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Diary of a Carnal Friendship

Novel By: Marie Collins

A tale of two friends and their journey into desire, lust, exploration and fantasy despite the distance that separates them. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 - The Awakening

She was feeling lost in life. 32. When did that happen to her? How did the years start to sneak up on her so quickly? She looked at herself in the mirror. She was still attractive, but she frowned slightly as she noticed the softness that had taken over places of her body that used to be so firm and supple. Her breasts had lost some of their luster and her stomach no longer reflected the active lifestyle she used to live. It was still flat, but not as firm as it had been. She quickly applied her makeup so she wouldn't have to stare in the mirror longer than she had too. The only thing that made her smile as she tried to tame her long mane of hair was knowing that she was about to see an old friend who had come to town for a visit. She hadn't seen him in a few years and was looking forward to catching up over dinner and drinks. As her mind wandered to the evening ahead she felt an odd tightening in her stomach. She paused for a moment in the midst of braiding her long red hair to the side and wondered at her reaction. She had met Mark about 14 years ago in college and they had been friends ever since. Nothing more. Just good friends. Over the years they had kept in touch as often as possible but they had drifted apart many times. They had gone months and even a year without speaking due to their own busy lives and the fact that they lived 6 hours from each other now. In fact, she had been quite surprised when he emailed her earlier in the week asking if it was ok for him to come visit for the weekend. He had done this plenty of times over their long friendship. She often envied his ability to live such a carefree and whimsical lifestyle. She was just the opposite. Everything was meticulously planned out in her life. She didn't take vacations. She didn't do spontaneous things. She shook her head and tried to clear her mind. Why did tonight feel so different? He'd visited her plenty of times before and stayed on her couch more times than she could count. It had never felt like this before. She had never anticipated his arrival with such a visceral physical reaction. Her unruley hair was not co-operating so she gave up on the braid and decided to wear a hat instead. Her new cute little black bucket hat with a burgundy ribbon. She picked out a new black shirt that hung loosely on her body and showed just the hint of her curves while baring one pale shoulder. She pulled on a tight fitting pair of jeans and was just zipping up her boots when he texted to say he had arrived. She took one final look in the mirror and left her apartment.

The elevator ride down seemed long. Her mind was racing with thoughts of Mark. She stopped herself again and her practical side took over. He didn't think about her that way. She was sure of it. In all the years they had known each other he had never given her any indication that he felt anything other than friendship for her. She smoothed down her hair as the elevator door opened and she prepared to see him for the first time in a long while. His car was waiting in front of her building and she saw a smile spread across his lips as he caught a glimpse of her. She felt a blush cross her cheeks and a tightening in her stomach as he got out of the car to greet her. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw him. He looked so different from the man she had first met. His hair was cropped close to his scalp and his well tailored clothes fit his frame perfectly. She grinned inwardly as she thought of the long haired boy who had first walked up to her table during club week at college. How much the years had changed them both!

She hurried out the door to properly say hello. He opened his arms to her as she approached for their customary hug. She surprised herself when she found she had jumped into his arms. He lifted her so easily off the ground as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She thought she felt his head bury into her neck for the briefest moment but convinced herself she was imagining things. He set her down and they got in the car and headed for dinner.

"You look great" Mark said as he pulled his seat belt on.

"Thank you" she breathed. She felt her cheeks flush the color of her hair again.

"So my sister is in town for the day as well." He stated. "I thought we could all go for dinner together. What about that cool Greek place?"

Her heart sank. She loved his sister and it had been a very long time since she had seen Nicole but a piece of her wanted Mark to herself this time. She hadn't even told any of their mutual friends he was coming for a visit just so she could be alone with him. But how could she explain that to him?

"Actually, that place closed down. It's a Cuban restaurant now."

"Really? When did that happen?"

"A few years ago" she laughed.

"Well, I guess it has been a while since my last visit. Cuban sounds good to me. I'll text Nicole."

They drove to the restaurant and she smiled as his old familiar patterns emerged. He eagerly shared all of his new favorite songs with her and she smiled, enjoying his youthful exuberance. Nicole arrived at the restaurant at same time and they headed inside. The waitress showed them to their table. She was hit with a sudden dilemma. Where should she sit? She knew where she wanted to sit, but she had never been one to be aggressive in getting what she wanted so she waited. Mark and Nicole stood chatting next to the table for a moment, neither one choosing a seat. She decided to sit down and see what happened. Nicole sat next to her and Mark chose the seat across from his sister. Her heart dropped. She tried to remind herself that she was being silly. Mark didn't have feelings for her. She tried to relax and enjoy the evening and push aside any thoughts of him.

They ordered dinner and a bottle of wine and spent the next few hours visiting and laughing. She spent most of the dinner listening to the siblings tease each other about various childhood things. Mark snapped a quick picture of the two women to commemorate the evening. The more wine she had, the more time she spent staring at Mark's lips. She wanted to kiss them. She got up and excused herself to the bathroom. She stared in the mirror and wondered to herself what she was doing. She wanted him. She had never felt this way before. She wanted him badly and she was going to find a way to have him. She worried about ruining their friendship. Was she really ready to chance throwing away such a long friendship if he rejected her? She splashed some cold water on her face and went back out to join them.

When she rejoined her group she discovered Nicole was preparing to leave. She was just passing through town on her way home and wanted to hit the road. They said their goodbyes and got back in Mark's car.

"So now what?" she asked.

"I thought maybe we'd just swing by the liquor store and pick some stuff up and head back to your place if that's cool." Mark said.

"Sounds good to me" she smiled.

A quick shopping trip later and they arrived back at her apartment, unloaded the newly purchased liquor and his weekend bag and headed upstairs. He made himself at home as he always had, plugging in his various electronic devices and tossing his bag next to the couch. she poured herself a drink and took a seat on a chair opposite the couch. He pulled out his laptop and they continued their idle chatter for a while.

"Have you ever played 'You Don't Know Jack'?" he asked.

"No" she lied. She had played it years before but wasn't very good at it. She had never been really strong at trivia games.

"Let's play" He patted the couch next to him indicating her to sit beside him. She didn't know if it was the alcohol that was making her a bit more brazen at that point but she moved. She sat right in the spot he had tapped on. Very close to him. Their thighs brushed against each other. If he was surprised by this, he didn't show it. He loaded the game and they began to play. She wasn't really paying attention to it. She used it as an excuse to move herself closer. She playfully swatted at him when he beat her buzzing in and moved her body closer so her breast brushed against his muscular arm. When the game was finished something had changed. They were almost sitting on top of each other now and yet still hadn't spoken. She felt a current of electricity pass through her body ever time he brushed against her. He loaded up a movie on his laptop and set it down so they could watch. Their hands drifted to each other and their finger locked together. He began to stroke her arm gently. She let out a sigh. Her head was swimming with the alcohol and thoughts of Mark.

His hands began to explore her body. He pulled her hat from her hair and ran his fingers through it. Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt his hand move down her neck to her exposed shoulder. She felt as he slid her shirt down and exposed her breasts. She moaned as his hands gripped her roughly. She could feel her nipples swell beneath the fabric. His thumb slipped beneath the fabric and brushed against her erect nipple causing her to become even more aroused. Slowly he pulled her bra down exposing her pale breasts and hard pink nipple. She gasped again. He pinched one nipple hard and she felt herself on the edge of climax. Wordless sounds escaped her throat as she writhed beneath him. She felt herself explode as his mouth enveloped her breast and his teeth sank deeply into them. Her body tightened and then relaxed deeply beneath him. She twitched as he slowed and covered her tender breast back up.

"You need a cigarette" he laughed.

"Yes I do" she agreed.

She lit a cigarette and he moved to the chair across from her. He gazed into her eyes and she suddenly felt vulnerable and guilty. She began worrying about what this meant for them. Had she just ruined their friendship? Her mind raced with thoughts. She couldn't look him in the eye. She looked away as she took a drag off her cigarette. She felt his hand grasp her chin as he turned her face to his. He kissed her. She felt his tongue search her mouth and she surrendered to him completely. He pulled her body to his and she sat on his lap. His hands moved up her back pulling her closer to him. Her hips moved in rhythm with their kiss and he picked her up and moved them back to the couch. She was still sitting on top of him. They continued to grind against each other like teenagers exploring a forbidden fantasy for the first time. She gently nipped at his ear and smiled as she heard him gasp in pleasure. She desperately wanted his cock in her mouth. She wanted to make him feel the pleasure he had given her.

She stopped. She couldn't do this. She became afraid. She wasn't this kind of girl. She had never been aggressive before. She became very aware of the implications this might have on her. He lived so far away and they had both built lives for themselves. How did she expect this to work out? She needed a break. She needed to clear her head and let the alcohol wear off. She kissed him one last time and excused herself to her bedroom leaving him alone on her couch.

She curled up in her bed alone and aroused. Part of her was screaming that she should run back to him. She wanted to be in his arms. She wanted to make sure this wasn't a dream and that he would still be there when she woke. She became lost in the memories of what had just happened. Her hands began to brush lightly over her own body as her mind wandered. She teased her nipples lightly with one hand as her other hand brushed across her belly and down to her warm sex. She began rhythmically rubbing her still swollen clit as her naked body writhed beneath her sheets. She smiled to herself as she thought of herself naked and naughty so close to Mark even though he was completely unaware. She came hard and drifted to sleep with thoughts of his lips on hers.

The next morning she woke early to get ready for work. She tiptoed into her living room and found Mark fast asleep on her couch. He looked so peaceful lying there that she decided not to wake him. She retired to her bedroom and watched a little television while preparing for her day. She wished she could have taken the day off and spent all of it lying in his arms. She hated leaving him alone. She worried that he would wake and realize he had made a terrible mistake the night before and tell her that it was best that they didn't see each other again. She feared he would be gone when her work day ended. She shook off these thoughts and crept back into her living room to tell him goodbye before she left for the day.

Her breath caught a little as she looked at him lying there. He had removed most of his clothes to sleep more comfortably and was covered with just a small corner of the blanket she had laid out for him. He was in incredible shape. She took a moment to appreciate the muscle definition in his arms and legs. It was quite obvious that his profession kept him active and fit. She paused for a moment and debated if she should wake him before leaving or just let him sleep, but she had promised him the night before that she wouldn't leave without giving him a hug. She reached out and gently shook his shoulder. She felt a jolt of electric current pass between them where her skin touched his. His eyes flickered open and he smiled at her. His smile made her knees weak. Mark's arms reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her down on the couch beside him. He wrapped his arms around her and gathered her into a deep hug. She held him in return. Her body began to shake against her will. She felt safe and she knew everything between them would be fine.

He kissed her gently and wished her a good day at work. She left knowing this would be a long shift anticipating seeing him again. Her only consolation was knowing that her schedule was very busy that day and would leave her little time to spend thinking.

As she anticipated, her day was filled. Her appointment book didn't even leave her time for a lunch break that day. A little after nine am her phone received a text from Mark.

Gold in women's trampoline!

He was watching the Olympics. He knew how much she loved the games and hated missing them for work. She smiled at his sweet gesture. She took a moment to type a quick reply.

I know ;) I watched this morning while you were sleeping.

And you didn't wake me?!

You looked so peaceful.

Oh god. I'm used to only getting 3 hours. Besides, I'm here to visit you and my time here is a tad limited as I'll be leaving soon...Brat.

She frowned at the reminder that he would be leaving tomorrow. What would that mean for them? Could there even be a them? She replied.

Ok. Next time I'll wake you up I promise.

You damn well better :P

The phone rang and she was drawn back into her work. A few hours later her phone pinged again. He sent her a copy of the picture he had taken of her and Nicole at the restaurant the night before. She smiled. She liked how happy she looked in it. And sexy. She hadn't been going for sexy but somehow she had pulled it off.

Thanks ;)

You're welcome. Have a good day love. I'll see you when you're done.

Love? She had never been called that. She blushed a little. She began willing the clock to go faster.
Finally, her day ended. She was exhausted but looking forward to getting home and seeing him. She arrived home and found him waiting for her with a smile on his face. He gathered her up into a tight embrace and kissed her forehead. She smiled back at him. They talked briefly of her day and what each of them had done. They laughed and joked on old times. She excused herself to change out of her work clothes and get ready to go out for dinner with Mark and a few other friends. He chose a pub close to her place that was showing the Olympic games and they headed out.

It turned into quite the gathering. Since it had been so long since Mark had been to town, everyone who knew him seemed to have arrived. They were seated at a large booth and Mark sat across from her. As the food and drinks and stories where shared at the table she began to wish they were alone. She wanted him to herself. She slipped her foot out of her sandal under the table and ran it up his calf muscle. His face didn't betray their secret to anyone with the exception of a small twitch of a smile at the corner of his mouth.

She wasn't sure what made her so brazen. Maybe it was the rush of the taboo or the fact that no one else at the table seemed to be aware of what was happening or maybe it was the thrill of possibly getting caught, she didn't know and she didn't care. She was thrilled when he responded. He pretended to have an itch and reached under the table and grabbed her foot. He spent a moment gently massaging it. The electricity hit her again and she felt an instant arousal thinking of those strong fingers and what they had done to her the night before. She craved more. He let go of her foot and went back to visiting. She slowly ran her foot up his leg and let her toes brush against his crotch. She felt the telltale bulge under his jeans as his cock responded to her touch. She knew it wouldn't be long until he made some excuse to leave the others and take her home.

Mark stood agonizingly close to her on the elevator. She steeped into him and she felt his hand grip her ass tightly. She turned to look at him and was taken aback as he rushed forward and slammed her body against the wall. She felt his tongue eagerly searching out hers. She found herself turned on by his aggressiveness. He pulled back as the door opened to her floor. She opened her door and went to the living room. She sat on the couch and he poured himself a drink before sitting beside her. He offered her the glass and she took a sip. The warm liquid travelled down her throat and she closed her eyes to savor the moment. She felt his lips press against hers and his tongue lick the remnants of the scotch from her lips.

Suddenly he pulled her onto his lap and his hands began to explore her body. She moved in response to his touch, arching her body as he found his way under her shirt and gripped her breasts with his strong hands. One of his hands travelled down her stomach and she felt a quiver as it moved. She could feel herself getting lost in him. He move one hand to her jeans and slowly undid the button and pulled down her zipper. She moaned. He kissed her neck. She sighed. He bit down, hard on the base of her neck. She screamed in pleasure. He bit her again, only this time his fingers penetrated her as he did so. She almost came right then. The pleasure she felt was incredibly intense.

"You're so wet, my dirty girl" he breathed in her ear.

He thrust his fingers deeper inside her as his thumb rolled a gently circle over her clit. She felt the wave of pleasure building inside her as she reached the threshold of orgasm. She lost all sense of what he was doing and rode the wave. She heard him whisper softly in her ear.

"Cum for me. Cum now"

She exploded. The orgasm ripped through her as she screamed. She was sure her neighbors would hear but she didn't care. He didn't stop. His fingers continued their exploration of her and she gasped as she felt a lone finger slip gently into her ass. This was a new sensation for her. She had always been a very vanilla sex person. She had never really explored the possibilities when it came to her sexuality but with Mark it was different. She would do anything he asked her to and she knew it. She trusted him completely and she knew he would never hurt her. She let go. The orgasms followed fast and furious. He read her body like a book. He knew just the pace to move that kept her comfortable. He found pleasure spots on her that she didn't know existed.

She moved so she was straddling him and ground her hips against him. She felt his cock pressing against her through the fabric of her jeans. Her hands moved between them and she began to fumble with the button on his pants. His hands moved to hers and stopped her. He gently pushed her back and kissed her forehead.

"It's time to go to bed love. It's late" he whispered.

She sighed. She knew he was right. Things were moving much to fast for her. She knew she would have regretted going farther. He was reading her thoughts better than she could. She kissed him and walked away slowly. She reached her bedroom and closed the door softly behind her.


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