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Working for Daddy

Novel By: LittleMissSexy

When Cassie became short of money she signed up to become a personal sex slave of tycoon billionaire. However when he goes past her personal boundaries there's nothing for here to do, but adapt to it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 6, 2013    Reads: 3,444    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

Cassie woke up back in her own bed. She had no idea if what napped early was real or just a her imagination playing out her sexual desire. That itch down below grew as she tried to recollect what happened earlier. She just remembered a great feeling of pleadsure mixed with a lot of pain. Oh god she needed to fucking cum. Reaching her hand down she shivered as it reached her pussy. It was absolutely ridiculous that she was going to do this, but her sexual desires were too much for her to ignore. Two fingers slid into her warm hole. She was already become moist at the though of her actuary daring to do this. She thrust her fingers up and down trying to recreate the feeling of fullness that he have her, but it was just not enough. She needed this so much, but she couldn't give it to herself. Another finger went into the moist slit. She kept pumping, harder and harder and harder.

The door clicked and the ginger girl walked through. Cassie gasped as she remembered all the girls shared one room. How had she been so stupid. She could have locked herself in the bathroom or something. What must she think of Cassie. The ginger walked up to Cassie "Need a hand?"" She said in a surprisingly much sexier voice than before. Dazed in some kind of stupor Cassie let the girl advance on her pussy. Now she was the one going to be sucked and licked as Angie and Jennifer had done to each other before. She rubbed her hand down the throbbing clit before poking out her tounge which circulated around the clit. Jolts of orgasmic pleasure were sent down Cassie's body as the tounge flicked over her clit. Reaching her mouth forward the ginger moved her lips forward to taste the sweet juices from Cassie pussy. Her tounge kept moving down until it came in contact with Cassie crinkled hole. "Stop it, you've gone too far down." Cassie screeched. The ginger didn't stop her tounge coming to poke through her asshole. Cassie screamed at her before running from the room she couldn't believe anyone would want to touch anywhere so filthy.

"Ahhh FUCK"

Cassie looked up to see she ran straight into Daddies naked body and was standing on his toes. "Why the fuck didn't you watch where you were... Oh you were crying. We'll come with me and tell me what's wrong. " He led her down to the basement. She recognised it from yesterday as the room he had whipped her in. She shuddered at the though of it. He sat down on the sofa and led her to join him. "So what's wrong. Fall out with one of the other girls. " Cassie hesitated, but there could be no harm for telling home about the dirty things that the ginger had done. "She started to lick my anus. " Cassie said nervously. He laughed. "Oh we're going to solve that problem very quickly little one. " He kissed her deeply on her lips pressing his against hers firmly. He gestured for her to wait there as he walked out the room.

After a short time he waked back in holding a bag. He asked her to turn around and kneel on all fours. She knelt sticking her ass up in the air to tempt him to touch it. Oh how badly she wanted him to just fuck the life out of her. But instead he advanced on her anus moving his tounge straight towards it. "Don't put it there please don't." Cassie screamed and writhered, but Daddy hold her tight as he licked around the entrance. Grabbing a bottle of lube from the bag, he spread some over two of his fingers. He thrust the into her ass. He leant close to her ear. "If your going to be a proper slave you'll need to do everything. This is just to get you ready. He thrust in and out harder and harder. There was so much friction between his fingers and her ass. He pulled his fingers out and Cassie gave a sigh of relief thinking it was over. Then a cold metal object pressed on the entrance to her ass. He was wedging a thick but plug into her ass. It was almost the size of Daddies dick - almost though. It slid all the way in and logged itself into her asshole firmly holding itself. " Your to keep this in until I tell you to. The only time you may remove it is to go to the toilet otherwise I expect to see it in you everything I check." And with that he left the room.


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