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Somewhere Inside the Tree House

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. View table of contents...


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Charlie had to recover from the erotic experience with Colton in the barn. Damn it'd been so hot, when he had her against the hay bale, her dress hiked up while she unfastened his pants. A couple more movements, a couple of seconds and he'd slide his cock inside of her and she'd finally know what it was like to fuck him.

All the days spent in the treehouse had been buildup for this moment when the two of them finally came together in more ways than one. The initial coupling where their bodies intertwined while they fucked on the bail and then when they reached the abyss of exhilaration and toppled down it. She'd had her hands on him, his mouth on her claiming her just as she'd been wanting.


A simple noise of perhaps someone approaching had broken the mood and then Brad had come up saying she'd better get home before her uncle and aunt came looking for her. So home she went and she crept up the stairs while they were busy after announcing her arrival.

Inside her room, she stripped off her clothes, still feeling raw and edgy after coming so damn close to what she wanted. Colton in between her thighs and his cock, hard and thick and full of raw power inside her pussy.

Her mouth had tasted it, now her pussy wanted to grab hold of it, while it rocked inside its walls. She felt the familiar heaviness of wanting something to fill it, ease the ache inside her with the delicious sliding of his shift against the friction, the buildup until he exploded inside of her.

Damn she had to stop imagining what might have been and take a shower. She walked naked into the bathroom and turned on the water, lukewarm.

She closed her eyes as it cascaded over her body, still tingling from what happened in the barn. It wouldn't fix what was wrong with her but maybe tomorrow…

But they had just spent that day sitting inside while it poured outside. Colton had been in town doing some business for his father so Lois had brought over a couple bottles of tequila, they raided Charlie's cabinet to make nachos and they'd been talking about men.

"So you and Colton were that close to doing it in the barn?"

Charlie sighed.

"I…well…we were still getting undressed just enough to you know…"

Lois laughed.

"I know…I wish I had Brad in that position. I'd love to peal the jeans off of that hard body…get a good look at that ass of his. See if it's good enough to hold onto when I do him."

Charlie shook her head.

"He knows it's his job if he does you. You're playing with fire and he knows it."

Lois snorted.

"He works for my daddy but he does such damn good work that I don't think he'd get fired…if we were discreet about it."

"You? You'd probably announce it to half of town if you seduced him."

Lois shrugged.

"Maybe part of the town but not half of it. God, I want a piece of that….he looks like he rides his women damn hard like his horses."

Charlie just listened to her go on about the foreman. I thought about Colton and how I wanted to do him…next time without being interrupted.

"You know Trina's going to try to get him back…"

Charlie rolled her eyes.

"Well mail should be here…got to go check it."

She went out to fetch it in the pouring rain and scanned it when she got inside. The usual stuff. Bills, a couple of flyers to events in town and a plain envelope addressed to her.

Puzzled she opened it up and it was a sheet of paper with some writing on it.

"I'm out riding my horse today but I'd rather be riding you. Hard and wet just like me right now…"

What the…but then she hadn't seen Colton today and he'd had to do some roping out in his ranch with the male hands, Duke, Cassidy and Brad. God, so hot of him to send her a note so she'd be thinking about him and wanting him.

She felt wet just reading it. God, she wished he'd come by tonight but he hadn't phoned or texted her. Probably why he dropped off the note.

She took it upstairs to Lois.

"Look what Carlton dropped off. Is he hot or what?"

Lois read it and sighed.

"Some girls have all the luck…"

Damn Carlton missed spending time with Charlie today. After being interrupted just before they were about to go at it on the hay bale, he's had the worst case of blue balls. He'd hoped they'd meet up today someplace more private and move from being friends to being lovers.

He sighed. He'd been paired off with Duke and Brad who'd been collecting strays and they took shelter in an old hunting cabin eating some food.

"Hey this storm will let up before tomorrow right?"

Carlton looked at Duke.

"Don't know… hope so because we got to hit the fencing and we know Lois and Charlie want to get out tomorrow and do some work."

Brad chuckled.

"I bet they do. Probably sitting at home drinking up and talking about us…Well Charlie will be talking about you of course…"

Colton felt a bit warm.

"I think they got other things to talk about than us…"

Brad sipped his iced tea from the bottle.

"So how's Charlie anyway? You two getting along okay?"

Colton shot the older hand a look.

"Why you asking?"

"No reason…you two looked happy together that's all. Now me and Lois…"

The other men laughed. Colton narrowed his eyes at Brad.

"You be careful with her. She's a bit younger than you and her daddy won't fancy you hanging around her."

Brad shrugged.

"He got no say in it as long as I do my work well. Besides she's not really my type. I do like them young but I like them quiet meaning not going about telling everyone our business."

Colton nodded.

"Sounds smart…better job security and her father won't take it out of your hide."

Brad smiled.

"I'll find myself a sweet thing soon enough, one who's willing. Makes the season go faster…to have someone in your bed."

Duke agreed.

"We work hard all day, we should be able to relax and play hard at night."

Brad nodded.

"I like to court a woman a little first. More fun that way…wouldn't you agree Colton?"

Colton didn't say anything to him in response knowing when Brad was needling him. But the other men just chuckled.

Duke looked at the rest of them sitting there listening to the rain patter on the roof over them.

"So any of you going to the Lonely Rider tonight?"

A couple volunteered but Brad said that he had some tack to clean inside the barn. Colton declined as well hoping that he could spend some time with Charlie in the treehouse.

Charlie kept her tequila drinking to a minimum but Lois had gotten pretty sloshed lying on the floor.

"God I'm going to be sick I just know it and I was going to the Lonely Rider tonight…I'm hoping Brad will be here ready to do some dancing."

Charlie ate some remaining chips dipped in salsa.

"I was thinking of seeing Colton tonight for a spell. Pick up where we left off."

Lois obviously approved.

"Damn girl…you don't waste time."

"I want him Lois…god if only last night…this time no one will come between us…"

"I hope not…you really look like you need some…since Jake."

Charlie hesitated.

"Jake…he wasn't all that. He…well…he jumped the gun so to speak?"

Lois rolled over on the floor to look at her.

"You're kidding right? He came too fast? Well did you have any fun with him?"

"Not really…we only did it a couple times and he blamed it on me," Charlie said, "I didn't even know what it was like to have a guy make me come until Colton."

Lois shook her head.

"Poor girl…at least he got your rocks off and when you finally do it…well it'll last longer than…"

Charlie recoiled.

"Fifteen seconds?"

"Ouch…yeah I'm sure Carlton will last much longer than Quick Draw McGraw…I mean Jake who would have guessed."

"A jerk if you ask me."

"You don't have to worry about that with Colton," Lois said, "He's as nice as they come."

Charlie knew that and nice was good enough for her…but sometimes like when she saw that other side of him that obviously existed through his written notes…she thought she could use some of that too.

Charlie waited for him in the treehouse taking the initiative to climb up herself when she didn't see him waiting for her. So she'd surprise him, she'd worn some nice lacy panties and a bra beneath her clothes she planned to model for him before they…

They fucked each other for the first time…oh god, just imagining it right now made her hot. No more waiting, no more delays just getting down and dirty with each other.

But time passed and she wondered what kept him from showing up at the doorway ready for action, to give her a night neither would forget.

She heard her phone vibrate and figured that had to be him.

"I want 2 fuck you so much right now…I ache…"

She frowned as her phone's light wasn't great…but Colton...she smiled. He'd be here soon she knew. She texted back.

"I want you too…waiting…"

"Not 2 much longer…I promise…"

She smiled reading it.

"Good…I'm so wet…I need u…"

"Hard…want 2 fill you up…"

Oh god, she couldn't wait to see him but where the hell was he? The rain had let up and Colton said he'd be coming from town.

So she stayed in the treehouse and waited.


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