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Secrets & Sin

Novel By: LilithsSin

Eve is a successful young woman. She is everything her parents wanted her to turn out to be. However, for her, it is not enough, it makes her feel empty inside. She harbors a secret that will liberate her from her silver plated prison. It is a darkness that brings her into the light, even if those closest to her do not understand it. View table of contents...


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Soon Eve and Stian left the bar and headed back to his house. They rode back to the house in silence as Stian had requested. Eve didn't look over at him the entire way home and their already boiling sexual tension rose to an even higher level. Upon arriving at the house Eve barely had time to place her purse on the kitchen table before the doorbell rang. Stian nodded for her to answer it and she did. Other the other side she found Sven, his blonde hair blowing in his face. She let him in and showed him to the living room.

"I saw you look at him" Stian said from the kitchen door. She blushed a bit. "I'd like to watch him take you" he said as he moved next to her and kissed the back of her hand. The two men spoke in private for a moment and Sven went upstairs to the bedroom. "He won't hurt you, but I want you to obey him" Stian said before allowing her to follow the tall viking-esque man upstairs. She nodded letting him know she understood. The two of them went up to the bedroom to find Sven already disrobed and in the bed. Stian kissed Eve gently on the lips and motioned for her to join him. She pulled off her skirt and the rest of her clothing as she approached him. She sat on the edge of the bed to remove her boots.

"No, leave them on" Sven said with a devilish grin across his face. Stian took a seat in an armchair that was placed next to the bed. Sven grabbed Eve and pulled her to him, kissing and biting at her neck. Her body flushed bright red as she felt the sinews of his large muscles against her. She wasn't allowed much foreplay and a few minutes into their encounter she felt his engorged organ against her hot wet opening. With a snap of his hips he was inside of her. Her back arched upon feeling his length take up every available inch of her, and then some. She dug her fingernails into the flesh of his shoulders and looked over at Stian who had taken it upon himself to unzip his pants and stroke himself. Seeing him do this increased Eve's pleasure. She pushed her hips forcefully towards Sven's allowing him to penetrate her deeper. She watched Stian pleasure himself as this goliath of a man pounded her into the mattress. It wasn't long before her body gave way to an intense orgasm. She lay there limp for a moment while her body was still being pummeled. Sven's release wasn't far behind and he pulled himself out and let his hot, sticky liquid cover her breasts.

He rolled off of her as his chest heaved and he tried to catch his breath. Eve lay there naked and now a little cold as she watched Stian bring himself to an orgasm. Her swollen flesh became hot and wet again at the sight of it. Stian soon stood up and walked towards Eve. He reached into the drawer in the nightstand and pulled out her restraints tying her wrists to the headboard. He removed his pants and climbed on top of her. She didn't move, the look on his face seemed to indicate that he was ready to have her. She didn't look at him until she felt his fingertips upon her chin and he forced her to make eye contact with him.

"Look at me" he demanded "don't take your eyes from mine." she did as she was told and soon felt the lash of a stiff leather strap upon her skin. She tried in vain not to allow her eyes to close as the sensation ran through her, but she failed. She was whipped harder for not obeying and soon her skin turned purple and red from the lashes. Sven had rolled over on his side and was watching what was going on, but both Stian and Eve were oblivious to his presence. He soon flipped her over onto her knees and prodded at the tight opening that was presented to him. He could feel it as the anticipaton grew between her legs. Only, it wasn't the soaked flesh of her sex that he was after.

He pulled her hair roughly forcing her head back as he smeared moisture from her burning core to her bottom. Without any notice he pushed his way into her, every muscle in her body tightened as she felt him. He slapped at her reddened and sore flesh and he pumped himself into her. He repeated his motion harder with every thrust until he was sure she couldn't take anymore. He pulled out of her and left her in a heap on the bed. He and Sven dressed and went back downstairs leaving Eve naked and alone in the dark bedroom

The two men sat down at the bar in the kitchen and each cracked open a beer. Sven sat next to Stian with a very amused look on his face.

"Wow" he muttered under his breath. A devilish grin appeared on Stian's face as he took a swig of the dark ale he held in his hand

"I know" he responded and the two shared a bit of a laugh. Upstairs Eve lay still on her belly, her knees curled up to her chest. The sweat had dried from her body and she shivered a bit, but she knew the game was not yet over. The candles that had been lit were blown out by a gust of wind through an open window and the already dark room was now pitch black.

The men sat downstairs for quite a while, talking and laughing and downing a few beers, though Stian had no intentions of getting drunk. He refused to be obliterated while he was in a position of power of the woman he loved so dearly. Eve never looked at the clock, she merely laid there curled up in a ball, anxious about what could happen to her next. Two and a half hours passed and Sven headed out the door to go home.

Stian breathed heavily and made his way upstairs. He didn't make a sound as he entered the bedroom. Eve was turned away from the door and Stian swung his hand at her bottom. The striking pain of the unexpected slap scared Eve and her body tensed. He gently released her wrists from their bonds.

"Kneel" Stian said with a bit of force in his voice. She did as she was told, resting her sore bottom on her heels and pointing her eyes towards the floor. Stian again placed his fingertips on Eve's chin and made her eyes connect with his. She had always had a bit of an intimacy problem and his forcing her to staring into him sent a quiet nervousness and bit of fear through her, but appreciated and loved those moments most of all. He pushed her up onto her knees and ran his hand along the curve of her back, never taking his eyes from hers. He squeezed her damaged flesh and watched her pupils expand in response to his touch. He ran his hand lightly over every inch of her, with enough pressure to ensure a little discomfort when his hands reached her bruises. Her nipples hardened everytime he it a sore spot and the two never broke eye contact.

He embraced her tightly, it was as though he was trying to quiet her quivering body. He laid her back onto the mattress. He was gentle with her and she wasn't nessacarily sure how to react. He stood up at the side of the bed and removed his clothes displaying his erection. He climbed back on top of her, his eyes still fixed with hers. He grasped her hands in his and roughly forced them over her head. This forced her back to arch and her breasts towards Stian's face. He captured one in his mouth, sucking it and pulling at it with his teeth. He could feel Eve's body respond underneath him and seemed pleased. He let one of his hands go and used it to push himself into her. He then rejoined his hand with hers. He pushed into her forcefully, deeper and harder with every thrust. He used slow, languid movements, each penetration became increasingly painful as he continued. He kept this pace for quite sometime, again never allowing her to look away or distance herself from him. A tear escaped her bright blue eyes and it was then Stian realized her had brought her to her peak after an hour of his slow teasing torture. He pulled himself out of her and laid behind her, embracing her as tears kept flowing from her.

"You're safe" he whispered to her "and you're mine" he said squeezing her as though he never wanted to let go. The two soon fell asleep, lost within each other and what had transpired that night.


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