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Sinful Lusts

Novel By: LuluBug16

Dean craves control. He wants me in every way that he possibly can and he needs to know where I am and what I am at all times. If I were to tell him no, he would make sure I paid for it later. I was is fuck toy to use and play with as he please and he knew it. But I don’t know any better. Over possessive and dominating men have been all that I have been around my whole life, all that I have known. Until I meet Jared. Then my eyes are suddenly opened up to whole new world. One full of… Love. Something that is so foreign to me. The only problem is is that Jared is Dean’s brother. View table of contents...


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~~One Week Later

Iris's P.O.V

I was drugged. I know this because I can't move any of my limbs. It is like my muscles are numb almost. Dean had untied me and let me be free of my bonds but I didn't really want that. There was no position I could lay in that didn't cause my pain. The most comfortable position I could lay in was the child's pose, which pretty much means I was curled up in a ball on my knees. My back was on fire from the wounds that Dean had opened and re-opened. The scars I had we no longer scars, they were wounds that cut deep into my body and I had many of them. I could feel at least 7 of them very vividly. 7 main ones that he had cut open at least three times each. Every time they would start to scab, he would cut them again.

And my rear… God there was no words to describe how bad that hurt. When dean fucked me… There.

I started to cry again. Oh I have done that so many times since I woke up here.

I told him he wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing me cry but of course he only took that as a challenge.

And I'm cold, that much I know. Well- I wasn't COLD cold, but my skin was cold to the touch, like ice, because I was naked and not provided a blanket. I probably wasn't cold anymore because I had been cold for so long. The fact that the floors were cement didn't help either.

Where am I? There was nothing familiar here.

I know that I am in a room with no windows. It was like I was encased in a cement box with one door.

I was vaguely aware of the door opening but I didn't bother to react. I was too weak and I didn't care anymore what was to happen to me. I know… I shouldn't give up right? But it is really taking a toll on me to go through this a second time. I had worked so hard to get better and now I was going back down the drain.

Dean's hands grasp my waist as he lifted me up so that my ass is in the air. I cry out pathetically as my raw butt cheeks make contact with him and without warning I feel his bare erection pressing against my back entrance, making me stiffen and let out a whimper. I start to shake. I didn't know if I could do that again. So much pain.

"… Pl… Please," I manage to say. But it was a faint whisper.

He ignored me and in one hard thrust, he shoved all of his length inside of me.

Jared's P.O.V

I haven't slept; at all.

The police found hidden cameras in Iris and Star's apartment… Since then, Star has been staying with Nicki and none of us dared to go back there for the fact that there could still be cameras that the police missed.

I swear to God if Dean doesn't turn up he is dead, and it will be by my hand. That's the other thing. Dean went missing too- well- not missing. I know he took her. He is just being a coward because he knows that I know it is him. I knew he was going to pull some shit like this but I didn't he would go this far. My brother takes crazy to whole new level. That sick fuck.

"Go home Jared," Officer Killian said to me, "You need to sleep."

I shook my head, disgusted.

"I can't. Not while Iris is in pain. She wouldn't be where she is at if it weren't for me."

"Don't think that way," He said and sat down next to me on the bench, "This couldn't have been avoided. Based on the profile I received from the FBI, Dean would have stopped at nothing to get Iris. There is nothing you could have done."

"Thanks," I say stiffly, "That makes me feel loads better."

"I didn't mean it like that… I am sorry."

"Nah it's alright. I am just being pathetic. I have always been one for control- like my brother- but I exercise it differently than he does. He uses it to be dominating whereas I use it to protect my loved ones… It is completely fucking with my head, thinking about the things he could be doing to her, and I can't do anything to save her." I put my face in my hands, resting my elbows on my knees, letting out a long slow breath. Honestly, if there is one thing that scares me, it is losing control. And I can feel that that is exactly what is happening to me the longer I wait for this whole thing to be over… I can feel it slowly slipping out of my hands.

"We are doing everything we can," Officer Killian says softly, sympathetically.

"I know sir," I reply as I stand up, "I will go home. Please call me if you find anything."

"Of course."

I was about a mile out from the police station when I fell to my knees, letting the tears I had been holding back for the past week come out. I roared my frustration out loudly since there was no one to hear me.

He's dead

I am going to fucking kill him if I ever see his face again.

There is so many places he could be. But the police say there is no other places to look. They are at a dead end and they are thinking about calling it, which only causes me more pain.

Think Jared. THINK!

Where is one place Dean would think he is safe at? His house, of course… But that's not it. He also felt safe when we were at my grandfather's house, but the police have already checked there too.

God where else!?

Suddenly it clicked. My head snapped up and I laughed at how stupid I could be. I dug quickly through my pocket for my phone and dialed Star's number.

"Jared?" She answered sleepily, "What is it?"

"It is Iris… I know where Dean has her."

"What!?" Suddenly she seemed very awake, "Where????"

I stood up quickly and started running to my place where Star was staying.

"My uncles cabin. Dean used to go there all the time when he was a kid. It was the only place he could go that he felt safe at. But it is about 70 miles from here. It would take over an hour to get there."

"Deal," She said, I could hear her getting stuff ready, "I'll drive us. Don't need to be driving."

"Okay," I say and hang up as I walk into my house. Star already has a small bag packed of what I assumed was first aid stuff. My eyes met hers.

"Let's go get your girlfriend," She says, a small smile growing on her face.


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