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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Charlie had a pretty good idea what Colton had in mind, after that steamy interlude they had enjoyed in his childhood tree house. She knew whenever she saw it again, she'd never look at it in quite the same way.

And if he wanted her to meet him there, she definitely would be more than up for a little fooling around. After all, she knew that he'd stocked it up as a pleasure palace of sorts ahead of time…after all, why keep wipes in a safe and what else was inside there? She could only imagine…trying to reach into her memories for any clues. It passed the time while she worked on cleaning out the stalls in the barn where the yearlings had lived before they'd been transferred to the local auction house to be sold. She knew her mom would be happy with having the extra income to pay off the bills and part of the mortgage. Running the ranch had been a real struggle after her daddy died some years ago.

But right now, the gloves rubbed against her sweaty palms and the dirty straw and manure she scooped up, well some of it dropped back on her clothes. Mostly because she'd been so distracted by visions of Colton and…her that had popped inside of her head…but after last night, who could blame her?

The way he had pressed her against the wall and dry humped her into a most intense climax. There were times when she wanted to tear off his briefs and see what they sheathed and beg him to do the same for her, so it'd be skin upon skin, right up to the point he slid his cock inside of her.

But then that'd complicate matters because then they'd be fucking and as much as she'd like that, she didn't know where that'd leave them. Yeah she knew what she told him in the pumpkin patch on Halloween but now…but since none of them were seeing anyone else, then why not?

Only until one of them wanted to hook up with someone else and they could just end the sexual part of their relationship still leaving them their friendship. What could be so complicated about that? That was her libido speaking, trying to drown out her rational side that told her that their friendship might not survive breaking up with each other.

The barn heated up and with the smell of old manure, she had to step outside to take a breath. God, she really just had to stop overanalyzing things with him. Last night, she had felt intense pleasure and she wanted more of that. She knew that he did too at least for right now.

And maybe that'd be enough for the both of them.

Colton rode his horse across the meadow, prodding a couple stubborn yearlings back towards the barn area where they'd be placed in the corral. A horse dealer was coming out to look at them and if they could pen a deal with him, they could avoid the auction fees. Every dime counted in his parents' operation and doing it this way would help a lot. He clucked to his gelding and managed to keep them from straying, they were two beautiful pintos, stocky bodied and amazingly strong and swift, a tribute to their bloodlines.

He thought about what waited him at the end of a day. A hearty dinner and then shower and get ready for his meeting with Charlie…if she showed up. She hadn't looked too sure to him when they'd parted, saying yes but the lines on her forehead. He knew she had her doubts. But if what they did together made them feel so damn good, what was the crime in that? He was single and so was she, what better way to spend their fallow time than making each other happy?

If he had to convince her of that, he'd find a way because when he'd thrust against her last night in the tree house, it hadn't been sex but it'd been almost as hot. He'd spent most of his lunch break sitting under a shaded area eating his sandwich and thinking about how sweet it'd been to slide his cock across the entrance of her pussy even with their underclothes in between them. The friction had nearly driven him crazy and the way she grabbed him harder, unable to really let herself go and cry out her pleasure.

Maybe she'd felt too self-conscious to show him how much she had enjoyed it but she couldn't hide it. The way her body relaxed after she climaxed, the flush in her skin and her uneven breathing…he knew he'd gotten her rocks off damn good. After all, he knew how to handle himself with women, in bed and in more imaginative places. Soon enough, she'd know that as well. He knew that inside of her existed a wilder side than she showed him last night.

After all, Charlie had always been fearless since she was small about most anything. She got on the orneriest broncos and rode as good as he did…she drove like a fiend…and had raced horses and ponies, winning prize money. No, she definitely wasn't afraid to ride…at least not horses.

But a man…he didn't know how much experience she really had…except for the one guy who'd taken her virginity a couple years back in the hayloft. They hadn't lasted very long but she'd dated other guys at least…and when he looked in her eyes as he ground his hips against her last night, he saw how badly he wanted him.

He reached the corral and one of the ranch hands stood by the open gate as the yearlings trotted on inside and then he shut the gate. The pintos didn't mind being hemmed in the corral but settled down to try to pick at any stray hint of grass.

"That's the last of them…."

The hand, Chet, glanced up at Colton.

"I'm glad…it's been a long haul with this crop of them."

Colton couldn't argue with that at all.

"I guess that's it for the day."

"You going out," Chet asked, "There's country western at the bar tonight."

Colton shook his head, getting off of his gelding.

"Already got plans…"

Chet's eyes gleamed.

"With a lady friend…?"

Colton just looked at him as he led the gelding back into the barn to unsaddle him. The horse seemed happy enough to be put away for the day and after hanging the tack back up, Colton headed back to his house to shower and get ready to meet with Charlie.

Charlie had thought about dressing up in something nice for him, but after some thought, she reached inside for some brown slacks and a soft cream white sweater with short sleeves. Curling her hair a bit at the ends and putting on a touch of makeup and she was ready to go after grabbing a quick sandwich.

She'd loved getting in the lukewarm shower to shed the dirt and manure off of her, soaping up her body and imagining that he had gotten in the shower with her. She thought maybe she'd like it if he took the sponge and worked up a creamy lather on it before rubbing it over her, caressing her skin as it cleansed…especially if he gave a lot of attention to her breasts….and the juncture in between her thigh, nestled in soft curls that buzzed at the thought of him rinsing the soap off of her. Slowly, and deliberately…each inch at a time.

But she thought, it wouldn't work out very well if he was too behaved, at some point he had to decide that there were other things a man and a woman who were naked in a shower could do together. If he picked her up and planted her against the tiles, parting her legs to wrap around his how thighs before he thrust his engorged erection inside of her waiting pussy. The water no doubt would add to the sensations of his penis sliding in and out of her each time he bucked his ass…and if he kissed her with his mouth…her legs weakened at the thought and she had turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry herself.

She felt wired after she dressed and even as she left the house and walked over to his house, towards the area where she'd find the tree house. He met her there, dressed in casual wear and kissed her softly on the mouth.

Too nicely, when she wanted naughty…but she knew that he'd wait until he had her alone up inside the structure.

"Are we going to," she asked breathlessly.

He smiled his eyes on her face.

"We're going to have ourselves some fun but when we do it, it's not going to be here," he said, "a tree house is a good spot for fooling around but not for making love."

She furrowed her brows at him.

"Is that what we're doing…making love…I thought it was sex."

He shrugged.

"We'll find out won't we," he said, "There's no rush."

She folded her arms.

"Colton…there's no reason why we can't just climb up there, take our clothes off, engage in some heavy petting and then just do it."

He looked taken aback at her methodical listing of parts of the most enjoyable act that had their due order.

"Why you in such a hurry…?"

"I'm not…I just don't need all this…if it's not what you want."

He appraised her, seeing a lot of emotions churning underneath her matter of fact expression. He knew how to read people, not as well as horses but well enough to know that the woman in front of him didn't want him to know how she really felt about all this…the reality that they'd be crossing some serious boundaries which had stood between them for quite a while.

But he didn't view it as such a big deal. She was sexy as hell even when she didn't make the effort and last night, he had discovered how it could between them, they could scorch the sheets together if given the chance. And he wanted to take that chance, but he read so much on her face.

"What I want is to enjoy you a little bit at a time," he said, "after all, I'm not in a rush here…so if you'd like, we can take it up to the tree house."

She looked at him and she nodded.

"Okay…let's go…"

She climbed up after him and when they reached the top, he went inside first and turned on the light. She smiled as she walked around.

"What do you want to do first?"

He just arched his brow and gestured for her to walk to the safe. He knelt by it and did the combination.

"What have you got hiding in there?"

"Something fun…but you got to go take off some of those clothes you got on."

She just stared at him and he widened his smile.

"Come on get a move on…I'll be there in a sec."

She moved to the other end of the room and started taking off of her sweater, almost hesitating to ask if that's what he really wanted but she thought, what the hell. So she shimmied out of her sweater and put it aside, just wearing her white lacy bra. When he locked up the safe and turned to look at her, he almost froze.

"My…I had no idea."

She just licked her lips at him.

"I guess not…what about you," she said, "I'm not removing anything else until you take off that shirt."

He unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time, grinning and she took a gander at his chest, and his muscular frame, sprinkled with whorls of hair. Then there were the two coppery nipples of his she just wanted so badly to sample…just a little bit.

"What have you got behind your back?"

"First you take your bra off…it's very pretty nice but I want to see what's underneath more."

She just shook her head and took a deep breath as she reached down to unsnap its front and when Colton saw her breasts liberated from their confinement, his mouth went totally dry. Cream colored, nicely rounded and firm, with the rosiest nipples he'd ever seen…and soon he would taste them.

But first she wanted to see what was in his hand.

"What are you hiding…it's not dangerous is it?"

He whipped it out and she narrowed her eyes to take a closer look.

"Is that what I think…"

He smiled, taking off the cap, squeezing a little on his finger. Walking closer to her, she realized what he had removed from the safe.

Body paint….scarlet read and it smelled like…strawberries.

He took that finger and gently dabbed her mouth with it.

"Try it…because you had dinner right?"

She nodded.

"I just grabbed something easy."

"Me too…but now it's time for dessert…me first."

She just looked at him, as he squeezed more of the delectable scented paint on his fingers and reached over to smear it softly on her front, including her breasts, tantalizing them with his touch, taking special care when he reached her nipples, which peaked in anticipation. Her breath became uneven as she realized what he had in mind.

"Come on down here…"

She knelt on the floor and so did he but he pulled her on top of him so that she wrapped her legs around his waist. It felt strangely intimate even with most of their clothes still on, but when he lowered his mouth to her breasts…and she felt the first strokes of his wicked tongue across them…she nearly jumped off of him.

"Shhhh…sit still," he said, taking the tube and rubbing more paint on her breasts, before his mouth returned to licking it right off of her skin. The slivers of pleasure that shot through her breasts as they hardened beneath his mouth shot down to her pussy and because it pressed against him above the waist…it felt the pleasure build…as he mouthed her breasts, he slowly and deftly lifted her up with his hands on her waist to better sample her nipples…licking them with repeated strokes before inhaling them inside of the moist heat of his mouth. She gasped and wiggled in his embrace even though he cajoled her to be still for him. How in the hell could she do that when the ecstasy that shot through her body, moistening her pussy nearly drove her out of control?

She mewed instead, and he sucked in each nipple again, one at a time, giving them the lightest pressure of teeth which stung even as it drove her excitement higher. She sighed, wishing he'd push her against the floor, remove her pants and just fuck her, her pussy tingled with each stroke of his tongue on her breasts and when he had her raised up, he pulled her towards him, frustrating the part of her that wanted his cock burrowed inside of it, punishing it as his mouth did her breasts.

"Oh god…I can't do this…I want…"

He stopped mouthing her and pushed her back on the floor, Yes, she thought, the clothes would be coming off and she'd actually get to see the erection that she'd felt sheathed by his briefs the night before…she wanted his body on top of hers, snug between her legs even with their clothing on but he sat beside her looking down and he started stroking her crotch with his thumb...slowly at first, brushing the surface of the seam of her pants but she could feel him…then she arched her pussy against his finger, lifting her hips up, breathing hard. Damn, him she didn't want his hand on her pants, she wanted it inside, stroking her beneath her panties.

He almost seemed to read her mind, and slipped his hand in her waistband and inside her damp slip of silk and lace.


He smiled as he heard her bite down on her lip to suppress her cries…all the way as he dragged her up the spiraling stairway towards release…the tension building inside of her, her pussy dampening his fingers with her arousal. If he wanted to…he could fuck her with his fingers…oh god, please want to…she told herself as she writhed.

And so he did, thrusting a finger up inside of her stroking the walls of her pussy as she squeezed around him….before he could pull out. She wanted his cock so badly but if she only had a finger…she'd take that as long as he…ended the agony that threaten to shake through her.

He thrust his finger inside of her, then added a second one, stretching her pussy further as she swallowed to get rid of the lump in her throat, his thumb scraped along her clitoris. And she finally bucked when she couldn't take it anymore and then her body finally spasmed, sending shards of pleasure through her, she felt so lost in the sensation, she didn't even feel his fingers withdraw until she realized they were gone.

"You want a taste?"

She greedily licked the fingers he had thrust inside of her, tasting herself and a trace of strawberries. He lay down beside her while her breathing returned to normal…when it finally did, she rolled to her side and looked at him.

"Okay bud, it's my turn, hand over the paints…"

He did just that and she did what he did which was rub it gently on his abdomen, the muscles twitched, circling his aureoles with her finger dipped in strawberry paint. As he waited, she dipped down her face and with her mouth delivered her own sweet brand of torment.


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