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Sinful Lusts

Novel By: LuluBug16

Dean craves control. He wants me in every way that he possibly can and he needs to know where I am and what I am at all times. If I were to tell him no, he would make sure I paid for it later. I was is fuck toy to use and play with as he please and he knew it. But I don’t know any better. Over possessive and dominating men have been all that I have been around my whole life, all that I have known. Until I meet Jared. Then my eyes are suddenly opened up to whole new world. One full of… Love. Something that is so foreign to me. The only problem is is that Jared is Dean’s brother. View table of contents...


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"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums, oh what a shame that you came here with someone so while you're here in my arms, let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young."
No no no! I say to myself when my phone starts to ring. I turn onto my side to face my nightstand where my phone is and groan when I see that it is four in the morning. Clumsily I feel around for my phone and then put it up to my ear, briefly cursing to myself as I had forgotten to press talk before I answer.
"Who is this and why the fuck are you calling me at four in the god damned morning?" I say groggily. A slight chuckle came from the other end.
"Where are you?"
My mood immediately switched from pissed to nervous. It was Dean, My over possessive boyfriend.
"Oh um… H-hi Dean," I stutter, rubbing my eyes.
"Answer the question Iris," He demands from the other end.
"I'm at the apartment; why?"
"Someone said they saw you out whoring around. Judging by your bitch tone of voice, I am guessing not."
"Yeah," I laugh a little cold heartedly, "You think."
"Get your attitude in check and unlock your door. I'm going to come around in fifteen." His voice was low, husky.
"Wait no," I say quickly.
"Excuse me?" Shit… I'd be paying for that later.
"We can't do anything… Star is here tonight." My whispering grew a little harsher, like I was hissing at him, trying to get my point through to him. But I knew all too well that once Dean made a decision, there would be no changing his mind.
"She can sit and watch for all the fucks I give Iris…" He paused for a second, "Look, we will be quiet. I promise. But I am hard right for you, and I need to have you as soon as I can. Understand?"
I nod… Then I actually face palm myself for that. I am so airheaded in the early morning that it is ridiculous. He couldn't even see me.
"Yes," I say murmur quickly.
"Excellent. Now be a good little girl and do as you are told. I'll see you soon." He hung up. I set my phone back on my nightstand and quickly get out of bed, picking my hairbrush up on my way to the doorway and started brushing my hair while I walked down the hallway to Star's bedroom. Star has been my best friend since my first year of high school. We met in a study hall class and ever since then we have been inseparable.
"Not good for you," I heard Star mumble when I peeked into her room, "Allergic to eggs." Then she groaned and rolled over onto her side. I really had to try to hold back my giggle as I shut her door. To this day she still refuses that she sleep talks. She even insisted that I found out her celebrity crush on Mathew Gubler from Criminal Minds by reading her diary and not by listening to her talk in her sleep. Honestly, I didn't even know she kept a diary before then.
I smile to myself and walk towards the front door to unlock it, setting my brush on the counter in the kitchen shortly before I walk out to the balcony. My heart was racing so face I was sure that the people who lived under me could probably hear it. It was unbelievable hoe nervous Dean made me. Even after being with him for 6 months, I still make a blubbering mess of myself every time I was near him. Fear. I was afraid of him. Right? That had to be what it was. It was all I have ever felt before other than what I feel when I am with Star. I don't know. I had to have been his eyes. So light and filled with electricity, but they were probably the most intimidating thing about him. The way he would glare at me when he saw me do something that he didn't like… A shudder a little, lost in that thought.
It wasn't until I felt fingers brush my hair off of the back of my neck that I snapped back to reality with a small yelp, jumping slightly before I felt Deans lips press against my skin. His hand immediately slid up the length of my body to my breasts, protected by only the black silk of my night gown; so there was no hiding the hardening of my nipples from him when he squeezed my breasts in his large hands.
"Dean," I whimper softly in protest, gripping the iron railing so hard that my knuckles started to turn white.
"Shh," He said, sliding his left hand up and yanking my head back by my hair, making me gasp.
"Keep your mouth shut baby. Wouldn't want the whole neighborhood to hear you now would we?" I can tell that he is smiling devilishly by the tone in his voice as he slides his hands between my legs, lifting my gown up so that he can rub against me roughly. As if on cue, a gush of wetness escapes my pussy and I have to bite my lip to hold back a moan.
"Please," I whisper, "Not here." His grip in my hair tightens, pulling it harder, as if to prove his point that his is the one in charge here.
"Wherever the hell I want," he hisses in my ear and grinds against my ass so that I can feel the hardness of his dick through his jeans. He releases his hold on my hair, but continues to rub my crotch.
"Bend over," he says, "Keep your hands where they are."
Hesitantly, I bend myself over and rest my forearms on the railing, which forces my ass to press back against his erection. I hear him moan softly.
"Very nice," He says, taking his hand from my crotch to rub both of them up and down my waist. I shudder as he rubs the seam of his pants against my pussy from behind me.
"I am going to fuck you just like this Iris," He murmurs and thrusts against my ass, resting his left hand against my back between my shoulder blades while the fingers of his other hand hooks into my panties and pulls them down my long legs, revealing to him my wet pussy. Then he unbuttons his pants and pulls them down just enough for his cock to spring free. It was just as tan and muscular as the rest of his body, with veins running up and down the long length of it. It took on the size of about 7 inches long and maybe about an inch and a half wide. I started to tremble a little as I felt him rub his head against my entrance, letting out a small breathy moan.
"Shh," He says again, resting one hand on my hip and the other comes up to grab a hold of my shoulder, "Not too loud now." Then he thrusts into me… Hard, making me suck in a quick breath before letting it out on a shaky, strangled groan. He didn't give my time to adjust to him. Instead, he pounded mercilessly in and out of my pussy, fucking me hard. It was really hard to refrain myself from screaming out in pleasure. The way my inner walls tightened around him was just as pleasurable to me as I am sure it was to him.
"Oh Dean," I whimper softly. His grip on my shoulder and waist tighten, holding me secure so that he could thrust into me harder. I had to bite my lip to keep the sound that wanted to escape my throat back.
"Yeah? You like it when I fuck you like this don't you? Nice and hard…" He husks. My pleasure spiked, causing my pussy to spams around his cock.
"Oh fuck yes you dirty girl. Your cunt is so damn tight. Mmm it feels amazing milking my dick," He groans. Amazingly, he managed to fuck me harder, completely and utterly ravishing me. I felt my climax rushing towards me, making my body ripple with excitement. I tightened my muscles around him and he groaned again, his fingers digging into my skin on my waist and shoulder that I was positive that I would have bruises.
"Fuck," he growled, "I am gonna cum."
It was then that a light turns on below us; someone can hear us. I tence myself up to push Dean away but his finger are in my hair within the second, pushing my head down against the railing.
"Don't you dare fucking move," he commands, continuing to pound into me hard and fast.
"You will come with me or I will take you over my knee right here and spank your ass raw. The whole neighborhood would definitely hear you then."
I whimper at his threat and force myself to relax. As soon as I do so, my orgasm rips through my body, making me moan as my entire body quivered and tightened with pleasure.
"Shit…" Dean groans before ramming into me one last time, his cock exploding inside of me when he came. His entire body stiffens for a moment, as does mine, and then the both of us go limp, gasping for air.
"Good girl," He whispered while he pulls out of me. I groan softly and open my eyes; I hadn't even realized I had closed them. When I did so my eyes met with a boys who was standing on the sidewalk staring right at us. He looked to be about the age of 16, his mouth was slightly open and his hand gripped his crotch. Completely humiliated I stand up, my gown falling back down around my waist in the process, and turn away from him, blushing furiously. Dean laughs at him.
"Enjoy the show you little bastard?" He shouts.
The boy jumps a little, as if just realizing that he has been caught and quickly runs back inside his apartment.
"I don't believe you," I say and walk back inside, trying to slow my heartbeat with deep breaths. Dean follows me.
"You know how I am when I am in the zone," he says softly and wraps his arms around my waist from, behind me.
"My mother is having a family get together today at 2," He says, "Come with me." He didn't phrase it as a question so I kind of had to go with it. Besides, I had already told him no once today, I don't want to know what happens if I tell him no twice.
"Okay," I reply.
"Good," He says, "I'll pick you up at 1. Wear a skirt." He plants a kiss on the crook of my neck and walks towards the door and then winks at me before he opens the door and leaves.
Relief floods through me as I quickly walk back to my bedroom, flop onto my bed and pass out for another 4 hours.

Let me know how you all like this so far in the comments :) This is one that I already have written out so I will definately not get bored with it as I have with my past stories.


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