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A Summer Night's Dream

Novel By: LovesickLoser

Joel's parents are gone for the entire summer, and he is willing to take advantage of it. When he meets a cute guy in the airport bathroom, he falls in love. But what could happen in an entire summer? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2010    Reads: 666    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

Chapter Two: Self Pleasure

I clenched my hands between my legs. My third one was tingling. Ireally had to drain the monster. Apparently, Iwas still feeling the effects of the gazillions of water bottles I drank earlier today. I started hopping up and down, grasping my dick even harder. Iheld on so hard that my dick was starting to hurt. From my nails. I banged on the door. "Nick!Are you done in there, yet?! Ireally gotta piss!" Damn my parents for only buying a house with one restroom.

"Sorry, little bro,"came my brother's voice from the other side of the bathroom door. "You should know I ALWAYS take a shower at 8:30. You shoulda gotten in here before."

"I didn't have to go before...this badly." I admitted.

"Go do something to keep your mind off of it,"Nick suggested. "What do fifteen year old boys do these days?"

Nick was only 21, so he should know.

In fact, he still does it. Sometimes with me.

"Fine!" I stormed off into my bedroom. We were home alone for the entire summer, so Ididn't bother closing my door. I climbed onto my bed and pulled my pants down, and then all the way off. I tore my shirt over my head. Ialready wasn't wearing any socks or shoes. I never wear any in the house. The cool breeze that the fan was making got my balls cold. It turned me on. I flapped my semihard dick around until it stood bolt upright. It was still sort of squishy when Isqueezed it, but one thought of the boy I met today and it was hard as a rock.

I started stroking my cock slowly, to extend the pleasure. The full bladdar and the pain of holding it back was kind of causing it to be a little less enjoyable, but Icontinued on. I just had to wait until my brother got out of the shower. Unfortunately, my brother's like a girl. He takes incredibly long showers.

As the pressure on my bladdar increased, so did my stroking. I started moaning really loudly--something Ican't normally do with my parents around. Thoughts of Joey ran through my head, turning me on and making me stroke even faster. Unfortunately, all those thoughts had to do with him pissing. Fortunately, Iliked piss, so it turned me on. Unfortunately, I had to piss, so the thoughts of him peeing made me have to go even more.

Eventually, Icouldn't take it anymore. With my hand still ferociously stroking my cock, Ireleased the pressure on my bladdar, and urine started pouring out of my piss slit. The warm, still clear, liquid lubed up my hand and my dick, and my stroking felt better than before. I covered my pissing cock with my left hand, and got it soaked with my pee. Still stroking my meat with my right hand, Ibrought my left up to my nose and sniffed it. The pungent smell turned me on. I stuck a few fingers in my mouth. The taste was amazing. It was salty, yet satisfying. I brought my hand out of my mouth. It was still soaked with both my urine and my saliva.

Slowly, I leaned back, and pushed off with my toes. My head rested on my pillow, but the rest of my body was in the air. As Icontinued to stroke my cock, I stuck my pee-and-spit-lubed left hand near my ass, feeling myself up. Then, I slowly pushed one finger into my asshole. God, it felt amazing. I then jammed two fingers up there. Itried for three, but since Iwas still a virgin, I couldn't fit much up there. Ibegan pulling in and out of my butt with my fingers and got faster and faster. Iwas still jacking off and peeing like crazy. This was probably the kinkiest jack off session Ihave ever been through. But man, it felt good.

I started reaching my climax, and was moaning louder than Ihave ever moaned before. My hand was pumping my dick like crazy, piss still pouring out of the head. Ibegan finger fucking my ass faster and it was only a matter of moment until--


Then it all seemed to die down. I brought my hand out of my ass and my fist stopped pumping my cock. I brought my right hand up to my mouth and licked my cum off. I was breathing heavily, still recovering from the best orgasm I had ever had. "Whew,"I sighed. "That was hot."

"Damn straight."

I jolted up. It was then that Inoticed my brother standing over me, naked as the day he was born, and harder than a professional wrestler's abs.


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