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Feeling Crimson

Novel By: lilibet

Tags: Wolf, Erotic, Love

Liza long since realised all her dreams in business and friends, lonely in her cocoon of friends and success... all she is missing is a little crimson passion to complete her.... View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 8, 2011    Reads: 133    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Lips open in a sigh. She glanced round the small cafe floor; it had been a busy day at the Corner Coffee Shop. Dirty mugs and crumbs littered the tables and the floor, but Liza continued to lean back in her high chair behind the cash register. All night to clean it, always all night with her studio apartment just above and no one to go home for.
She stood up and stretched, long red curls falling down her back and in into her large gray eyes, her curvaceous form lengthening in a feline gesture. Picking up her tray she moved from one table to the next collecting cups half full and empty of the lattes, mochas and teas of the past hour, depositing all in the large kitchen sink with the plates and dishes from the cookies and cakes consumed by the hungry customers. After the kitchen and cleaning chores had been completed Liza started on her favourite part of the shut down, the books. Table by table, and chair and sofa, she collected the books her customers had been reading, flicking through titles and blurbs to see the popular books of today, finally sitting down with her own coffee and favourite book of the day among the clean, leather scented couches in the higher balcony level of the shop.
It was well past 2am when she finally shut and locked up the Corner, moving just along to the next door in the street to climb two flights of stairs to her home. Opening the door she walked straight through the large lounge come kitchen in various purple hues to her bedroom, an equally large room decked out in reds, crimsons and violets, through this to her green bathroom. Filling her tub she striped to the sound of Placebo. Finally she lay, stretched out amid bubbles, with a brimming glass of red wine and a good book lying forgotten on the side.
Tears rolled down cheeks, loneliness welling up from beneath the well kept glamour of the successful coffee and book shop owner. Climbing out of the bath she walked into the bedroom, water streaming down her body, drying off before climbing naked into bed, sighed and turned to sleep, curled up in a cocoon of warmed provided by the comforter, and not the man of her dreams.
Phone ringing. Why is the phone ringing, who in god's green earth is calling me at... 11am... Ok. Fine. Not such a bad time. Damn them. Where's my phone??! I have the phone! Q victory dance!
'Liza? Za, have you just woken up? You're meant to open the shop at 10!'
'I own the damn shop I can open it whenever I feel like it. Who is this?'
'It's your sister. You have anyone else with this number?'
'Not including anyone related to the business?'
'.... No. Shut up Flis'
'You're hopeless. I'm just ringing to let you know I'm moving in. Actually, I'm calling to get you to let me in, your doorbell isn't working'
'Okii, Gimmy a min. Wait. What. I don't have room. Why. How. What? I'm confused. Too early.'
'Just let me in, I'll explain then seen as your obviously not opening the shop today, we can have a girly day!!'
Moving across the room I quickly shoved all the dirty laundry and empty cups into draws or the sink. At least I can give some semblance of tidy. Not the Flis with be happy with that. Drama OCD queen. Incessant hammering at the door.
'I'm coming I'm coming!!'
Slide chain, door unlocked. Muffled flump. Huh? I pushed Flis of me and stood up.
'Exuberant greeting much?
'I missed you Zaa! Don't you miss your liddle sister?'
'Not as much as little sister missed me apparently'
I hauled Flis up and we walked into the kitchen chatting 'coffee?'
'Yes please!!'
'So. Spill'
Flis proceeded to tell me of another broken relationship. As all her relationships ended up. Thus she decided to come spend 'quality time' with her sister.
'I take it we are going out tonight then'
'It is Friday. I'm dressing you!'
With that Flis sped off to Liza's room and dove into the wardroom. Sighing, she followed, knowing that no amount of arguing was going to stop hurricane Flis on her mission. She already knew what would happen. The would end up drunk, in some club or another, Flis would find her new boyfriend, and Za would be left hanging on the bar till she received a text from an unknown number stating that Flis with him (whomever 'him' was) and would be staying there tonight. She would then get an overpriced taxi home and spend the next three or four days receiving the odd sex blissed text from Flis and then eventually the girl herself would turn up, still in tonight's clothes saying that the poor used boy had become too clingy and she didn't want a relationship at this point in her life. She would date the next man she met. Liza would be left with the drinks, taxi bills and ripped clothing.
'It'll be fun this time, I promise! I won't leave you, just us girls okay!' same old same old Liza grumbled as she was bullied and flattered into a violet silk backless halter dress, both too short, too low and too floaty for her personal taste. Flis spent hours taming her wild curls in to sleek ringlets and making her eyes wider than ever with smoky trails. Her lips where emphasised along with her already blossoming bust. Finally after Liza's feet where buckles into 4 inch peep toe boots, Flis turned to the mirror and proceeded to make herself up in less than half the time it took her on Liza and looked all the more fabulous for it. Even in Flis's high heels she still towered over Za's heeled 5'4 height.
With the taxi beeping at the door, last touched where made and the girls walked into the night for an unexpected night.
Liza tilted her head back, swaying her hips to the thudding beat of the club. Flis had long since been whisked away to a dark corner with her man of the night, but not before getting Za just drunk enough not to care about the other people dancing around her. She swayed and moved to her own melody, influenced by the deep bass tones of the clubs music. She swayed, her arms in the air, her lithe figure twisting and turning, gyrating with unseen figures. Eyes watched her, unknown; she was captivating to these eyes, not only for her beauty but also for the innocence in which she danced. She moved for herself, never even thinking or dreaming that anyone else would or could notice, she moved to her own music, in her own world. The owner of the eyes sat in a dark corner of the club, high on a balcony, and was fast becoming more convinced he needed a closer look.
Darius finally moved from his seat, and walked down the steps to the dance floor, losing as little eye contact with her as possible. His tall form finally towered over her at 6'5, his green eyes drinking in her whole form, so small it seemed to him, so delicate. As he moved near enough almost to touch her, he caught her sent. Wolf howling, he almost lost control, black hair falling over his eyes, he move away from her before she noticed him, the animal in his eyes would have startled her surly, if not scared her away for good. But he knew she would know soon enough. His mate.
Liza opened her eyes suddenly, sure she was being watched, but there were no eyes on her she could see, her view of the room blocked as a tall man walked swiftly by her. Stiffening suddenly she caught a scent, the effect was shocking, her nipples hardened instantly, she felt heat searing in the apex of her thighs as she tried to latch on to it, but it was gone as soon as it had come. She turned wildly trying to find its source but wouldn't.
Darius had to use all self control as the scent of her arousal drifted to him; he knew he was the cause of it. His wolf wouldn't let him assume anything otherwise. It took all his strength not to take her on the floor then and there. But nothing could stop him following her out of the club as she left, too shocked by her arousal to stay and continue to dance.
As Liza walked home she knew she was being followed, walking swiftly, she told herself not to be paranoid, but was too caught up to notice the dark alley to the side, with the two dark figures leaning on the wall, they caught her up and tossed her into it before she could make a sound, hitting her head on the walkway she heard a ferocious howl before passing out.
She woke slowly. Stretching out she sighed, glad the alley had just been a dream she sank deeply into the covers. As Za came to her senses she realised she was naked, and the covered where of silk, not her beds cotton. Panicking she sat up and pushed herself to the top of the bed, and looked around, alarmed. On the sofa was a man, watching her cautiously. He held his hands up towards her in a motion of placation. 'Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you! I'm Darius. I got you away from the men in the alley. I mean you no harm'
Liza looked around the room, putting her hand to her head where she had hit it, feeling a bandage she looked toward Darius, he smiled, Za noticed for the first time how hansom he was, black shaggy hair with green eyes and pale skin with a fine bone structure, all with a strong jaw and manly features. She could smell the same scent from the club, uncomfortable; she felt the scent work the same reaction that had caused her to leave the club.
Darius stood, seeming agitated. 'I have your clothes, they where dirtied in the alley, I had my maid wash them. I'm sorry but the men had already ripped your underwear when I got there. They didn't get any further.' Za shivered, decided with his menacing tone that she didn't want to know that he meant by that. He walked over to a draw and pulled out come clothing, 'you can wear these for now, till your dress is dry. The bathrooms though there, if you want to wash. Then I'll get you some breakfast if you're hungry?' he smiled, seeming hopeful. Za smiled hesitantly back at him, and then stopped alarmed as this produced in him an almost violent happiness. She decided to be tentative with the friendliness lest she break this strange man. Strange, but hot man. 'thank you' she said, slipping out of the bed blushingly taking the cover with her, he towered over her as she took the panamas he offered and beat a hasty retreat to the bathroom to shower.


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