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A Summer Night's Dream

Novel By: LovesickLoser

Joel's parents are gone for the entire summer, and he is willing to take advantage of it. When he meets a cute guy in the airport bathroom, he falls in love. But what could happen in an entire summer? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 668    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   

Chapter Three: Kinky Little Bastard

I stared at my brother, standing no more than ten feet in front of me, stroking his huge, hard cock. I was turned on, but also intimidated. I mean, I was only four inches. And Nick was at least seven. Regardless, my cock instantly stood up.

"Damn, Joel. When did you get so kinky?"

I blushed and looked at the huge wet spot below my butt. I looked down in shame, but my brother reassured me. "Nah, Joel, it's alright. I get kinda weird like that sometimes, too. I like to piss myself while jacking off in the shower."

"So that's why you always take such long showers!" I chuckled. Nick laughed along with me and ruffled my hair. Then he did the strangest thing ever.

He kissed me.

My eyes opened wide in shock as my brother and I locked lips. Then I slowly closed them, and stuck my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues wrestled each other, and I found myself getting more and more turned on, despite the fact that I knew this was wrong. He was my brother. My own flesh and blood. I couldn't be kissing him. This was incest!

But how can something so wrong feel so good?

I ran my hands across his smooth, well-toned chest, still damp from his shower. He pushed me back down to my bed, and lay over me, never breaking the kiss. He grabbed my cock, and his cold, wet hands sent shivers of both chills and pleasure down my spine. I broke the kiss, and looked at him. "Are you sure this is okay?"

He looked at me and smiled. "What mom and dad don't know won't hurt them." He then kissed me again on the lips, then over on the neck. I moaned as my older brother sucked on my neck so hard I was sure I'd wake up with a hickey tomorrow. He then started kissing me down the rest of my body, until he reached my crotch. He ran his nose through the thin little bush of my light brown pubic hair. Then he finally reached his destination. Nick licked the shaft before taking the whole thing into his mouth. This was the first time he'd ever gone this far with me. I'd always noticed a little bit of hesitation when we were jacking off together, but I guess now he decided to take a chance.

He took me entire four inches into his mouth without a problem. It was obvious he'd done this before. He started bobbing up and down on my dick. I felt myself getting close already. I started fucking his face, and then I just couldn't stop myself. I started squirting like crazy. I tried my hardest to hold it in, but it just couldn't be stopped. I let go in tiny squirts, and Nick just kept on sucking. He drank it all. Once I had stopped squirting, he stopped sucking. Surprisingly, I was still rock hard. Nick sat up and said, "Your turn!"

I gulped. His member was so huge, it could choke me. I hesitantly leaned forward and started sucking on the head of his cock. I licked up and down the shaft as my brother moaned in ecstasy. I stopped, and my brother looked down at me. "Don't worry. I won't let you choke," he said. I nodded and took his head into my mouth, and I slowly started creeping down. I could only get about three inches in before gagging. I started bobbing my head as my brother had done with me, and he started thrusting his cock into my mouth. Then I felt a warm, wet hand on my own member, and looked to see Nick stroking me as I sucked him off. After a few minutes, Nick still hadn't come, nor was he anywhere close to cumming, and he said, "Stop."

I pulled my head off of his cock. "What?" I asked.

He told me to stay, and then he went off into his room. He came back with two condoms. "I always knew that I should get one in your size," he said. "I knew the day would come when you would use it. I never knew it'd come so soon."

I couldn't believe it. He wanted to fuck.


"What is it, little bro?"

I gulped. "I don't think I'm ready for that, yet..."

Nick smiled and ruffled my hair. "Innocent little brother," he said. I grinned. He handed me the condom. "Keep it in your wallet. Just in case."

I took the condom and nodded. "Thanks, Nick." I gave him a big hug, which caused him to finally squirt, all over my face.

"Damn it, Joel," he said teasingly. "Why do you always have to go and make me cum?!"

I laughed, and licked the cum off my face. "It tastes good, Nick."

Nick kissed my creamed face, and handed me his towel to wipe it off. I took it and wiped off my face, nearly swooning over the fact that I was washing my face with a towel that had touched his dick.

"You should take a shower now, too, kiddo," Nick said.

"Yeah," I laughed. Nick smiled, kissed me one more time, and headed out of the room.

But I didn't take my shower. Not just yet. I stayed there and jacked off one more time, and when I finally reached the end, I creamed right into my brother's towel. Then I hung it up to dry. It's a good thing the towel's pure white. I don't want him to figure out that he'll be drying himself with our semen. I'm such a kinky little bastard.


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