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why did this happen?

Novel By: lilgirl2012

Katie had always fantasized about being kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave for her master, she had many online names and was always online talking to older guys who wanted her to be theirs, she never thought it would actually happen.. but when it did she had no idea what was really in store for her.

zero ingleia seemed to be your typical 25 year old male, fresh out of college and working for a construction company until he could get his lifelong dream job of becoming a doctor, it was tougher then he expected it to be. he was tan with green eyes, but zero had a secret, late at night he liked to log onto fantasy domination and submission sites, along with fantasy rape sites, he found one young girl, named katie and he new she would be the one he would finally take.. and when he found out she was his bosses daughter it made him want her that much more. View table of contents...


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xXx Authors note: hey guys thanks for waiting for this, i hope you enjoy, dont forget to leave comments and tell me what you think, i always welcome constructive criticism. the next chapter will be up very soon so keep posted, xo xXx

It was then that I actually realized what I was wearing.. only my white cotton panties! I gasped and tried to cover myself up but my hands were tied behind my back. I looked up at my kidnapper and received a sharp slap to my cheek. I recoiled and backed as far away from him as I could without falling.
"oh my sweet Katie" he chuckled "why are you trying to escape me, it will never happen, you are mine! I know you want this, we've spoken about it for many months, surely you didn't think a sweet young thing could parade herself over the internet and not have someone give her what she claims to want?" he shook his head and his eyes got a mean glint in them that automatically had me trembling in fear. "You will obey me Katie! You have no choice, I'm going to make you're darkest fantasies a reality whether you like it or not. Now here is how this will go.." I tried to listen to what he was saying but I could only just hear him through the sobs that wracked my body. I had heard about this stuff happening, I had read about it and found it pleasurable but now when faced with it I am scared to my bones. "You will call me master and do whatever I say when I say it, you will only wear what I say you can and clothes are only permitted when in a public place, you shall always be wearing a chain or collar around your neck and will never speak unless asked a question or given permission to do so by me, you will not look at me or anyone else, you will only look at the ground of my feet unless I say otherwise. If you disobey me you will be punished in whatever way I see fit. These are the main rules as your training progresses more will be added, do you understand?" I sat there shivering, crying and not saying a word, none of this made sense to me, why would someone do this, I'm not even 17 yet! Why did I have to get myself involved in this, why did I find the stories to hot? I wracked my mind trying to answer these questions and praying that this was just a dream. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn't realize my kidnapper was speaking to me, shouting at me until WHACK! I landed on my face in the mud near the lake, whack! I smacked me again and again until I was screaming and red raw all over my body, the belt he used left wide red welts and the many spikes on it left cuts that where now bleeding.
"You will answer when I question you!" he picked me up by my throat and held me eyelevel, I dared not look at him. "you're so sexy when you crying and in pain my sweet, now if you ignore me again you will get a real punishment, do you understand?"
I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced out the words "Yes" I was still shaking from the beating I had just received.
"YES WHAT??!" He snapped at me, tightening his grip on my throat.
"Yes, Yes master!" I coughed and spluttered my way through the three short barely audible words, but he must of heard them because the grip on my throat loosened and he put me back on my feet.
"good girl now stand absolutely still, this will sting" I cringed as he reached out to touch me "I said stay still, do you want to be punished?" He reached for me again and began rubbing a lotion onto all my cuts and welts it stung like help but it also soothed
"s-sorry, n-no m-master" I stammered.
When he finished rubbing the lotion into my skin, he stood back and looked me up and down, seemingly admiring the view.
"turn around pet.. slowly" I did as I was told not wanting to get another beating when I had done a full 360 rotation he grabbed my shoulders to stop me, reached behind his back to the back pocket of his jeans and retrieved what looked like a dark purple studded dog collar. He put the collar around my neck and tightened it until it was tight enough to feel but not to tight as to cut off my air supply or circulation.
" you're a wonderful site katie, especially when you're all red and bloody with tearstained cheeks, now follow me" He started walking towards the villa and I reluctantly followed when he tugged on the purple lead attached to my collar that I had somehow failed to notice, as we reached the door he blindfolded me and then continued walking, at the same fast pace he was before, it was extremely difficult to keep up with him and I was almost jogging to do so when he suddenly stopped and ran straight into the large solid mass of pure muscle that was his back, I fell backwards and landed on my knees. His hearty laughter filled the room we were in.
"stay here pet, do not move a muscle and face the ground" as he said this he removed my blindfold and I automatically looked at the ground. All I could hear was clanging metal and what sounded like plate being removed from a drawer and then footsteps as he marched back over the me, he placed a large dogs bowl in front of me. It was purple just like my collar and had "Katie" engraved into it in elegant handwriting. I looked longingly at the food in the bowl but dared not touch it.
He laughed at me again before saying "you may eat my pet, you're going to need the energy for what I have in store for you tonight. I devoured my food and even licked my bowl clean, I was content. I continued to look at the floor as my kidnapper finished his meal. He stood from his chair, noisily scraping it on the cold tile floor, took both out dishes to the sink and left them. he came back over to me, yanked me up by my arm and roughly dragged me to his bedroom, he threw me only the gigantic four poster bed in the centre of the room. I hurriedly tried to scramble off the bed, knowing what he planned to do, I wouldn't let him do it, I would not lose my virginity to this man!

He grabbed my hair and dragged me back to him "now we can do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice my pet, either way I'll enjoy it" his voice had a hint of frustration and anger bubbling below the surface. I tried again to move away from him but he threw me to the floor and undid his jeans, releasing his rock hard 10 inch erection. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to face it head on.
"Open your mouth, now" he said to me, I held my lips together as tight as I could, SWACK! The slap reverberated in my head and made me cry out. As my mouth opened he shoved my head onto his throbbing erection.
"Suck it!" I moved my head back trying to get away from him but when he figured out what I was trying to do he slammed his erection down my throat blocking my airways and making me gag " listen here you little bitch! You will do this and anything else I tell you to, and now for disobeying after I have my fun I will punish you, and it will be worse than before, that was only a warning!" he screamed at me and started moving my head and face fucking me, I could barely breath and then he pulled my head back enough to let me breath and slammed himself back into my throat holding my there until I was about to black out, he continued doing this. His moaning got louder and louder as his thrusts got harder and faster " here it comes Katie!" he half moaned as he shot his steaming load down my throat, I tried to spit it out but it was useless with his dick still lodged in my throat I had no option but to swallow. "That was wonderful! Now for the real fun" he grabbed the back of my neck, forced me up to my feet ripped my panties off me and threw me on the bed. Grabbing my wrists he handcuffed each one to the headboard and dragged my body down the bed tying my legs to the end, leaving me spread eagled, he then got up and left the room…


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