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Secrets & Sin

Novel By: LilithsSin

Eve is a successful young woman. She is everything her parents wanted her to turn out to be. However, for her, it is not enough, it makes her feel empty inside. She harbors a secret that will liberate her from her silver plated prison. It is a darkness that brings her into the light, even if those closest to her do not understand it. View table of contents...


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PART 3: His


As the weeks that went by turned into months Eve had found her place, and where she thought she belonged. She stood over the bed in their room packing some things in a small suitcase. Stian had asked her to do so because he was taking her away for the weekend to a cabin in the mountains. The summer had dissipated and turned into fall as quickly as the warmth of the sun was swept away, and winter had arrived sooner than she had anticipated. Fresh snow had fallen that morning and Eve couldn't remember the last time she had seen weather like this back home.

"All packed?" Stian asked as he crept up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her waist. He squeezed her a little and nibbled at her neck as she nodded her head. He took her bag and she followed him downstairs and out to the car. She settled into the passenger's seat and they began to drive north. It took them about 2 hours to reach their destination. The snow began to fall heavily from the sky again as they pulled up to a very secluded cabin way up in the mountains. The sky was pitch black. The house was bigger than she had imagined, made of stone with a deck that wrapped almost all the way around the structure.

"My family used to come here when I was a child" he said as he saw her looking around. "I have many good memories of this place." he continued and smiled at her. "I hope, during our time here to make some more". She smiled back at him as he kissed the back of her hand. He popped the trunk and the two got out of the car. He grabbed the bags and they shuffled through the snow to the front door. Stian fumbled a little with the keys before they entered. He flipped the lights on, illumiating high celings and heavy wood folkish furniture. Animal skins were used for rugs in various places around the house and a moose's head was mounted above the fireplace. She followed him into the bedroom. There was a huge king sized bed, covered in beautiful linens and a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, a renovation Stian had done when his father had given him the house. She turned to him and kissed him on the lips, he responded by pushing his tongue in between her lips to feel hers before ending the kiss and looking into her eyes.

"Go and turn on the fireplace, and wait for me, naked, on the rug in front of it" She nodded and walked into the other room as he began to put some things away. She turned on the gas logs in the fireplace and took her clothes off. She folded them and placed them on a chair before kneeling on the rug. It was made from the skin of a bear and the texture was a bit course on her knees. Stian walked back into the room, dressed in his leather pants and Eve kept her gaze fixed at the floor just like she always did. He was carrying a few things and set them on the coffee table before kneeling in front of her. He took his index and middle fingers and brought Eve's eyes to meet his.

"I am going to ask you some questions, and I want you to answer however you see fit, do you understand?" he said, his eyes as intense as she had ever seen them.

"Yes, Sir" she responded. She felt compelled to look away, but kept her focus on the pools of blue in front of her.

"Do you love me?" he asked, his gaze becoming more intense.

"Yes" she reponded.

"You have given me permission to do things to you that many would deem unspeakable, have you ever regretted it?" Her bottom lip began to tremble a little.

"Never" she said, the quivering sped up a little, her heart began to race. She meant every word that was escaping her lips.

"You have given me your heart and your complete submission, do you intend to continue down this path with me?" The look in his eyes never changed, but she sensed a slight vulnerability in the questions he was asking.

"Yes, I want that more than anything" she replied, a tear fell down her cheek. She felt more vulnerable at this moment than she ever had with him. She wondered why he was asking her all of these questions. He could sense her anxiety with the situation, just by the tiny movements in her face and the way her eyes let him into the deepest parts of her.

"Will you give yourself to me for the rest of your life?" his voice deepened.

"Yes" she responded, her voice a little breathless. Her body began to perspire, and her muscles tightened. He noticed this and placed a hand on her chin to push it up a little.

"Do not distance yourself from me." he said, his tone harsh this time. She nodded and straightened up her posture. He took a flat, square box from the table and opened it. Eve did not dare look down to see what was in it. He held in his hands a black collar with his name etched into the leather on the inside. "Will you wear my collar and a brand signaling to others that you belong to me?" He said, his accent had become even much heavier. That seemed to happen to him when he became very serious.

"Yes" she said, tears were now streaming down her face. Her face and her chest began to flush. This request validated to her that he wanted her, loved her and needed her. He placed the collar around her neck, buckling it carefully to avoid pinching her skin or catching her hair. He stood up and walked behind her. He knelt facing her back and ran his hands across her shoulders and down the trembling muscles on either side of her spine. He had placed something into the fire a few moments before and retrieved a red hot piece of metal.

"Hold your hair up" he commanded and she gathered her long flaxen locks into her hands and held it at the top of her head. "This will be excruciating, you may scream, if you need to" he said, his tone was almost loving, but he never lost the demanding texture she loved to hear spill from his lips. He moved the piece of metal closer to her skin, she could heard the molten steel crack and sizzle as it neared her body. He pushed it into the back of her neck, below her hairline. He held it there for a moment as the flesh melted and scarred. Eve bit down on her bottom lip and continued to stare straight ahead. She did not scream, she did not make a sound. Her body trembled and poured sweat. Stian pulled the metal away after a few seconds to reveal a burn in the shape of the letter "S". He took the piece of metal into the kitchen and ran it under cold water to allow it to cool, then rejoined Eve on the floor. She was still staring straight ahead, her makeup was smeared across her face and tears ran down her cheeks. Her body trembled and she still secured her hair at the top of her head with her left hand. He took her wrist and allowed her to release her hair, it fell down around her shoulders and he pulled her to him. He kissed her, deeply, and with more feeling than he had allowed himself to ever express when they played together. Her neck burned with a pain she had never experienced, but it calmed her as she was cradled in Stian's arms, safe, cherished and protected. She knew this moment was a small reprise from what she would go through the rest of the evening. So she relished in it before he unleashed upon her.

He allowed her to remain in his arms for quite some time. He held her close to his body, close enough that they could feel each other's heartbeats through their chests. They began to breathe in sych as he calmly stroked her long golden hair. He pulled her from him a little and pushed her chin up so her eyes met his.

"It is time" he said softly, but firmly. "Stand."


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