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Anya's Dance

Novel By: MahVash

Anya Has been looking for just the right man, someone strong enough to handle her darkest desires. Is Maxwell that man? View table of contents...


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This chapter is not quite racy for Erotica section, I know, but it's all about the anticipation. Keep reading it heats up, I promise.

The club began to fill with the usual Friday crowd as Maxwell sat in his corner booth sipping on his scotch. Not one for this type of crowd or venue he waited for the night to be over. "I don't know how I let myself get talked into this." he sighed.

"I think we can consider this a closed deal." Dallas, his business partner said as he settled in next to him in the booth. "I was worried they would back out, but as usual you knew exactly how to keep them happy," nodding his head at the two men enjoying themselves on the dance floor with two hot girls.

Max smiled slightly as he turned his glance to the couples; the escorts he paid for were earning their salary, fawning all over the the businessmen's clumsy footloose 80's style of dancing, "Suckers for a little hot ass before they go simpering back to their wives." he commented as he drew another sip from his tumbler.

"Yea, but who cares? We will make a small fortune of them, suckers or not." Dallas said back at him with a mischievous smile, " Whattaya say we find a little 'hot ass' ourselves?"

"You go on ahead, I'm sure there is plenty here to keep you entertained."

"Perhaps, one of those lovelies." Maxwell's eyes follow Dallas's motion to look at the three women standing at a small table directly across the dance floor from them. Knowing Dallas's type he watched as the obvious leader of the group began to order drinks, a tall brunette with long legs and a thin body. She looked like a high maintanence pain in the ass. She was striking to look at with her lace top that left almost nothing to the imagination. She was beautiful, but she knew it and it showed. His eyes moved on to the next in the group, a slightly taller blonde with a very short skirt and halter top. He could see she was not quite the alpha female as her friend, probably sweet on her own, but with her friend a troublemaker just as much. The two moved slightly apart to reveal the third in there little group. This girl couldn't have been any more different from her friends if she tried. Shorter by a good 2 inches and curvier then the model thin friends. Not nearly as striking in the face as her counterparts but not too bad to look at with her large eyes and pouty lips that you could tell we're soft even from this distance. Mostly she stood out from her friends due to her outfit. While here friends sported slinky stilettos she wore tennis shoes. She must have been a last minute addition to the evening, in plain blue jeans and a shirt that obviously did not belong to her.

He smiled as he watched her fidget in the low cut blouse, pulling it down to cover herself and then trying to pull up on the top, as if she thought her breasts would come popping out at any moment. "Damn I waited too long, looks like there is already a following. Oh well, onward and upward I guess," Dallas laughed as he finished his drink and got up to approach another looker who just passed by with a smile and wink for him. "You gonna sit there quiet all night or what?"

"No, I'm good. Happy hunting my friend." He smiled at his friend as he returned his attention to the group across the floor now being approached by three young men, "Well, this should be interesting," he thought to himself sipping at his scotch.


"I can't believe I let myself get talked into this!" Anya thought to herself as she pulled at Mandy's blouse. She had no intention of tagging along with her friends and certainly not a club, but Mandy had a way of talking her into almost anything. She watched her friend ordering her appletini with so much flirting, Anya winced at the spectacle. That was Mandy's way, one sweet smile, one carefully choreographed hair flip and men just melted for her. Anya genuinely cared for her friend even though she could be a handful of drama within the drop of a hat. Even when they did fight and Anya swore she would keep her distance, Mandy would find a way to suck her back in. Tonight was just such an occasion.

"Thanks for coming Anya, Loreli and I are so happy you joined us. Aren't we L?"

"Yea! You really are the best!" Loreli said as she pulled her eyes away from a group of cute guys. "Now we can get shitfaced and have a great night!" she giggled as she picked up their newly delivered drinks, "thanks to our designated driver, a toast to you."

Anya attempted a half smile as she lifted her club soda and clinked the glass with Mandy and Loreli's green martini filled glasses. "Yep that's me, glorified chauffeur and purse watcher." She thought to herself.

"And let the games begin!" Mandy pronounced as she swung around, her perfect hair falling back in place as she smiled devilishly at Loreli just in time for three young attractive guys to saunter up to the table.

"Ladies," the leader smiled as they approached the table, never taking his eyes off Mandy. "And how are you all this evening?" He continued trying very hard not to stare at Mandy's breasts under the sheer laced top. Anya blushed remembering Mandy applying make up to hide the color of her nipples so she could go braless, the shirt obviously meant to go over a shell. But Anya had to admit, the girl could pull it off.

"My friends and I were wondering if we could interest you in a drink and a dance?" He continued as his friends seemed to settle in around them. It was clear they worked out who they would each "get" before they approached them.

"Well, we are still working on our first round..." Mandy stated with a flirtious look and a slight sway in her hips, a finger wrapped in hair.

"That settles that, a dance then, my lady," The handsome young man said with a dramatic flourish of the arm. He could have easily looked the fool but he completed the move with grace and skill. Hitting his mark perfectly Mandy sashayed towards the dance floor with her hand held up waiting for her escort. As was her way, Loreli quickly repeated the moves and smiled sweetly at the next hottie.

"Aghmm," the last boy cleared his thought and looked not quite as amorous as the other two. Uncomfortable, adjusting his shirt and looking out on the floor after his friends.

"You know you don't have to do this." Anya finally said to break the tension.

"Do what?" the boy looked at her guilt all over his face.

"Keep the ugly one occupied so his pals can get closer to getting laid." Anya said evenly sipping on her club soda, playing with the small skewer of olives.

"That's not what I'm doing! I don't think your ugly." he tried to recover, a good friend, remembering his Bro duties and turning on the charm.

"Ha! Your a good friend. Look, I am only here to be the safe driver. Hell, if your friends play it right, they will do the driving and I can go home and watch the rest of the game. So, really, go... pick a cutie and have the fun you came here to have." Anya looked around the room and focused on a young girl behind them. "Like that girl, right there, no don't look yet!" She laughed and grabbed his chin to keep him from looking. "Okay, now, with some discretion please," Anya smiled as he carefully turned to see the cute average girl near the wall. "Now, she may not seem like much, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts she is a wildcat under that quiet demeanor."

He turned back with a confused look, "What do you mean?"

"I think..." Anya began taking a closer glance, "she was very insecure in high school, probably over weight and teased for it. Now she has lost the weight, got in shape and wants to join the fun. You tell her over and over that she's gorgeous and treat her like she's the only one here. She'll open up like a flower. She'll be puddy in your hands."

Slowly, he turned around again to give another look with a new set of eyes, and Anya could tell he liked the possibilities. He closed his eyes and shook his head, "No, I'll stay here," remembering his wingman duties.

"Look, I tell you what, take me out for one dance and I'll be happy as a clam. You'll be doing your part, my friends will be so into your buddies and then you can carry on with your night." Anya said taking pity on the poor guy.

He smiled, "Your pretty cool, you know that?" he stated, begining to see her in a new light.

Seeing the standard "buddy" situation unfolding before as it had so many times before she reached out a hand,"Anya"

"Mark," he responded shaking her hand.

"Hey, us wingmen have to look out for each other," she responded with a generous smile. "So, this is a great song. What do you say we hit the floor?" They moved off to the wooden floor in the middle of the club. Anya was glad he agreed, she loved to dance but not alone in a sea of people. Once settled in and standing a foot or so apart, she closed her eyes and began to sway. Something about music had always moved her on some primal level. She had wanted to take dance as a child but her mother would never spend the money. She found a way on her own. Watching hours of movies and music videos, practicing for hours in her living room. Once she was in college she finally took her first real class and has been dancing since. She reached up to her impromptu bun freeing her hair from the band she always had present either in her hair or on her wrist. She loved to feel it bounce and caress her skin as she moved to the dance beat, otherwise the tangle of frizzy curls tended to be a nuisance.

Lost in her own world as the music swirled around her like a comfortable set of arms, she moved and turned. She opened her eyes, smiling with the joy that always over came her when she danced, and focused on a pair of bright eyes staring intently at her from across the floor. Her breath caught as a flash of electricity carried thru her. For that brief second, the world slowed to a stop and there were only her and him in the room.

As quickly as the moment came, it went away and she turned back to Mark. She looked up to find him starring at her with a new look in his eyes. She realized she was no longer considered a chore to entertain while his friends tried to seduce her companions.


Max watched in fascination as the girl began to dance. He took in a deep breath when she released a long main of thick shiny curls that fell to the middle of her back. He was unsure of the color due to the lights but it appeared to be some amazing deep red. He found her an interesting sight with her friends, who obviously kept her around so they would appear more attractive. He decided to entertain his dreary night by watching how the group dynamic played out. Now he found himself entranced watching her move so suductivley on the floor. Did she even know she was doing it? He watched as she worked her body to be facing him, moving her hips in slow ways and tangling her hair up in her hands. She seemed so happy in her own world and removed from the crowd, as if she were simply flying above the rest. No, she had no clue what effect she had on the men around her.

The douche with her seemed to have noticed. The boy had been so cold to her not five minutes before reluctantly agreeing to dance with her. Now he was moving himself in closer, eyeing her movements, wetting his lips again and again, waiting for the right time to strike. Suddenly, Max realized, he did not want that dickweed any where near her. His eyes narrowed as if willing her to see him and move away from the jackass quietly approaching from the rear. Just as the thought became the strongest in his mind, she opened her eyes and stared back at him.

He sucked in a breath, reeled by her bright shining eyes, lit up with joy from her dancing. I want those bright eyes to always look at me, shocking himself with the thought. She slowed down her movements and something moved across her eyes momentarily disturbing her reverie. The moment ended too soon as she spun back around to numb nuts gyrating her way. "Well, don't just sit here fuming. If you don't like it, do something about!" He swore to himself, moving with purpose, he quickly crossed the floor to the little dancer as the sea of people closed around her.


"Uh-oh," Anya thought to herself as Mark attempted to suavely move in her direction. She tried with all her might to not laugh at him as he tried his best to be seductive, undulating his hips in a crude fashion biting his bottom lip.

Oh Jesus, I don't need this shit! She thought to herself as she stepped back into a wall of muscle. Turning slowly her eyes traveled up the tailored perfectly creased grey slacks stopping momentarily at the most beautiful hands she had ever seen. Yes, Anya had a strange attraction to a man's hands. They were almost always the first thing she noticed in a guy. This set in particular were smooth, she could tell in an instant they were strong and firm, and well cared for, she thought noticing the manicured nails.

"Dance with me," he said.

Her eyes pulled away from is hands and traveled up his crisp white button down, filled in perfectly with a slim but muscular chest and shoulders, to see the face of the man who had watched her just moments ago. Her mouth dropped as he reached out his hand to her and stated again, "Dance with me." This was not a question or an invite, but an acknowledgement, as if it was a given she'd agree. She began to feel weak in the knees, instinctively accepting his hand, mostly so she wouldn't fall over.

Her hand now in his secure grip, he pulled her in close, placing his other hand firmly on her lower back. As if on que, the DJ switched to a slow seductive song. She practically froze with fear that she would make a fool of herself. Sensing her hesitation, he pulled her in closer, "Shh.. I lead you follow, don't think, just move with me." And at that he spun her out returning her so her back was now facing his front. She closed her eyes to the world, letting his movement and the music guide her. Soon she laid her head back into the crook where his shoulders met his chest as he brought her arms around embracing them. She felt as though that space were made just for her to occupy.

He moved his hips in a slow sway and she moved with him, slowing her breath and pulse to match his rhythm. His sway soon turned into a circular motion, rocking her into a world of calm serenity. Her mind emptied of all thought, an unusual feeling of pleasure slowly creeping up from deep within her, without realizing a soft moan escaped her lips. As the sweet sound escaped her mouth Max spun her back around facing him. She opened her eyes in shock as her breasts hit his chest in the tight embrace. She stared back into his eyes, confused at the emotions flowing thru her. He continued to look into her eyes as he swayed his hips in the hypnotic motion. A few measures in she was lost once again to the music as the world around them melted away.

With his hand firm on her back he dipped her into a slow semi-circle movement bringing her back up to his chest, a flush of heat brought color to her neck and face, before she could think or react he repeated the movement, but this time taking hold of her leg and hoisting up to his hip. A deeper moan escaped her lips as the movement caused her to rub up against him. He brought her back up so quickly her long hair flew over her head and his shoulders bringing her to his neck. On pure instinct she kissed his neck, opening her mouth just enough to taste his skin. He moved to dip her straight back as the song was coming to the end. This time her hand traveled down the front of his chest, a yearning to touch leaving her wondering as to what may lay below the well fitted dress shirt. He brought brought her back to him slowly. As she reached his face she heard in a deep voice that made her instantly go wet between her legs,"kiss me."

Once again, not a question but a state of fact. Tentatively she reached up higher to meet him and kissed him. A kiss he returned gently, soft and unassuming.


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