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Secrets & Sin

Novel By: LilithsSin

Eve is a successful young woman. She is everything her parents wanted her to turn out to be. However, for her, it is not enough, it makes her feel empty inside. She harbors a secret that will liberate her from her silver plated prison. It is a darkness that brings her into the light, even if those closest to her do not understand it. View table of contents...


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Eve stood tall in front of Stian and stared at the floor. He stood after she did, facing her. He circled her for a moment, his eyes wandering up and down her body. It reminded her of their first few months together. He would always circle her like that, he was inspecting her. He ran his hands over her body as he circled her once last time. He would put extra pressure on any bruises or wounds he came across. She never flinched when he touched them. He stopped behind her and pulled her hair up off her neck. The skin on the back of her neck still burned and smelled of charred flesh. He traced the burn with the tip of his index finger. Eve wanted to cry out, but didn't move. Stian smiled as he touched it, it proved to him how much he meant to the beautiful woman in his control. He abruptly pulled her into his chest, grabbing the upper parts of her arms in tight fists as he did so. Her body jolted and her heart rate increased.

"I am going to use you hard tonight, harder than usual" he whispered into her ear. "I want to hear you scream when you taste my whip" He continued. He tightened his grip on her arms. "I want to hear you moan when you experience indescribable pleasure". He licked his lips. "I want to feel your emotions tonight, do not hold back from vocalizing what you feel". He kissed her neck, and lightly ran his tongue across the brand that adorned it. He heard her breathe out slightly as he did this and smiled. This was one of the few times he had given her permission to scream or moan if she felt she needed to. Most often she had to try in vain not to allow a noise to escape her pouty pink lips. She knew he wanted to get deeper into her head, to know exactly what she goes through when he tortured her. This thought warmed her core and made her feel loved. She allowed her body to relax for a moment as she pondered that thought. She felt a violent sting assault her hip.

"Stand up straight" Stian demanded and her muscles tensed back up. "Don't think that because I have allowed you to be vocal that you can be relaxed about other things" he continued. "Tonight, more than ever, I want you to obey my every command" she began to tremble. The steel ring at her throat sang a low pitched song as her muscles made the tiny movements. She was becoming excited. A smooth sticky fluid glistened between her thighs, it became more apparent with every word that escaped Stian's mouth. When he noticed this, the organ hidden in his pants began to grow, he needed her as much as she did him

. "Into the bedroom" he commanded. She walked towards the bedroom with him at her back, she stopped as she reached the bed, unsure of where he wanted her to stand. She noticed a length of rope hand been thrown over one of the beams in the celing.

It was positioned in front of a floor to celing window on the opposite side of the bed. He brought her to it and began to skillfully bind her wrists together. He held them up and tugged at the rope to ensure it was tight enough, but not so tight that it would restrict circulation. He pulled on the other end of the rope until she was forced onto the tips of her toes. He released it so she could stand again for a moment. He took the rope at her wrists and fashioned a harness around her arms and shoulders. The rope was harsh on her skin, he liked to use a natural fiber rope when he bound her. It pulled and tore at her sensitive flesh, making it raw and he had only just begun. He took the loose end of the rope again and tugged on it. Her wrists elevated first and when they could be raised no higher, her she was picked up by her shoulders. Only the tips of her toes grazed the floor as she hung in front of the window. Her weight caused the rope to cut into her, but she found it only slightly uncomfortable, at least compared to other things she'd experienced.

He tied the loose end to the railing on the bed to hold her, suspended and helpless. A wicked grin appeared on his face as he stood back to look at her. He walked away from her and obtained a black deerskin flogger before returning to her. He ran his hand over her bottom and lashed out at her, striking her with a moderate amount of force. Her body swung a little in her bonds when he hit her. She made no sound. He hit her again, harder this time. Still she remained silent. He seemed displeased. He struck her again, holding her body still with one hand and assaulting her with the other. She still didn't make a sound. He leaned into her ear and parted his lips to speak.

"Clearly I am not hitting you hard enough, I want to hear you scream" He dropped the flogger on the bed and retrieved a long rubber whip. "This will force those pretty lips to cry out" he said sadistically as he turned her face so she was looking at him. He stood behind her again and with a quick snap of his wrist, he sent his toy out at her. It struck her bare bottom and a moan was forced from her lips. "You moan?" he questioned. "You must enjoy this, do you? My little slut?" Her heart began to beat faster and sweat began to emerge from her pores. "Answer me" he yelled.

"Yes, I do" she said, her breathing increased. She had never admitted out load how much she enjoyed his lashes, no matter how harsh. Her answer pleased him and he took to striking her again. Each lash was harder than the last. She began to scream on the fourth time she tasted he rubber on her skin. Her bottom was now covered in welts and bleeding. Each new lash hit one from earlier and the pain was unspeakable. She continued to become more turned on the more he hit her. His erection begged to be released from his pants as he watched her body swing back and forth from the force of his lashes.

Fifteen times he hit her before turning to face her. He lashed her once more, across her breasts, which caused the most blood curdling scream to be released from the depths of her belly. He walked up to her and assaulted her lips with his, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and biting her bottom lip as he pulled away. He dropped to his knees. He would reward her for enduring his torture. He was pleased to see how excited she had become, her honey was pouring from her and dripping down her leg. He parted her legs and lightly ran his fingers across the surface of her smoothly shaven sex. Her body jumped a little upon feeling the touch and a slight moan left her. He pushed two fingers into her, and massaged her swollen little nodule with his mouth. He manipulated her inside with his hand and teased her externally with his soft tongue. He brought her to the point where he felt she was ready to come. Her moaning had become uncontrollable and he stopped, he was not going to let her achieve that orgasm, not yet. He stood back up.

"You will earn the right to orgasm tonight" he said as he looked at her, her eyes still focused on the floor. He slapped her with his bare hand, hard, right in the middle of her sex. She moaned and cried out all at the same time. Sometimes her mind would blur the line between unbridled pleasure and excruciating pain.

A tear escaped from Eve's eye and fell down her face. She looked out the huge wall of glass in front of her. The sky looked like rich black velvet and the colors of an aurora danced across the sky. Like some cosmic painter had slathered brilliant hues in the heavens. This night had become more special than she had imagined, even the elements of nature seemed to be celebrating their new union.

The harsh strike of Stian's open palm shook her from her thoughts. She worried he had noticed her distance herself from her immediate situation. He had noticed and put his lips to her ear again.

"I will not tolerate your distancing yourself tonight" he placed the flat of his hand over her throat from behind. "I want you here, in the moment with me, I want you to feel everything that happens to you, and for you to embrace it". He squeezed her throat, blocking the air for a slight moment. Her heart began to beat faster and she continued to sweat. He struck her with the rubber whip again, this time across the fronts of her thighs. The lash created a bright red and bleeding welt on her tender white skin. It swelled, and she screamed. Her body swung from its restraints and he placed his hands on her hips to calm the motion.

He leaned down and adjusted the rope. Eve's toes could no longer reach the floor. The rope tightened on her shoulders and wrists. He leaned up and relieved some of the pressure by adjusting the knots and position of the harness he had fashioned. He dropped his pants to the floor and approached her again. Her eyes still stared at the floor, but she desperately wanted to look at his naked body. He walked up to her and pressed his warm torso against her. He had pulled her high enough that her pelvis met his perfectly. She could feel the tumescent flesh between her legs as it begged to enter her soaking wet core. He teased her with it for a moment, pushing it slightly into her, then taking it away. He would never let on that it tortured him just as much, as he was dying to feel her inside.

"Do you want it?' he asked, his voice harsh and commanding. "You may answer" he continued.

"Oh god, yes" she managed in between breaths. He wrapped her legs around his waist, but still did not enter her. He sunk his teeth into her neck, reaching around with his hand to caress the still stinging flesh at the back of her neck. She moaned when he touched her there. His other hand found its way to her right breast. He squeezed it until a scream was forced from her lips. He had almost completely crushed it in his hand.

He glanced out the window for a moment to distract himself and stifle his own excitement before e captured her nipple in the excruciating bite of a metal clamp. She hadn't even realised he had obtained the object, a tear fell from her again as it embraced the sensitive little nub. He moved his hand to her other breast and treated it the same way, forcing her to scream as he applied the second clamp. He placed both hands up under her bottom and lifted her onto his organ. She moaned loudly upon feeling him inside of her. He thrust into her deeper than she had thought possible. He grabbed a handful of her hair as he did so, pulling her head back and exposing her throat. He ran his other hand up her chest, between her breasts and to her neck. He covered it with his hand, he loved the feel of her vibrating vocal chords as she screamed and moaned from simultaneous pain and pleasure.

He took her harder, holding her body still though it begged to swing from its bonds above her head. He would strike her bottom now and then. Each time he did so, more blood ran from her wounds. This seemed to excite both of them even more. Eve was close, and Stian could tell how close. He took her to the point where she thought she would lose control and withdrew from her. It killed him as much as it did her to stop his own orgasm like that.

He stepped back and took in the pitiful expression on her face. He could tell how horribly frustrated she was to have a release. He untied the rope from the bed and slowly lowered her until she could stand again. He then released it and walked up to her. Her eyes remained on the hardwood floors. He untied the harness and dropped the rope to the floor. A deep hue of crimson was now evident on her skin everywhere the rope had bound her. The rope burns would last for a long time, reminding her of this night. They painted beautiful geometric patterns across her body and Stian traced his tongue across the lines. The moisture caused the scraped skin to burn and sting, and Eve contorted her face from the feeling. He pushed her onto the bed and followed her. Resting his body on top of hers.

"You will get your reward" said softly. "But you must endure more to get there. He traced the blood red scrapes left by the rope with his index and middle fingers. He started up by her shoulder and followed the lines across her entire body. The touch upon the abraided skin was painful, but nothing compared to things she'd experienced before. She could feel his long black hair fall on her belly and over her thighs as he moved around her body, admiring his work with the rope. He very much enjoyed seeing the remnants of the restraints embedded in her flesh. Her breathing was still labored and she trembled slightly. She had shades of crimson smeared across her body from the lashes she recieved from the whip, but she knew she deserved every one of them. Her body ached and her skin was stinging from the open wounds mixed with sweat and tears. Stian began to kiss her hip, manipulating the bone a little with his lips. He then moved between her quivering thighs and teased her with just the tip of his tongue. He would look at her face now and then to see her expression. He had no intentions of giving her what she wanted anytime soon.

Her legs involuntarily pulled upwards as she felt him taste her. He slammed his palm down on either of her thighs, quite angrily.

"You are not restrained, but you must remain still" he commanded. He moved so he was looking her in the eyes. He sent his bare hand crashing down on her hip, he brought it to his lips, noticing a little blood was now on his fingertips from a wound left by his whip. He smiled devilishly at her and made her look at him while he licked it off his fingers. He smeared a little in a line in between her breasts before taking one of her nipples in between his fingers. He pulled on the little metal clamp that embraced it. He twisted it until it turned purple and a tear fell from Eve's eyes. He could tell she wanted to scream, but remained quiet. He leaned into her ear.

"I thought I told you you were to vocally express everything you feel. I will not have you distance yourself. Make me tell you again and the punishment will make what has happened to you so far seem tame" he said, deep and throaty, sadistic and demanding. Without realizing it he had switched to speaking in his native tongue. And the words he spoke, Eve understood.

She swallowed and looked at him in the eyes, it almost pained her to do so. The vulnerability it caused her made her feel more exposed than anything he had ever put her through. He took to twisting her nipple again, harder this time. She felt the clamp would pop off and fall onto the bed. She moaned first, nearly calling his name. She stopped herself before the word escaped her, she knew she was never to use his name when they played together. He seemed displeased by the moan, he wanted to hear her pain. He moved to her other breast, treating it with the same torture. He moved his other hand between her soaking wet thighs and pulled at the flesh down there. He took her over stimulated little nodule in between his fingers and twisted it, pulling at it, hard. She screamed and her body tried to pull away, though in her head she fought against it. The smile returned to his face, and he slapped her breasts, letting her know that she was to remain still.

He moved his face between her legs again and devoured her. He pulled at her with his teeth and swirled his tongue in and out of every fold as she tried in vain to remain still and not allow release. She didn't know what might happen were she to come too soon. He dug his fingers into the flesh of her thighs as he pleasured her, looking up every now and then to ensure she was watching him. When he was quite satisfied that she was nearing completion he pulled away from her. Her bottom lip trembled and drops of sweat fell off of Stians body, landing on her stomach. The sensation was minor, but her skin was so overstimulated that the liquid stung when it hit her. It made her moan slightly. He captured her lips with his before she could completely allow the sound to escape her. He bit her quivering lip and pulled it until it was free from his grasp. He moved his tongue across it to catch a tiny amount of blood that escaped the pink flesh. He moved his hand up her belly and between her breasts, smearing the thin line of blood he had traced onto her earlier. He let his hand rest on her throat for a moment before snaking it around to touch the charred flesh on the back of her neck left by the branding iron. Her back arched slightly when he touched it, forcing her breasts towards him. He put his other hand on her chest and roughly pushed her back down to the mattress. He stared into her eyes the entire time, knowing what it did to her.

In her head she never thought she'd let anyone see her so beaten down, so desheveled and pitiful, ready to beg on her knees for what she needed. She needed it from this man, he made her feel whole, the vulnerability made her a much stronger person than she'd ever imagined. Stian repositioned himself between her legs and teased her with his swollen flesh.

"Please" she pleaded quietly without realizing the words were coming from her lips. Stian took a leather strap from behind him on the bed, folded it in half and lashed her between her thighs, twice, the second lash making the first seems tender and loving. She screamed, her chest flushed a deeper hue of red and she began to sob. He grabbed her sex in his hand, pulling at the folds and abusing it enough to make the pain excruciating. Her sobbing continued.

"you ask me for it?" he questioned, his voice very angry. "Do you think you know better than I what you need?" she sobbed harder. "Well answer me" he said forcefully into her face. Her body began to shake uncontrollably and somewhere beneath that raging anger over her disobediance she could tell Stian was greatly enjoying himself.

"y...yes sir, I am sorry...I...I.." she couldn't finish her sentance through her tears.

"You what?" he screamed again. He released her sex and pulled her hands over her head to hold her down. He secured both wrists with his right hand, she still didn't respond, and with his left he grabbed ahold of her jaw, forcing her to look him dead in the eye. "You what??" he asked again, not yelling, but very forcefully.

"I..." she began "oh god I need it Stian" she cried beneath her tears and heavy breathing. He slapped her across the cheek. It took her a moment before she realized she had said his name. The first rule he had ever given her was not to use it during their play sessions.

"You will be brutally punished for that" he said, his voice calm but still quite harsh. He was right in her face. Another shot of adrenaline pulsed through her, she wanted the punishment, for the first time since they had been together she recognized the fact that she perhaps craved the pain as much as her release. Her body calmed when she thought of this, but she was shaken from her momentary solace by his ordering her to kneel.

She did as he bid, resting her painfully sore bottom on her feet as she knelt on the mattress. Uncontrolable tears flowed from her eyes, but she made no sound. Her eyes were affixed to the crumpled bed linens in front of her and her mind was running rampant with a myriad of thoughts. How could she have comitted what she believed to be the ultimate sin between them? How could she have said his name? She felt a jolt and Stian had grabbed her upper arms and pulled her to his chest. He could see the gears in her head spinning, signaling she was not in the moment with him, but distracted by her disobediance. He shoved a little red ball in her mouth and roughly fastened it behind her head. He put his lips up to her ear.

"Try to say it now, you slut" he said to her in the most demeaning tone possible. He had whipped her hard that night, and punished her beyond what he expected her to take. Now he needed to outdo himself, to dole out a harsher punishment than he had ever given her. He shoved her over so she was on her belly and her breasts were crushed into the mattress. He followed her, resting his body on top of hers. He pulled her head back with a handful of her hair. The blood from her wounds smeared across his chest as he did this, which allowed his more animalistic side to give him the mindset he needed to take her further.

He sunk his teeth into her neck, tasting the sanguine fluid that remained on the skin. Her body reacted, causing her wetness to grow once more and her body to ache for him. She didn't have a clue what was getting ready to happen to her, but she waited for it anxiously, never allowing herself to wander from her immediate situation. He pushed his hard flesh into her, ignoring the orifice that begged for him. She screamed beneath her gag, the sound was muffled, but expressed immense pain. He forced himself in and out of her until she bled.

She grabbed and twisted the sheets in her hands as though it would calm the sensations. It didn't. He pulled himself from her and stood up, covered in all the bodily fluids the two had exchanged that night. He licked his lips and wiped the sweat from his face with his forearm and picked up a long bull whip.

"Turn over" he requested, his voice loud and bellowing. Her shaken and quivering body didn't seem to want to obey her, but she managed to roll over in a heaving pile of limbs. "Look at me" he demanded, and without hesitating she met his eyes with hers. He moved between her legs and took a length of rope from the side of the bed. He tied one end very securely to her left thigh, then moved it up and tied it to her shoulder. He continued by wrapping the long end around her neck twice, then securing it to her right shoulder and ended at her left thigh. This forced her thighs up and apart, uncomfortably so. If she were to try to lower her legs, the rope would choke her. Stian wanted to ensure he had full access to her most tender parts. He stood back up and admired his handywork, Eve was still watching as requested. "Now you will pay for what you did"


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