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Secrets & Sin

Novel By: LilithsSin

Eve is a successful young woman. She is everything her parents wanted her to turn out to be. However, for her, it is not enough, it makes her feel empty inside. She harbors a secret that will liberate her from her silver plated prison. It is a darkness that brings her into the light, even if those closest to her do not understand it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 11, 2012    Reads: 538    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

Eve had been left hanging there for just under an hour. Her muscles ached and her fingers had become numb from the blood rushing out of them. She kept her eyes closed and the cool wind tormented the breaks in her skin from her earlier whipping. She didn't move much, once in a while shifting her weight between her feet. Her mind was filled with all the delicious things Stian had done to her since they arrived over the Atlantic just the day before.

The door creaked open, Stian entered, watching Eve's body hang there as he approached her. He walked around to face her, and she did not look at him, only at the stone of the balcony. He nuzzled his face up to her neck, tasting the salt from the air on her skin. He licked at the blood left on her breast from earlier and raised her chin to make her look at him. As she lost herself in those exotic blue eyes he traced his fingers up her arms and released her hands. He massaged them to restore the blood flow and picked up her nearly limp body. He placed her on the bed, lying on her back. The smooth texture of satin felt good to her, it comforted her as she sunk into the mattress. He pushed her shivering thighs apart and knelt between her legs. She got excited, hoping he would allow her a release. He teased her sex with his lips, barely allowing them to touch her. He was testing her. Her hips lifted a bit off the mattress eager to feel his mouth and he abruptly sat up.

"No" he said calmly, but firmly. Her leg quivered. He slammed his palm down upon it to hold it still. "No" he said again, this time more forcefully. "You will learn to control it" he said and lifted his palm off of her. His words made her want him more and it caused her nipples to harden again. Stian raised an eyebrow, pleased at the development. He stood up and walked into the bathroom and returned with something in his hand. Eve never moved, never sighed, she just laid there, as was Stians wish. He stood over her and placed clamps on either of her nipples, she didn't move. He tightened them. Again she didn't move. The skin turned purple from the pressure, but she remained still. He tightened them again and a tear escaped her eye. "Excellent" he said, his accent thick and heavy. It got that way when he was excited or pleased. He left them on, torturing her. She wanted him to take her, to feel his length inside of her. Stian could sense this, he could tell what she was thinking simply by reading the small changes in her facial expression. She loved that he knew her so well, and that even when his touch felt like torture she knew he was playing into every one of her fantasies. He looked down at her, her hands and ankles free, yet she didn't struggle or try to escape the situation.

He knelt between her legs again, she had created a puddle beneath her on the bed. He let his tongue slide between her folds, lightly, but barely touching her. She willed her body not to react. He took her swollen anatomy into his mouth and gently sucked it. He continued until he was satisfied she was ready to explode. Then he stopped. He leaned over her body and placed hip lips to her ear.

"You're not allowed, yet" he said. He ran his hand over her throat and down her chest. He removed the clamps from her nipples. "It's over, for now" he said as he helped her sit up. She smiled at him and looked into his eyes. They seemed just as normal as any other couple talking to one another after an intimate experience.

"I'm going to have a shower" she said, running the back of her hand across Stian's cheek. He nodded and followed her. She glanced at the clock on her way to the bathroom. It was 6pm.

"Are you hungry?" Stian inquired as he turned the water on.

"Yes, very" Eve replied as she wiped black mascara off her smeared face.

"Shall we order in or go out?" he asked as he stepped under the running water.

"Hmmm, let's go out" she said in a breathy voice as she joined him. He washed her body, adding a little extra pressure to the bruises and lacerations he had caused earlier. She moaned when he touched them. Soon the two were finished and stepped out, wrapping themselves in oversized white towels. It was still early in the evening and Eve wondered what the rest of the night would hold.

She stood over her luggage, which she still had not unpacked and rummaged through it looking for something to wear. Stian reached his hand into one of the bags and pulled out a pair of leather pants.

"Wear these" he said slyly. She nodded and put them on, with nothing underneath. She threw on a tiny black tank and her boots and she was ready to go.

"So, where are you going to take me?" she asked, looking up at Stian.

"I thought I'd take you to one of my favorite little spots in Oslo" he said as he ran his fingers through her long, blonde hair. She smiled. The two of them headed downstairs and out the front door. It took about 20 minutes before they arrived in the city, as Stian lived just outside. The city was beautiful, old and the architecture had a certain romance about it. For some reason Eve felt completely at home here, as though she belonged.

The valet took the car as they arrived in front of the resturant. It was a quaint little place, serving traditional Norwegian fare. Stian requested a table towards the back and they were given a nice round booth in the corner. Stian would dote upon her when they were out, ordering her meal for her, opening doors, that type of thing. He ordered a bottle of merlot and turned his attention back to her. The two sat close together and Stian would often slip his hand under the table to feel Eve's thigh through the leather of her pants. Her nipples would visibly become hard when he did this, and embarrass her, causing her chest to become flushed. On more than one occasion two of the waiters were seen looking in her direction and whispering to one another. Stian was pleased, he knew how the discomfort excited his beautiful woman. When the waiter arrived with the wine Stian inquired as to the young man's fascination with Eve.

"Do you think she's sexy?" he asked, with a grin looking like it came from the devil himself. Eve's heart pounded, and she began to panic a bit. Stian sensed this and squeezed her thigh to calm her. He was playing with her, he loved to make her feel that vulnerability in public. It made her entire body react. The young man was unsure of how to respond. "You can tell me" Stian prodded.

"Well, sure she's a very beautiful woman" the man replied. The grin returned to Stian's face. Stian reached over towards Eve and pulled slightly at the top of her tank, pulling it down so the man could just see a bit of her nipple. He then squeezed it as he pulled his hand away. Eve's entire body turned red and the man walked away from the table.

"I couldn't resist" he said and kissed her hand. She nuzzled her lips up to his neck and kissed him. She breathed him in as she did so, the smell of his skin intoxicated her. He leaned his head down and kissed her forehead. "MMM, food's here" Eve said softly as the waiter approached the table with a large tray. The two of them talked as they ate, often feeding each other from the others plate. Other couples would look at them, almost as if they were jealous of how the two interacted with each other. The others in the eatery would never know what Stian did to her when they were alone, or have any idea about the bruises currently on her body.

The two seemed entranced with one another until they were interrupted by a boisterous, loud voice.

"Stian!" they heard from across the room. Eve looked up and recognized the man. It was just weeks before that he had been in bed with her while Stian watched.

"Sven!" he replied and stood up to shake his hand.

"I see you've brought her back home" Sven said with a sly grin.

"Yes" he replied. "She needed to get away" he didn't offer any more information, but Sven seemed to understand.

"And how are you doing young lady?" he took Eve's hand and kissed it. She looked over at Stian and smiled

"At the moment? Happy, content and a little sore" she replied. The two men traded glances and a woman appeared behind Sven. He introduced her as his date for the night.

"Well, I will leave you two to whatever kink awaits you later tonight" he said flashing a grin at Eve. " It was good to see you" Eve said, Sven and Stian shook hands and the other couple went to their table. Soon they left and walked through the streets of downtown Oslo. It was still light out, thought it was 10pm. They took a seat on a bench overlooking the water, there weren't many people around. Just the occassional couple walking hand in hand.

Stian moved in close to Eve, and pressed his fingers into her hip. He jumped a little as he hit a fresh bruise. He let his fingers follow the waistline of her pants, dipping his fingers below and petting her now and then. She began to get excited. With a quick movement of his nimble fingers he soon released the button on her pants, and unzipped them, exposing her. He slid a finger into her, and then another. He could tell she was stifling a moan.

"Let yourself express how you feel" he said to her. "Don't think about anyone else here but you and I" he said and slid another finger into her, massaging her flesh. It wouldn't take much for her to achieve her release, as she had already been teased relentlessly that day.

She let out a loud moan, casing a passing man to stop and look. She grabbed onto the seat of the bench and threw her head back. She was going to come, in front of this stranger. Stian moved his hand faster and with more pressure. Her moans became louder. Stian was visibly pleased, and the stranger continued to watch. Eve was no longer aware of what was happening around her. She soon exploded and the bench cradled her now fragile body. Her chest heaved. Stian took his palm and slapped her, hard on the still wet and oversensitive flesh. She screamed, and the stranger walked away, quickly as though something had frightened him. Stian zipped her pants back up and kissed her, hard on the lips.

"You ready to go home?" he asked, sweetly. She nodded, unable to respond with words. She held his hand all the way back to the house.


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