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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Colton got out of the truck to rush to the scene of the accident. One car had spun out and collided with another and the drivers in both were complaining of pain. He whipped out his cell phone to call for the EMTS and firefighters to come out and render first aid to the injured.

Police officers in cars with lights flashing showed up to put barriers around the disabled cars and to begin talking to people about the accident.

Charlie watched Colton interact with the emergency personnel directing them to a young man sitting slumped on the twisted fender of his car who looked as if he might have a huge headache, the way his hands were placed.

She got out of the truck and walked over to where Colton was standing. She saw that the wounded man was his football buddy Dylan. He glanced up at Charlie.

"I think Dylan's going in to have some tests done to make sure he didn't fracture his skull," he said, "I'm going to need to go with him…until they get a hold of his daddy."

Charlie nodded, knowing that he needed to help his friend.

"Okay...if you can drop me off at the ranch…"

He sighed.

"All right…we'd better get going then…Dylan's on his way to the hospital."

They got back in the truck and drove back to the ranch where they parked in front of the house on her property.

He parked and she didn't feel like leaving right away. If it hadn't been for the accident…they'd be at the cabin alone in the darkness making love all night long. Something she'd been waiting for months it seemed…she felt so frustrated right now wanting him so badly.

"Colton…I wanted us to spend the night together…"

He stroked her face.

"I know Charlie…soon I promise…"

She sighed.

"You've got the auction coming up…"

He nodded then brightened.

"Tomorrow night…"

"God I hope so Colton…I really want you…so bad…like this…"

She moved closer in the front seat to wrap her arms around him and draw him close. She wanted to feel his body against her, doing all kinds of pleasurable things…right now she settled for kissing him on the mouth…gently parting his lips with her tongue. He gasped and she thrust it inside his mouth skimming the inside of his mouth delicately.

"Oh god Charlie…"

His own hand moved, palming her breasts covered by the fabric of her outfit.

"I want you too Colton…you really have to go?"

He sighed, his hands still making circles on her breasts.

"Yeah I have to go…I'll call you later….goodnight…"

She got out of the truck and started walking back through the darkness towards her house. Her phone vibrated.

"I want to be your lover…kiss you all over…"

She looked at her phone. She couldn't figure out if that were Carlton texting her why his phone number's not showing up. After putting her phone away, she started heading to the house, through the darkness lit up by the moonlight shining through some trees.

If not for the accident, she and Colton would be inside the cabin alone together all night long making love in the bed there, wrapped in the sheets going at each other. It'd been too damn long since…and every hour they had spent together in the tree house had left her wanting so much more. She wanted him holding her, touching her and she wanted to feel him inside her while she wrapped her legs around him.

She sucked her breath in just at the thought of it. In a couple of days, he'd be off to the auction for a few days and she wouldn't be able to see him at all. So yeah she wanted to know what it felt to be with him before he left.

Well tomorrow night would work. They'd find a way to spend it together. She sighed thinking of that moment when they'd be able to shut out the rest of the world for a while and give into what they'd been building up to…since they'd decided to take their relationship outside the boundaries of platonic friendship.

As she neared the house she remembered, she'd had to pick up some paperwork inside the tack room office in the barn. So she changed direction and headed to the building which looked like a shadow in the night.

She opened the door and noticed the light was already on.

"Who's there?"

A familiar drawl and a pair of boots clicked on the floor as Brad walked towards her. She frowned at him.

"What are you doing here?"

He smiled.

"I had to drop off some grooming supplies. You're short on hoof picks."

She remembered that, nodding.

"What about you? I didn't expect to see you here…"

"Paperwork…for tomorrow. Colton's going to need it before heading to the auction."

He digested that.

"Ah…the one that will take him out of town for three days and three nights."

She pursed her lips.

"Yep…then he'll be back hopefully with more cash in hand…"

"To spend any on you?"

She shrugged, not knowing why he'd ask.

"I don't know…most of it goes back into the ranch. That's how it works with a business."

He ran his tongue over his lips, leaning against a post.

"I'm a bit surprised like I said…I thought you and he…you had plans tonight."

She bristled under his words and the way he appraised her.

"There's an accident on the highway. One of his friends was involved. He went to check on him at the hospital."

"Hope everything's all right."

She nodded.

"It is…he might just need someone to take him home…"

Brad sighed.

"I suppose that's good enough of a reason to pass up spending time with his girlfriend. To help out a friend."

She nodded again, feeling irritation creep through her.

"Yes it is…Carlton's a good man…loyal to his friends. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Brad chuckled.

"Oh I'm sure…but where does that leave you?"

She shrugged.

"I'll see him tomorrow…now I've to get the paperwork…"

"Sure thing…"

She walked into the office where the light was on and searched for it in the drawer. What a mess of papers of all sizes and folders but she finally found what she wanted.

"You find it?"

She hadn't heard him enter the room. Turning around to face him she saw him right there.

"Yes I did…"

He smiled at her again.

"You know he's never gotten over her…"

She arched her brows at him.

"Who…who are you talking about?"

"You know…Trina…the one he used to go with…"

Charlie sighed.

"She's his ex now…and he's moved on…he's been spending his time with me."

Brad put his hand up.

"Hey I didn't mean to make a deal about it…it's just that sometimes it's hard to let one like her go…and well, someone from her daddy's ranch is going to that same auction and if it's her…"

Charlie shook her head.

"No…it's someone else that's going…that's what Colton said. Her father or one of her brothers."

He smiled.

"You sure about that?"

She nodded, suddenly not so sure. Did Brad know something she didn't know? No he was just messing with her.

"I'm…sure…what's it to you anyway? What would it matter? Colton and Trina are over…"

He nodded, seemingly in agreement.

"I'm sure they are…but you never know what might happen…especially if they're booked in the same flea bag motel off the strip…"

Charlie gritted her teeth not answering. Yeah he was most definitely messing with her.

"Colton's not like that…"

Brad shrugged.

"Maybe he is…maybe he's not…but it'd seem to me you're smart enough to find out yourself and too good a woman to ever be second best…"

She bristled, her fingers itched at her side. The nerve of the man…even implying Colton still wanted anything to do with Trina.

"On the other hand if that's true…and he and Trina…rekindle old feelings…you might have to deal with that."

She started to say something but thought better.

"You might have to just walk away from a guy like that…"

"I don't think that's going to happen with us…"

"Like I said, maybe it won't…but Charlie…you're a very pretty woman…I bet you're real sexy too and all I'm saying…is that if it doesn't work out with him…there'll be other guys out there that can give you what he won't…who know how to satisfy a woman and have her coming back for more."

Her eyes widened, her mouth smirked.

"Oh and I suppose that'd include you….right?"

He stepped forward then and before she knew it, reached a couple of fingers out to stroke her face, his thumb brushing her lips.

"Yeah it does…if you're interested. I can do you so good Charlie…just the way you've been wanting…"

She shivered a bit but pressed her lips together moving away from him and his touch.

"No….Brad I'm with Colton and I'm not interested in anyone else…"

He paused.

"I think he's going to break your heart because in the real world, men just aren't like that about woman…and you don't want to be second best do you?"

She looked straight at him.

"I don't want to be with anyone but him…so this conversation is over…now excuse me…"

She started to leave but he grabbed her wrist causing her to glare at him.


He stared back at her.

"Be sure what you want…it might not be what he wants…"

"I don't believe you…"

"We'll see won't we?"

She pulled away from him and walked out of the tack office leaving him in her wake.


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