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Stealing her innocence

Novel By: LittleMissSexy

Tags: Bondage

At eighteen Victoria is married off to a prince to solve the dispute between their two countries. Everything there is so different, her rules of etiquette being completely destroyed as she is forced to perform acts only a whore would do. At first everything is for her family wanting to keep them safe, but as time goes by she realises she likes the pain and pleasure. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 24, 2013    Reads: 1,690    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

Waking down the isle was meant to be one of ten best moments of her life. She'd witnessed her sisters getting married to various barons and lords in her own country and they were spectacular occasions and she was to be married to a future King, so naturally it would be the most exquisite of all of the wedding. However hers was to be different, you could tell just from the outfit she was being suited up in. By laws of the country the brides family could not attend the ceremony so she was completely alone in this new found experience. She hadn't even met the man she was to be married to. But this was her duty, to keep peace between the countries and she would have to put up with their strange customs or face her parents disappoint meant.

Victoria had had to admit it was the most beautiful gown she'd ever seen if there wasn't so little of it. The turcoise dress hugged her curves displaying her sexy figure which she'd always adored, but it gave her no decency. The neckline on the dress curved in a V-shape down to her belly-button exposing the sides of her breasts and a tiniest glimpse of her nipples if looking on from the side. The bottom of the dress split just below her pussy showing her inner thighs and to top it off her shoulders weren't even covered. She might as well be naked, if she was forced to go out in this. "And we're done." Her newly acquired maid Hilda smiled at her. Victoria returned an akward smile. "Look, I know this is different to you, but I've been here many years and watched foreigners be married to the royal family. They will treat you will respect, they always do. " Victoria felt as if they'd already broken the respect thing, as she was going to be having her wedding in half a dress. Looking at Hilda she felt extremely out of place. Although the woman wasn't the prettiest, with her short dumpy figure and greying hair, she was still moderately dressed. She felt like a whore, but before she could display that point Hilda pushed her out of the dressing room.

She was had been sure that this ceremony was going to be different. Victoria was poised on top of a pedastal on the balcony of the castle. Below were crowds of people wanting to watch the royal wedding. It put her nerves on edge. What would they think of her sitting here wearing hardly anything. It was a strangely shaped pedestal with two protruding parts stretched out wards in front of her and another two above her head. They looked as if her arms and legs were meant to fit in the sections, but then she would have no way to keep her decency between her legs.

A couple of minuets later a priest came out and began to chant some rhymes and such. She tried to stay awake, but started to drift off to sleep. Then she felt her arms and legs being moved. Opening her eyes she could see the priest chaining her arms and legs t the protruding parts of the pedestal. She opened her mouth to scream, but a pair of lips connected with hers, subduing her screams. She looked up to see the face which was kissing her. Strangely he had the same tanned skin of the rest of the crowd and their signiture dark hair, but his eyes were green like hers. He was beautiful, an immaculate work of art, there was no doubt he was to be her husband. Suddenly she recoiled her head as she felt his tounge poke into her mouth. She stared at him and he at her, their eyes connecting, then her face contorted to a glare. How dare he touch her inappropriately in front of a crowd of people before they were even married. She pulled her hand forward to slap him, then realised her hands were chained to the stone figure above her head. She was vulnerable to whatever they wanted to do.

The priest proceeded to rub a foamy cream over her exposed pussy, rubbing and massaging it into every inch. She winced every time his hand passed over the top of her clit. Her stomach was pounding and so was her pussy with every swipe of his fingers. It felt so wrong, for a man to be touching her secretive area. Her husband walked forward and shoved two fingers into her pussy. She gasped her mouth widening, that he would perform such a crude act. "I can see your body's turned on even if your minds not" he smirked, then pulled out his fingers which were drenched in her juices. He took the opportunity and stuck the fingers into her open mouth. "Suck" he whispered delicately into her ear. She began to suck backwards and forwards on his fingers, tasting the pleasure her pussy had created. Something in her wanted to do this even though her mind was repulsed at her willingness. Pushing her head fowards she was able to go all the way down to his nuckles, before clamping down her lips on his fingers to drag her head back.

She was enjoying his fingers in her mouth so much she didn't notice the metal blade which came down on her pussy. The priest was pressing the blunt edge against the sides of her pussy, removing the hair from her wet slit. Slowly and delicately he shaved the hairs off. She shivered at the cold touch of the blade, felt every single pulse her clit created as the blade swept over the top. Oh God she was so horny. A moan escaped her lips for the first time. Her eyes reconnected with her husbands whose seemed to sparkle with pleasure at her willingness. He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and took the blade from the priest. He bet down so his head was the same level as the priest. With his left hand he continued to remove the hairs from her pussy, with the right he guided the blade, tracing the folds of her deliciousness. He felt every part familiarising himself with his newest possession.

It felt so good. She'd almost forgotten that there was a crowd watching as there princess moaned and screamed in ecstasy. For some reason this act between them felt private, romantic, personal even if they're was the entire country around her. This was an act to be done between a man and his wife so it still held the speciality, that it would have had in private. Maybe this was just what they did in this country, that there rulers most special moments were to be shared with the people. She could warm up to there ideals, but for know her embarrassment battled against each of the electric pulses which travelled through her spine. "All done. " He stood back to show off her newly shaven pussy to the crowd. She couldn't help but feel a slight disappointment that the cool blade had left her pussy. It was still tingling and wet from the tease given to her. "Now to continue the ritual, we will begin with the first connection between husband and wife. " Looking into her husband eyes she could tell that her hunger was to be quenched.

His is mouth connected with her pussy. He was delicate at first, teasing her. Only using the tip of his tounge to ring around the clit, underneath her lips. He avoided her most sensitive part, limiting the pleasures she could experience. Still to a woman who had never orgasmed it felt like the most amazing sensation in her life. Her life had been given to the man in front of her who was teasing and suckling at her juicy slit. His tounge slid down to her hole to taste her juices which had been produced through his earlier teasing. More moans passed through her lips as she squealed with pleasure. She could feel energy growing in her stomach. Building more and more. She felt as if she needed to burst with pure sexual energy. Finaly his tounge connected with the top of her clit and she screamed out with pleasure as waves of orgasmed surrounded her body for the first time. It was an exquisite pleasure, one she'd wished she'd someone had introduced her too earlier. She understood why she was too have sex in front of an audience. She grinned at her husband. Thanking him with her facial expressions, as she was too nervous to say it out loud. "We will now seal her bonds to the country, before she will lose her sacredness," the priest announced.

A man man came forward holding a diamond ring on a pillow. Finally a part of the ceremony she knew and would feel comfortable in. He presented the ring to her husband, but instead of proceeding to put it on her finger he advanced on her pussy. She screamed in real pain this time as the ring pierced her clit. Pain surged through her body as her clit throbbed at the invasion. She thrashed against her bonds struggling against her husbands hands. Then she was released from her bond by the priest. She fell off the pedestal her hands on the ground. "Finaly the princess will be invaded by his highness." He offered his hand to her, but she shrugged it off running back through the doors into the castle, not caring of the consequences.


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