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why did this happen?

Novel By: lilgirl2012

Katie had always fantasized about being kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave for her master, she had many online names and was always online talking to older guys who wanted her to be theirs, she never thought it would actually happen.. but when it did she had no idea what was really in store for her.

zero ingleia seemed to be your typical 25 year old male, fresh out of college and working for a construction company until he could get his lifelong dream job of becoming a doctor, it was tougher then he expected it to be. he was tan with green eyes, but zero had a secret, late at night he liked to log onto fantasy domination and submission sites, along with fantasy rape sites, he found one young girl, named katie and he new she would be the one he would finally take.. and when he found out she was his bosses daughter it made him want her that much more. View table of contents...


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xXx Authors note: the next chapter will be uploaded sometime tonight or early in the morning, what do you think will happen to young katie in the next chapter? ;) xoxox xXx

I don't know how long he was gone for before I fell asleep but when he came back he woke me with a hard stinging whip to each breast. I awoke screaming and he shoved my panties into my mouth as a gag. He continued whipping me, everywhere, focusing most of his whips on my now erect nipples and pussy, after what seemed like hours but in reality was only about 15 minutes of whipping me, he stopped. He walked across the room to a small table that was lined with various items I couldn't quite see, he grabbed 3 of the items and came back to me.
"do you know what this it my little pet?" he asked in a menacingly soft tone holding up a short red stubby thing, it was about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long "it's a butt plug" he laughed at the look of terror on my face and walked around to my head "now I'm going to take these out of your mouth and you will keep it open and suck on this to get it nice and slippery, if you don't … its going in dry" he laughed at me and pulled my panties out of my mouth, quickly he stuck the butt plug in my mouth " suck it!" he commanded. I sucked and sucked knowing that no matter what I did it was still going to be put there, I figured I should try to make it as least painful as possible.

As I was sucking the butt plug he walked back to the table and picked up something, returning to my side he yanked the plug out of my mouth and shoved a large ring in it instead, he strapped the ring to my head as tight as he could and walked back to the bottom of the bed.
"are you ready pet, here it comes" he chuckled and lined up the plug with my "exit only" hole
"3, 2 , 1" he counted down slowly and as soon as the word one left his lips he slammed the plug into my ass. I screamed around the ring and blacked out from the pain, when I came to he was fingering me. He soon realized I had come to and grabbed a large white thing off the bed between my legs, it had a long cord and was obviously plugged in. he flicked the switch on and started fiddling with the dial. He flicked my clit hard making me scream and the placed the large vibrating head on my clit, sending shivers through me. I tried to hold in my moaning biting my bottom lip but they soon escaped as he turned the dial making it vibrate more, it was sending feelings through me that I had never felt before and I was disgusted in myself
"stop! Please stop!" I tried to say through the ring, he must have understood because he stopped. I was relieved until he grabbed a whip with nine long tails with beads on the end and started to whip my breasts.
" how many times must I tell you before you get it through your thick skull, you must always call me master and never ever speak unless given permission, now this is really going to be painful!!" he screamed at me, obviously infuriated. He continued to whip me until I was almost blacking out from the pain and then stopped.

He stripped off the rest of his clothes and clambered on top of me. I realized what he was about to do and started furiously trying to buck him off me, it was useless there was not hope he was way to heavy and way to strong. He slapped me hard across the cheek and slammed his member into me, ripping through my hymen with agonizing pain, I screamed out as loud as I could through the gag as he continued furiously thrusting inside me.
"fuck! Katie! You're so tight!" he groaned as he continued painfully thrusting into me, the pain slowly faded but it still hurt, "UGHH, I'm going to cum inside you my pet!," he screamed in ecstasy as he came inside me.
"NOO!!! I'm not on birth control!" I screamed through the gag, receiving a sharp stinging slap to each breast and across my face

"GOOD!, you are going to have my babies, if you don't get pregnant this time, you will next time!" he laughed at me and pulled his slightly soft cock out of my and clambered up to my face. Turning my face to the side he shoved hic cock through the ring in my mouth making me taste his come mixed with my blood and pussy juices
"Suck my cock bitch!" he commanded grabbing my hair and moving my head back and forth to get me started. I moved my tongue around his cock the best I could, not wanting to get beaten again, but it wasn't good enough for him and he started face fucking me instead trying to shove his huge cock down my tiny throat. He slammed into my mouth over and over until finally he slammed so hard and pulled my head onto him at the same time that his cock slid straight down my throat he came right then making me gag and splatter even more then I already was. When he pulled out I was just about to pass out.
"Good pet" he laughed stroking my head. "now for the real fun!" he chuckled, climbing off the bed and undoing my ankle cuffs flipping me onto my stomach and shoving my knees to my chest, he got shorter cuffs and cuffed my knees to my elbows. Unable to move with my ass in the air I felt more exposed than ever.

SLAP! He slapped my ass cheek then the other, alternating between blows SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Each blow rang out through the room and I could feel my ass cheeks heating up.
"your ass is so beautiful when its red like this Katie" he said slapping me once more before yanking out the butt plug. He spat on my puckered ass hole and slammed his cock into my pussy once more quickly pulling out, he spread the juices over his cock and lined up to the entrance of my ass.
He slapped my ass hard as he slammed his cock into me. I screamed so loud from the pain and blacked out, but obviously not for long enough as when I came to he was thrusting in and out causing immense pain to radiate through my body.
"I'm going to cum here too my pet" he laughed "get ready for it!" he started thrusting harder and faster ripping my apart. My blood lubricating him more. "ARGHHH!" he screamed again as he came in my last hole, SLAP, he slapped my ass as he pulled out. "that was fun Katie! We will definitely do this again he laughed. He uncuffed my elbows hand and knees and put my leash on my collar, he yanked me off the bed forcing me to crawl on all fours he lead me through the house down the stairs and to the basement.

He dragged me over to chains hanging from the ceiling.
"Sand up!" he commanded. I quickly followed his order and stood where he pointed. He bent down in front of me cuffing my ankles to chains on the ground and pulling my arms about my head and cuffing them to the chains hanging from the ceiling. He went over to a lever and pulled it forward making the chains lift me by my hands sending agonizing pain through my shoulders he pulled the chains tight so I was only just on my tip toes barely touching the floor with my legs spread eagled.
He grabbed a huge purple dildo and shoved it into my pussy and shoved the red butt plug back in my ass. He went over to a wall lined with cabinets, opened a draw and pulled some things from them. He came back over to me and put nipple clamps on my nipples with a chain ling them and weights on the chain, it hurt so much, he then proceeded to put clothes pegs on my outer vagina lips. He grabbed his nine tail whip and begun whipping me starting with my pussy, cause the dildo to move uncomfortably inside me he continued to whip me until I had blood running from some of the cuts it had left. He tapped a vibrating bullet to my clit and turned it on full ball! He slapped my face and left the room, leaving me hanging there in immense pain…


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