrise to sunset beginning when she saddled up her horse and headed out with the other hands. She'd probably run into Colton on the way somehow because even though his parents had money, they still expected their son to work hard.

But after she pulled on her clothes and her boots, she headed down the stairs to get some breakfast, just one of the egg and hash brown wraps her mother made that along with some juice would fill her up until noon. She walked to the barn and saddled up her horse to head on out.

Her friend Lois who was the daughter of one of the hands rode on over to her, her auburn braids bouncing behind her.

"What's up….?"

Charlie shrugged.

"Got to go feed the horses on the other barn on the far side," she said.

Lois nodded.

"I'll help you," she said, "Then maybe later you can help me patch up some fence for my dad."

Charlie knew she would because that's often how it worked in the neighboring ranches. People helped each other when one ranch fell short of hands and Lois' dad had just lost one to a broken wrist in a riding accident.

"I was out with Tim last night," Lois said, "Where were you, didn't see you at the movies."

They both rode side by side down a trail, the sunlight warming their backs.

"I was somewhere else," Charlie said, "You and Tim back together already?"

Lois sighed.

"Yeah I know I should have made him beg a little longer but I missed him."

"But he went out with Talia behind your back," Charlie said, "You should have kicked his ass."

"Well he dropped by the diner last night and we got to talking and he said he was sorry," Lois said, "and I believe him."

Charlie just wanted to shake her head knowing that her friend was a sucker for some guy's alibi about why he cheated on her.

"So when you were somewhere else, were you alone?"

Charlie fell silent, thinking about pretending she hadn't heard that but Lois didn't lose her train of thought easily.

"Hey, I know you were with a guy…fess up…who is he?"

Charlie shortened her horse's rein.

"Okay, it's no big deal but it was Colton."

That didn't impress Lois because after all he was her friend and they hung out together often enough.

"So…why's that such a big secret?"

"I didn't say it was one…you asked a question and I answered it."

Lois shrugged like she hardly cared as they ducked their heads to avoid getting hit by overhanging tree branches thick with leaves.

"So what'd you do…just hang out and listen to music or watch TV."

Charlie smiled.

"Not exactly…we were doing…other things."

"Like what?"

"Oh, trying out some of those new body paints…you know the strawberry kind."

Lois nodded.

"I like tequila flavored myself but the strawberry's not bad…"

And then Charlie said finally hit her.

"You…what…with Colton…oh my god…"

Charlie bristled a little at the stunned response from her friend until she realized she couldn't blame her given that she and Colton had never done anything wild together before.

"What…did he like it?"

Charlie nodded.

"Oh yeah…and he sure knows what to do with body paint. He put some you know…on my chest and then he licked it all off and I almost…"

"You almost came…wow…I'll have to try that sometime," Lois said, "I mean I like having my girls handed by guys but I don't know…maybe the body paints will spice things up."

They stopped by the stream and led their horses to a spot, through the thick grass where they could tie them to a shady tree.

"Did you…you know suck him?"

Charlie shook her head.

"Oh no, we haven't gotten to that part yet," she said, "but that's where I need some work. I mean I've never been all that good at going down on a guy."

Lois looked at her friend critically.

"Okay so how many guys have you sucked off?"

Charlie almost didn't want to fess up to her friend.

"One…one and a half," she said, "It didn't quite work out with the second guy."



Lois sighed, as they reached the barn.

"Well you might have a problem there," she said, "I mean it took me quite a few times with different guys before I got better at it."

Charlie reached for some flakes of alfalfa.

"Great…well I guess I can figure it out," she said, "I mostly know what to do…I just want to mix it up a bit."

Lois brightened as they started feeding the hungry horses.

"Well that's not too hard, come over to my place tonight and I'll see if I can't give you some tips."

Charlie folded her arms as they returned to the hay stack.

"You're not a guy…"

"I know but I've gotten plenty of feedback from them and some of it helped."

Charlie sighed as they kept working, because she really kind of knew the basics. She'd researched it online and when she'd had some field experience as she called it. But Colton, he had much more experience with receiving blow jobs than she had in giving them and damn, he'd know the difference right when she started.

"Really, Charlie it's not hopeless," Lois said, "There's exercises you can try…and some…training films we can watch."

Charlie's eyes widened.

"You mean porno movies don't you," she said, "Where'd you find them?"

Lois shrugged.

"My parents DVD collection…they just label them something else."

"Won't they notice?"

"Nah, they haven't yet," Lois said, as they finished up feeding the horses and began watering them.

Charlie just shook her head, as they moved onto the next chore before they could head back for lunch.

Colton had saddled up his horse and had gone out to check on some old geldings that grazed near a fence line that always seemed to be leaning. They hadn't nudged it down in a while but it to be dealt with.

He had another hand help him with that but as the sunlight steamed down on him hard enough to make him perspire by late morning, he found his mind wandering. Damn it shouldn't be so hot this time of year…the valley still acted like it was summer not late autumn. At least the nights cooled down enough…and that alone caused him to think about Charlie.

She had said she couldn't see him tonight because she had been sleeping over at Lois to help her work on a school project but he'd see her soon. Damn he got hard just thinking about her, and that damn body paint she had licked off his chest, until he nearly couldn't contain himself. He had wanted to take her into his embrace and kiss her hard while they fiddled with the rest of each other's clothes and just got down and dirty. His cock had throbbed with each moist touch of her tongue on his skin and when he'd gotten back home, he had to jack off in the shower just to get the edge off. He'd been doing that since he turned 14 and even with the girlfriends he had, there were a couple dry spells in between so he remembered the mechanics. But what he wanted was for her to lay there looking up at him, her lips curled up in that special smile while she opened herself up for him. Colton had often felt older than his years because of the responsibilities heaped on him from birth.

So much had depended on him with the ranch and even though still not out of his teens, he had to make decisions that most of those his age hadn't and he knew Charlie understood that. Her mother had done most of the rearing of her and her siblings, and Charlie had helped her. How she did all that, helped run the ranch and still kept her grades high enough to put her near the top of the class…he just marveled at all that defined her.

Didn't mean he didn't want to tug down those panties of hers and finish what he started last night. Her pussy had felt slick when he had thrust his finger inside, and he knew she had enjoyed him fingering her.

He wanted to do much more than that, and if not tonight then soon. They had started down this road together maybe on a whim that Halloween night but there was no turning back.


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