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Working for Daddy

Novel By: LittleMissSexy

When Cassie became short of money she signed up to become a personal sex slave of tycoon billionaire. However when he goes past her personal boundaries there's nothing for here to do, but adapt to it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 15, 2013    Reads: 3,031    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

Cassie had been wearing the plug for two hole days and it was certainly paying its toll. She was fed up of having to wear it all the time, so it was a great relief when Daddy let her sit in the fuck chair again. She knew now that she would feel the relief of a free ass, but felt petrified at the though of his huge meaty stalk being penetrated in her still virgin hole.

He led her down to the basement were the various torture supplies were kept and strapped her back onto the chair legs spread apart and tied to either leg. "Are you ready darling. " Daddy said with a glint of malice in his perfect smile. His hands reached down to the plug and quickly pulled it out, causing Cassie to whimper in pain. He moved his mouth down and began licking all around that sweet anus. He then moved his hand towards her clit and moving his fingers across slowly sent trickles of electricity through Cassie body. She tried to clench her ass and objectify against him pushing anything against her hole, but it was hungry and opened to swallow his tounge. Accepting the invitation Daddy poked his flexible muscle her moving it around the small space feeling every inch, exploring the depths that his cock he was going to reach.

He pulled his tounge out and moved his mouth downtown her push so he could taste the juices. Cassie protested, but her body was doing anything but. It wanted to be penetrated and her ass was hungry and deprived with only the plastic plug to fulfill her sexual desires. He wanted to be the one to take it and that time would be now. Two fingers were inserted into Cassie ass and she gasped as her ass clenched around the two fingers creating more pain for her body, but so much pleasure. He thrust backward and forward mimicking the sex act which he had performed a couple days earlier.

He felt Cassie ass relax against her fingers so her pulled out again and began to push his head against her entrance. She could feel that it was so much bigger than what her ass had dealt with earlier. He suddenly trust the entire thing in so that his balls rested against her delectable cheeks. Oh god it hurt so much, but she couldn't do anything against it. Her body had firmly wedged his dick inside. He struggled to pull it out and push in again with the vacuumed that her insides had created. She was begining to want this so much and so was he as he grew higher and higher to climaxing. A final push sent him over the edge releasing his sweet cum into her ass. She could feel his dick pumping out the fluid and reducing into a soft sticky shaft. "Did you enjoy that?" He asked her. Cassie nodded. "Alright, lets crank it up a notch. Come I'm know. " Angie walked in to the room with a smile that showed she was going to enjoy giving Cassie pain so much.

Cassie noticed that Angie had a strap on dick and gasped at what was coming next. Angie advanced on her and shoved the dick ino her ass pushing the rubbery object in and out. At the sight of Cassie being fucked. Daddies cock instantly grew and he advanced on Cassie as well. "There's not going to be enough room" she screamed as Daddy pushed into her pussy. Her entire body was full and there wasn't another inch left for anything else yet both kept pushing aster and further cramming there devices into her holes. She didn't know how people dealt with this. She couldn't handle it. "Stop please." Cassie had been reduced to tears unable to feel comfort in what was happening. He reached his hand down and smacked her clit. Immediately her body convalesced sending her through the most painful yet intense orgasm she'd felt over her time her. Electric pulses were sent through her body, wave after wave of pleasure and pain flowing through her body. They pulled out and smirked realising there succes. Cassie was untied and left on the floor to deal with the pain in her body.


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