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Secrets & Sin

Novel By: LilithsSin

Eve is a successful young woman. She is everything her parents wanted her to turn out to be. However, for her, it is not enough, it makes her feel empty inside. She harbors a secret that will liberate her from her silver plated prison. It is a darkness that brings her into the light, even if those closest to her do not understand it. View table of contents...


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About a week or so had passed since Stian and Eve's emotional experience with one another. They were closer than before, if that was possible. They sat in the backyard of the house, both swinging on a hammock. Her head rest in the V of Stians shoulder and he stroked her hair as a random strand was caught up in the breeze. They had spent the morning perusing through a flea market in town and had been relatively lazy for the remainder of the afternoon.

"Do you want to play a game?" he whispered to her, almost playfully. She looked up at him and a devilish grin appeared on her face. "Stand up" he ordered, and she obeyed. Blades of grass squished beneath her bare feet as she stood from the hammock. She diverted her eyes to the ground. Stian stood shortly after her, and turned her around so she was facing away from him. He bit at her neck and shoulder, causing tiny goosebumps to appear. Her nipples hardened as well. He pulled a knife from his pocket and cut off a long piece of rope off the excess that kept the hammock in place between two trees. The length was probably about 6 feet. He folded the knife and slipped it back into his pocket. In one swift movement he relieved Eve of her tank top, she was not wearing a bra underneath so her breasts were now exposed. They started to swell from excitement. He then walked in front of her and placed his palm in the center of her chest, between her breasts and shoved her against a tree. The texture of the bark was smooth, and wasn't too harsh upon her skin.

"Arms out to the side" he demanded, so she held her arms out to either side. They were shaking slightly, she couldn't get out of her head that if the neighbors wanted to see, it wouldn't be too hard for them to catch a glimpse of what was happening. Stian took one of her wrists and tied a rather skillful knot to attach one end of the rope to her. He then ran the rope around the tree to her other hand, looped it around her wrist, and tied another knot. He still had several feet of rope left and he wrapped it once around the upper part of her arm, knotting it again here, then back around the tree. The loose end was then secured to the upper part of her other arm. Once he was satisfied with his handywork he took a step back to marvel it. Eve was topless with her arms bound behind her, and to a tree. Her breasts were pushed forward and the tree forced her to stand perfectly straight. He slid her pants off and tossed them to the side. He walked up to her, pressing his body to hers. He lifted her chin and allowed his lips to linger just in front of hers. Far enough away she couldn't touch them if she tried and close enough to drive her insane. He squeezed her hips, causing the flesh to turn white and then red upon his release. "Wait here, I will be back" he said softly, and sadistically. He then walked into the house, looking behind him with an evil grin.

Stian hurried upstairs to the bedroom. He tossed his T-shirt on the bed as he opened the drawer of the night stand. He pulled a couple of items out and made his way back downstairs. He stood looking at his helpless woman from behind the glass of the french doors. Eve heard rustling across the yard and her curiosity forced her to look in that direction. Stian watched as she took her eyes from the ground, knowing full well that had she known he was watching she would not have done such a thing. He kept this information for later.

As Eve looked towards the neighbors yard she realized the next door neighbor was out watering his garden, and that his wife was helping him. A sense of panic shot through Eve and she diverted her eyes back to the ground. Her nipples hardened from the feeling. Stian slowly opened the door and walked towards her wearing only a pair of dark washed jeans. He stood directly in front of her, took his hand and slapped her breasts.

"You took your eyes from the ground" he said in a rather sadistic tone. Her back scraped across the bark of the tree from the force of his strike. Her body began to react to the pain. A wetness grew between her thighs and her bare nipples hardened. "Now, you will be quiet" Stian continued. He pointed towards the neighbors yard. "Should you be too loud, I guarantee they will be straining to catch a glimpse of you, helpless and at my mercy". A devilish grin appeared on his face. He leaned into her, kissing her neck and pulling at the flesh with his teeth. Suddenly Eve felt a horrible, biting pain upon her nipple. Stian had captured it with a steel clamp, and squeezed the flesh once he was satisfied it was tight enough. He moved his lips to the other side of her neck and continued his teasing torture. Eve felt the bite of a second clamp on her other nipple, he took his time tightening it until a tear escaped Eve's eye. He stood back for a moment and looked at her and became stiff at the sight.

He moved back towards her, pressing his bare chest into her. He placed his lips up close to her ear and whispered, in his harsh tone.

"Do you want it?" He had not given her permission to speak, so she remained quiet. He pressed his pelvis against her harder to ensure she felt his stiff organ. Her lips parted slightly as she felt it through his jeans, Stian noticed this and smiled devilishly, he thrust himself into her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. "Do you want it?" he said louder and more forcefully this time. She still did not answer. He was clearly becoming very turned on, his breathing had become a little labored. He got such a rush when she obeyed like that. He leaned in a captured her bottom lip with his teeth, clenching it until he drew a little blood. He lapped it up, pulled her head back by her hair again, leaving his lips lingering at hers. She felt him become harder, if it was possible. "Do you want it?" he asked again, very demanding and loud enough Eve was sure the neighbors heard. "Tell me, you dirty slut" he said as he buried his face in her neck, assaulting the flesh there with his tongue and teeth. "Speak" he said louder and into the curve of her shoulder. "Tell me how bad you want it" He took her chin and turned her face to him so she was looking him in the eye. Eve's body was fully aroused and she was breathing quite heavily.

"Oh god" she managed, quietly. Stian slapped her bottom with all his force, signaling her she needed to speak. "I don't want it, I need it" she responded. That devilish grin overtook Stian's face once more.

"Good answer" He squeezed her breast as the words escaped his lips and pushed her face back towards the ground. He pulled at the clamps to see how much pain she would take, she never flinched. Her nipples were almost numb at this point. By now the neighbors had caught wind of what was going on and were peering over the bushes. Eve was well aware of this and it both added to her excitment and embarrassed her. Stian dropped to his knees. She was dripping wet, and he slapped the flesh and watched it turn bright red, then back to pink. He slid his tongue up her slit and felt her body jolt. He slapped her bottom so hard the noise echoed over the cliff and dissipated into the sea. The neighbors wife had to go inside, she didn't want to watch, but she couldn't tear her husband away. Stian stood back up and unzipped his jeans, pressing his naked organ against Eve. "I know you need it" he said sadistically. "Look at it" he demanded. She looked down at it, throbbing in his hand. He began to stroke himself, he leaned his head back a bit as he enjoyed the sensations. He was teasing her. He continued his deliberate motions, becoming faster as his release approached. He allowed himself to spill his hot liquid over Eve's burning core. She shuttered upon the feeling, desperate to have him. He looked back at her face after zipping his pants back up. He brough her chin up, the look in her eyes told him how much she wanted him. "You can't have it now, be patient, it will be worth it" he said with a wicked grin. He then untied Eve, and kissed her sweetly on her lips. She picked up her clothes and walked back into the house, naked and dripping in the honey of Stian's lust. Stian glanced at the neighbor, and nodded at him with a smile as he followed Eve inside.


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