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Sinful Lusts

Novel By: LuluBug16

Dean craves control. He wants me in every way that he possibly can and he needs to know where I am and what I am at all times. If I were to tell him no, he would make sure I paid for it later. I was is fuck toy to use and play with as he please and he knew it. But I don’t know any better. Over possessive and dominating men have been all that I have been around my whole life, all that I have known. Until I meet Jared. Then my eyes are suddenly opened up to whole new world. One full of… Love. Something that is so foreign to me. The only problem is is that Jared is Dean’s brother. View table of contents...


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~~Jared's P.O.V

I was just barely leaving Dean's place when Star called me. Livid, I picked up the phone.

"Hey, Dean wasn't at his house so I am coming back to let Iris know to-,"

"Iris is gone!" She was hysterical, "I came back home and the front door was wide open Jared and when I went inside there was a huge dent in the wall and there was a blood spot on the floor. I have no fucking clue where she is at and because she was so fucking stupid and mutilated her phone there is no way of contacting her!"

My heart sunk down to the pit of my stomach as she yelled at me. He took her my mind jumped to conclusions. No that's not possible; he would have had to know she was going to be alone…

"I'll be there in five minutes," I say through gritted teeth and hung up, stepping on the gas pedal a little harder but being careful not to speed too much. This is all my fault. I should have taken extra precaution and taken her to my place before going to Dean's. Frustrated at myself, I banged my hands on the steering wheel .
That was all I could think about until I reached Iris and Star's apartment. Then my heart was up in my throat within seconds when I arrived and saw that the police were already there. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs only to get stopped at the door by a police officer.

"Sir this is as far as you can go," he says sternly.

"No, he is fine. He is who I just called," Star says from the kitchen. Nodding his head, I see the cop's eyes soften as he holds his hand out to me.

"I am officer Killian. I will be the main officer on Ms. Shery's case. I will be bringing whoever kidnapped her to justice."

I shook his hand and slowly moved in to the apartment, sure to avoid the yellow caution tape surrounding the main entrance. I struggled to contain myself when I saw the huge dent in the wall just inside the door. It looked as if someone was slammed against it. To the wall just next to that there was a small blood spatter. As I came deeper into the apartment to the kitchen, I saw a blood stain on the floor. My heart beat was in my head at the thought of what could have happened here.

"Kidnapped?" I ask as I come into the kitchen where Star is at. Suddenly I felt nauseous. Saying the word just made it seem too real.

"Yes sir," Officer Killian replies, "I assure you, I will do everything in my power to get her back."

Iris's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of moans, the sound causing my head to pound in pain. God I had the worse headache ever. So bad that it had me groaning. As soon as the sound left my throat I felt pain through my neck, a bruising pain and that's when I remembered what was happening. I Went to jerk my body up in panic only to find that I was bound to a board shaped in an "X" with a little spot for my head to rest on. I started to whimper as I open my eyes, afraid of what I would see. The first thing I saw was a movie playing on a screen. Two people, a man and a woman, were on a bed. The man was pleasuring the girl.

"Jared…" The girl said. What? Was that my voice… That's my room! Suddenly rage flooded through me as I realized what the "movie" was. It was a recording of the night Jared first took me. I jerked again, this time in anger and not caring about the pain that shot through my head.

A dark chuckle came from the corner of the room followed by footsteps. My heart beat started to pick up as Dean came into view but I didn't feel fear as I usually did, just anger. He smiled his mischievous smile at me.

"When were you planning on telling me about my brother?" He ask with a smirk.

"Fuck you," I spit, flexing my muscles against my bonds. Damn he had me tied really tight. It would be impossible for me to squirm free. I saw his jaw clench as I came closer to me.

"I loved you Iris," I says.

"Oh please," I say, my voice like venom, "You did not love me. If you did you had a funny fucking way of showing it."

The corner of Dean's lips pull back in an awful sneer as he trails his fingertips up my back. Then he tangles them into my hair and yanks my head back, drawing out a small scream of pain from me. The muscles in my neck protest against the movement.

"So brave," he whispers into my ear, letting his other hand come down and wrap around my neck, causing me to whimper and close my eyes.

"From what I can see you are the one who is at MY mercy. So I would watch your choice of words my dear, you don't want to make this any worse than it needs to be for you."

I clench my jaw, keeping silent for a few seconds. Dean chuckled again and reached over and turned the TV off. Then he left my line of sight, walking behind me. I start to struggle pointlessly when I feel his hand rub against my ass. I knew what was coming. He was going to spank me and I had a feeling it was going to be much worse than it normally is.

"I am going to take this while I have you here," he murmurs while sliding his thumb between my butt cheeks and pressing it against my asshole. My pulse spiked as fear shoots through me.

"No," I gasp and jerk my body again. Dean's hand lifted and then came down hard against my ass, making me flinch and grunt.

"You don't have any say in what I do to you anymore," he says sternly.







I cry out, my hands balling into fists as the burning pain spreads up my backside. My eyes start to water as Dean continues his blows on me. They were much harder than they had ever been in the past, I know I can't stand them. I scream after a couple of minutes when he slaps me harder, the sting radiating through my entire lower body. I never stop jerking against the rope that holds me down, but I knew I was going to run out of energy soon. He continues to rain hard burning slaps on my ass and I know that he is smiling all the while. He enjoyed being in control way too much, he got off on seeing me struggle.

"Please," I whimper/cry, "Stop."

"No," Dean says, his voice now filled with venom as he hit me harder, making my scream again. I was shaking now and I was sure my ass was raw. If he spanks me anymore I am going to start bleeding.

Finally he stops and drags his nails down my ass cheeks, making me cry out and scream more vigorously as pain pulses through my entire body. Then his hand was back in my hair, pressing my face painfully into the board before I felt something sharp run along the scars on my back. Something much more that fear ran through. It was more like shear terror.

No. No, not this again. No! I can't bear it!

"Please no!" I cry out and struggle again. My voice was raspy from screaming so much and my throat was killing me. I could heard Dean breathing, deeply, but heavily as he pressed the knife into my skin. Just before he pierced the surface he leaned down to my ear.

"Just take it, you whore. You know you deserve it."

Then he drug the knife down the length of one of my scars, cutting me open again just as my sperm donor had done to me when I was only 11 years old. The pain was excruciating and it seemed to last forever.

I opened my mouth to scream but I wasn't even sure if anything came out… Everything was just pain… Pain… And more pain.


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