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Novel By: LJ Walker

Jasmine, a 17 year-old film enthusiast and Drew, a 16 year-old modern day Casanova, both battle their addictions in this heart pounding High School set erotica. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 19, 2012    Reads: 1,198    Comments: 12    Likes: 5   


I have no idea when this addiction started, but I knew that if I kept sticking my hand down my pants every god damn minute it would come back to haunt me someday. I never really used to touch myself often. I only really had the urge to do it after a long stressful day. When ever I needed to go to sleep, it worked like a charm. I surfed the Internet and found out that it was natural, and that there was nothing wrong with me masturbating. I just have to understand when enough is enough.

A week before I realized that my hands had become a problem, was when the issue at hand first started. Mr.Suderburn had been telling the class that he had prepared a test for us to take at the end of the week, and like any other kid who wants to have some sort of life, I didn't even attempt to study. Before it was too late, I finally decided to settle my butt down at the library, crack a book open and get some studying done.

The school library was massive. Book shelves among bookshelves separating hundreds of walk ways. There were 2 floors, one with books and one being a study hall. Each almost completely empty due to the fact that high school students just didn't give a shit. I collected all the social studies books I could find that dealt with world war I then made my way to a seat furthest away from the front door in the study hall. I sat right near the banister that made sure people didn't fall back down to the first floor. I didn't want to be distracted by the need to leave this hell hole, so staying far away from the front door was my best choice.

I cracked the stupid books open and scanned page by page for what felt to be hours in utter silence, until a sound caught my ear. Not a loud one, but a quiet and slightly muffled voice. I gazed around the library looking for the source. There were no more then three other people on this floor, and all of them were hell of focused on their books. I looked down over the banister when I saw them. A girl with a guy lurched over her, and her panties down around her left ankle. He had a finger stuffed in her mouth to hush her moaning, but I can still hear it. Every time he would thrust his other hand under her skirt she would react with a moan, or a bounce of her hips. He pulled his finger out of her mouth and her tongue followed. Her lips released another moan and she reached for his arm that was under her skirt. She didn't push it away, instead she pulled it closer while moaning and gasping. I couldn't pull my eyes away, how could they not be embarrassed, or scared to get caught? I felt tingly just watching them, my body warmed and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I shivered.
I started getting that feeling again. The feeling I got when ever I was home alone or needed to relive some stress. My panties gradually grew wetter and wetter until they were fully soaked. I couldn't hold out anymore as I unbuttoned my jeans, bit my lip, and slipped my hand down my pants. At first I stayed outside of my panties. Playing with my cunt by feeling through the wet cloth. After a while it wasn't enough, and my body was craving more. I pulled my panties down a bit and went for the bare skin. The feeling was different, and I could feel the full wetness of my tight little hole. It was the most soaked I had ever been, and it was just from watching them! My mind was getting hazy and I couldn't even think straight. I looked around one more time, and still no one had heard nor noticed the couple, or me. My eyes were back on them, watching every movement and getting lost in their actions. The girl started to take control. She rolled him off of her and began unbuckling his belt. She whipped out his dick that had long since already gotten hard. First she held it, circling it around her hands and teasing him. He reacted slightly, as if it didn't really effect him, but I could see his breath quicken. She made her way down his body till her face was right over his crotch. Opening her mouth wide as she swallowed the tip of his dick whole. His reaction this time was obvious, slightly biting his lip and clenching his fist. She cocked her head up and down, swallowing his cock whole. Sounds of sucking and gagging floated up to me and filled my ears. I watched as she began to finger her self with her skirt pulled up, and I continued doing the same.

My breath became even heavier as well, I had to try harder and harder to hold a moan behind my lips. Sweat came down my neck as my body heated up, and my pussy opened wider getting more and more soaked. She stood up and backed away from him a bit, then threw herself over a chair. He followed her and immediately knew what she wanted. With no condom, he pushed into her, penetrating and ripping her apart. Not holding back a bit, he started to thrust with everything he had, circling his hips, and slapping his waist against hers. She moaned louder, not afraid of the attention they may be getting. The sound of their bodies slapping together quicker and quicker encouraged me to try harder on my end too. I slipped my other hand up my shirt and began squeezing and playing with my nipples. They grew harder and so did my clit which was now screaming to be teased. I couldn't hold it any more, a small moan slipped from my lips, and I looked around to see if I had been noticed. I was wrong, in fact most of the people that were here before, had left. The feeling of my hands moving around my body was intoxicating. My mind kept imagining what it was like for the girl downstairs being pounded by his cock.

"Fuck me harder!" she gasped, echoing through the library.

I leaned over just a little bit more over the rail to hear and see them better. Then, at that very moment my earring fell off of my ear and landed right on the back of the girl. The guy looked up and I yanked myself back from over the rail. I pulled up my pants as fast as I could and darted out of the library leaving the books behind with my hands dripping with my juices. By the time I made it out of the building and into the train station I realized. What if he saw me?

"This is great." I whispered, "just my luck."

"What's great?" asked a voice over my shoulder.

I turned around quickly and found the boy from the library with my earring dangling from his hand, looking at me up and down with a small smirk on his face. He extended his arm, pulled my hair back and put the earring back on my ear using an eraser piece as a stopper. His smile grew even larger as he stepped back.
Just my luck.


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