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Working for Daddy

Novel By: LittleMissSexy

When Cassie became short of money she signed up to become a personal sex slave of tycoon billionaire. However when he goes past her personal boundaries there's nothing for here to do, but adapt to it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 30, 2013    Reads: 4,048    Comments: 0    Likes: 5   

After a restless night Cassie woken up by the brunet who she'd found out last night was called Jennifer. "Put this on she said. " Cassie took the outfit which looked like the ones the maids who greeted her at the door. "Just for heads up breakfast is in ten minuets. Also you have to refer to him as Daddy. He finds it erotic or something. I'd hurry up if I was you. " She left the room leaving Cassie alone in the room. She assumed that all the other girls had gone down to breakfast so quickly hurried to get changed.

After she put the outfit on she walked over to the mirror to see how she looked. The outfit was a copy of the maids outfits she'd seen earlier with a simple black dress and apron fitted around her waist, but it was looking down she realised how short the dress actuary was. Cassie remembered she still had no underwear on which meant she would be indecently exposed if she tried to bend over giving a perfect view of anyone behind her of her creamy ass. Looking up to her breasts she could see the support in the dress pushed up her boobs so that her nipples were almost showing. All together the outfit emphisised her body. Cassie felt almost turned on by her appearance, but shaking that though out of her head she hurried down to breakfast.

As Cassie entered the dining room everyone else had already started. "Sorry. I didn't know where I was meant to go. " She approved the nearest chair, but was interrupted by the man sitting at the head of the table. "No I wasn't you over here. " He gestured for Angela who was sitting on his right to move. She glared at Cassie while everyone else at the table look surprised that he had said that. Ignoring the glances she moved to the chair next to him and started the meal in front of her. Suddenly she felt a hand reaching over her pussy. Immediately her pink hole became wet. Feeling the juices he removed his hand and licked his fingers, before standing up. " I'm finished girls. Please go to your duties and then I may tend to you later. " He then left the room. A ginger next to Cassie the same one who had instructed her to her bed started staring at her. "What" Cassie replied in order to shake her off. "You know that's the fuck chair. "

"You know I have no idea what that means. "

"Whoever sits in that chair is the one who he fucks each morning. Normally it's reserved for Jenny or Angela, but it seems like he wants you today. Probably to get you accustomed to the way we do things round here. If you cross the hallway you'll see him in the living room. " Cassie nodded at the girls advice, excused herself from the table and hurried to the living room.

Walking into the lounge she found Daddy wanking off to some porn on the TV. He smiled when he saw she entered. Cassie was slightly disgusted at the fact he was so open about sex. But she couldn't say that much about him when she had signed up to be a sex slave. He stood up and pulled her closer. He reached down to feel her breasts through the dress. Cassie shivered as his hand brushed across her nipples sending electric spikes down through her body straight to her throbbing hole. A moan escaped her lips causing him to press lips against hers. Daddy moved his hand down to her pussy sending vibrations through body. Without meaning to Cassy pushed her lips against Daddies lips longing for something to quench the itch growing in her pussy.

He picked her up and moved her onto the sofa spreading her legs allowing him better access to touch her hole. Sticking two fingers in her vagina he started to push them in deeper feeling around to find her g-spot. His two fingers struck against her sensitive part causing Cassie to quiver in new found enjoyment. Her hips started humping his fingers trying to get more enjoyment out of it. Cassie looked down as he pulled his fingers out, her eyes widening as he pressed the tip of his dick against her jucy, wet, slit. This time though she wanted him to cram it in her and fuck the life out of her. She was no longer afraid of it. "Just put it in me Daddy. " she screamed out of sexual anticipation. "I want you to fuck the life out of me. Oh please Daddy. " He smirked at her change in attitude and followed her words pushing his dick further and further into her tight hole. Cassie gasped as his cock rubbed against her most sensitive spots. She was so close to cumming. Her back arched, her breath becoming heavy as she grew closer and closer. He pulled out. Standing in front of Cassie he told her that he would attend to her later, then promptly left. Again Cassie had that disappointed feeling and an burning itch she had no idea how to satisfy.


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