Working for Daddy

By: LittleMissSexy

Chapter 7,

All of the girls in the house had been dressed up in cute bunny outfits all complete with ears and butt plugs with fluffy tails stuck on. They were all to attend the party held by the owner of the house and they were to be the attractions. As Cassie walked in all eyes were on her. Her perky breasts were completely revealed and she could tell every man and woman in that room just wanted to rip her apart. She walked over to a table laid with a lavis feast of any dish imaginable, to come face to face with a hand black haired guy. He smirked and leaned closer. "How would you like to become the centre of attention." Cassie felt humiliated of the thought of having to have sexin front of all these people, however she was extremely horny so nodded shyly and took the mans hand. He led her into the centre of the room and settled her down on a fluffy rug on the floor. 


He pulled down her black panties to see her glistening pussy. A tent arose in his pants as he advanced on her lifting her to a kneeling position. He dropped his trousers revealing his dick. It was shorter than Daddies, but a lot thicker. He grabbed the back of  head and shoved her mouth towards his rock hard cock. Cassie chocked as it was hard to breath, but her sexual desires made her push herself further onto his cock, feeling every inch of it in her mouth. She bobbed up and down pushing herself to feel his cock. Daddie moved in to watch her fucking this guy with her mouth. She was glad he was watching, annoyed at him for putting her through that unnessary pain, when he could have taken her slowly and let her enjoy losing her anal virgintiy. She concentrated hard on this guys dick circulating her tounge around his head. "Yes baby, oh yes. " He came all over her mouth and she swallowed just to get back at Daddy. 


He pushed her down and the floor and started to repay her for sucking him off. He moved his mouth to her vagina and began to taste the juices being excreted from her slit. He moved his tounge up to her clit. Flicking it backward and forward. The familiar pulses of pleasure were sent through her body as she felt his tounge sliding over her pleasure spot. She felt two of his fingers slide into her body as he reached down to her g-spot intensifying the waves sent through her body. She was in complete heaven when her entire body shook around her pushing through into another orgasm. 


She pushed him back over and clamoured on top of him and pushed her body down on his erect dick. She looked over at Daddy sending the impression she angry with him. She then looked back to the guy and pushed him further into her. Understanding her signals Daddy took of his trousers and advanced on her ass. He wasn't about to let his slave get the better of him. He thrust his dick into her ass filling her body, causing her to gasp. Another guy in the crowd took her open mouth as an invite to join in the party. He removed his trousers. He then moved in closer advancing on Cassie with his rock hard dick. Into her mouth hole it went chocking Cassie. All of her holes were being filled and there was nothing she could do about it. Her revenge on Daddy had backfired with her receiving what she most hated. 


Daddy thrust his dick into her arse pounding harder and harder, his balls slapping against the sides creating more and more tension in Cassie's pussy. Though she was stuffed and uncomfortable the feeling of helplessness and two dicks pushing roughly down on her g-spot created the most pleasurable pain imaginable. She had no idea why her body was still secreting it's juices and it was so inviting. Why did she have to be such a slut. The guy fucking her in her pussy reached down to touch her clit and immediately to spasmed falling into an even pleasurable orgasm than before. Her tunnels contracted and expanded and milked ever guy until they came and released that sticky white liquid into her pulsating holes. She was in complete estasy as all three pounded until they were completely exhausted. 


Each pulled there dicks out and two went off to see how many other girls they could score, but Daddy came up and told Cassie to report to the kitchen immediately. 


It turns out that she'd been sent to the kitchen for desert. Not for herself though, as she placed on the dining room table covered and filled with an assortment of different deserts. In her mouth laid a candie apple, whipped cream overhead both of her nipples with two cherries placed on top, a trail of different sauces were laid down her body in decorative patterns down to her pussy where a chocolate bannana had been placed. Continuing down her ass may have not looked like much, but the cooks had injected chocolate sauce into her ass so that the guests would be able to dip the assorted fruits laid around Cassie in there. 


The guests came into the room a couple of minuets after Cassie had been decorated. You could see the ravenous hunger in there eyes as they saw the beautiful sight which was this edible trophy. The guests moved around and began their feast leaving Cassie in a complete mess of sauces and the saliva from there mouth. Then both Jenifer and Angela emerged from the crowd, with hints of malice in there smiles. It was clear to see she had been replaced as Daddies favourite and neither was having any of it. Jenifer lent closer to Cassie's ear. "Aren't you a beautiful site. ." Angela took a nipple full of cream into her mouth, and Jenny shortly followed. They teased her nipples licking there tounges over the sensitive buds, then teasing them up as they pressed there teeth into the teens. Cassie let oit a small moan and instantly felt ashamed. That she would be enjoying more sexual acts so quickly. She'd already been fucked in front of a crowd, did she really have to teased by these two girls. Angela turned to Jenny. "Don't you think it's unfair she was the one to serve the desert. She didn't share it with us did she. " Jenny patronisingly shook her head. "How about we give you some punishment, bitch. " She slapped Cassie across her face leaving a bright red mark on her cheek.


Cassie gasped in shook and looked around to the faces of the people around her who were clearly not going to help as they looked like they were in a complete daze of sexualness. Jenny flipped her over then sat on Cassie's back so to be able to restrain her arms and body. Then Angela advanced like an angry tigress. 




Handprints were laid down on Cassie's asked and she screamed as blood quickly flowed through reddening her once creamy ass. 




Another set of handprints were laid down. "Can't take it there bitch. " 




Angela laid her hand down on Cassie's pussy and she jerked at the sheer force of it. Another set of smacks were sent down, while shivers traveled through Cassie's body. She felt like it couldn't get any worse, until a member of the crowd handed Jenny a taser. Jenny clambered off reached towards Cassie's pussy. 


Jolts of electrical pain shot through her body pushing any sense of pleasure out of her brain. It hurt so much. Her body was blurring and she couldn't feel any senses any more. Then the ginger picked her up leading her back to her room and laid her down to rest after the pain she'd been through. 

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